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5 Ratings

Achilles7075 ,


I really admire the work you do here. I admire your courage for sharing such personal, intimate thoughts and experiences. I admire the way you work through your ideas as a sort of interior monologue, and with such punk (in the Enlgish sense) humour, grace and honesty. I think what I most admire and what I find quite moving, is the way you aren't explaining being 'trans' to an assumed normatively 'cis' audience, or exploring being 'trans' for other trans people to hear, but you enfold both of these things into an exploration of what it means to be a human being, with all the contradictions and challenges and delights that that involves. In a world where we often fixate on difference, whether because we are viscerally disturbed by it, or because we are anxious to demonstrate that we are above it, I think to show that we are all normal and that we are all also in some way queer, and that 'this is life, folks'!, is a powerful and invaluable message. Keep up the good sheet!

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