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Software Testing and related topics from Software Development Expert: Alan Richardson show notes at https://eviltester.com/show

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Software Testing and related topics from Software Development Expert: Alan Richardson show notes at https://eviltester.com/show

    Exploratory Testing Government Guidance

    Exploratory Testing Government Guidance

    In this episode we have a discussion of a UK government guide to exploratory testing.


    The aim is not to criticise the document, the aim is to use it as a base from which to see how far our thoughts diverge or overlap with the document. I want to know what I can learn.

    Show notes are here:


    This podcast, was originally released to Patreon supporters in January of 2019,


    I read through the document and try to understand the intent and meaning behind statements and offer my own thoughts.

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    Recruiting Testers

    Recruiting Testers

    Recruiting Testers is hard.

    What we want to do is minimise the friction and barriers. In this podcast I'll share some tips on what has worked for me in the past.

    - remove as much ambiguity from your job spec as possible

      - someone like me, will read 'the worst' into your ambiguity

    - send clear messages, not mixed messages, in the job spec

    - help the applicant filter out roles that are not suitable for them

    - when writing a job spec, review existing job specs in the world, critique them and then build on what is best from those

    - start with a phone interview, never start face to face

    - some people bluff, some people offer general answers

      - your job as an interviewer is to help them answer specifically and ask for more information when you want it

    - Interviews as auditions, held by someone who knows how to do the activity being auditioned

    - audition hands on with the actual code, or the actual system

    - use your best people for the interviews, not just anyone that is free

    Show Notes:


    We have more posts in our recruitment category:

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    And our Career category:

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    This video was originally released as a Patreon exclusive video back in January 2019

    - https://www.patreon.com/posts/recruitment-tips-23896867

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    How to Get a Job In Software Testing

    How to Get a Job In Software Testing

    Episode 013 of The Evil Tester Show covers "How To Get a Job in Software Testing".

    - Getting a Job is different from Doing the Job

    - Persistence is key to getting a job

    - Build an online portfolio on LinkedIn

    - Apply for jobs slightly out of reach

    - Amend your CV for each job that you really want

    - You do not need to code to Test Software

    - You might need coding skills on your CV to pass the interview filter

    - Demonstrate that you can test software, even if you are looking for your first job in software testing.

    Shownotes are available from https://eviltester.com/show

    This is an audio/video episode and the video version is available on youtube:


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    Tips for Talking at Online Conferences

    Tips for Talking at Online Conferences

    More and more conferences are going online. Speakers will have to adapt. In this post I outline some recommendations based on years of online video, webinar and course creation.

    If you only want the summary then...

    - Presenting online over video is different.

    - Practice will help.

    - Practice with the kit you are going to use, and perform complete practice run throughs.

    - Use an external microphone.

    - Record your practice sessions and listen back to them to make sure your audio is good enough. 

    For show notes, visit https://eviltester.com/show

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    What Should I Be? Programmer or Tester?

    What Should I Be? Programmer or Tester?

    I receive a lot of emails asking which way should people focus their career - Testing? Programming? Automating?

    And that's what I cover in this podcast.


    - we should not have to think like this

    - But - we need to get a job

    - Getting a job is different from "What should I be..."

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    The Automate or Die Special - do you have to automate to survive in testing?

    The Automate or Die Special - do you have to automate to survive in testing?

    Episode 10 of The Evil Tester Show

    I receive a lot of concerned emails and messages from testers. People concerned that their testing skills will not be enough to keep them in work and that the future revolves around automation which they don't know how to do. No programming experience. And should they learn API or UI? What programming language should they learn? People do feel that their career is at risk.

    And that's what I cover in this podcast to hopefully give you some tips if you do want to learn to program or code and start working on test automation, and some tips on what to do if you don't and think that software testers should not have to learn to code.

    There are many paths to success in testing.

    Show notes available at:




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