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An informative and entertaining break from life’s daily grind

    To Go Deep, Be Big

    To Go Deep, Be Big

    - A survey of mostly middle-aged adults reveals that among people aged 45 to 54, one in nine shows signs of hearing impairment. The researchers tested hearing in more than 2,800 adults between the ages of 21 to 84. Over that large range, one in seven had lost some degree of hearing, and as expected, the rate of hearing loss increased with age. Almost all of those older than 80 — about 90 percent — had lost some hearing, but the rate had already reached one in nine among adults 45 to 54 years old, the largest age group in the population.
    - Hurray for South Dakota — but put on some coffee for Hawaii. The Centers for Disease Control suggests that adults get at least seven hours of sleep to stay as healthy as possible. But according to a survey, a good portion of the US isn’t in the Zs zone — of the 440,000 or so survey participants, only about 65 percent got seven-plus hours. States that get the most sleep: South Dakota (with a 71.6% prevalence of healthy sleep duration of seven hours or more every 24 hours), Colorado (71.5%), and Minnesota (70.8%). The ten worst offenders:
    • Hawaii – 42.9% get less than seven hours a night.
    • Kentucky and West Virginia – 41.4%
    • Tennessee – 40%
    • Ohio – 39.7%
    • Michigan – 39%
    • Alabama and New York – 38.6%
    • Georgia and Virginia – 38%
    - A Minnesota company called HercLéon has created bed sheets and underwear that you don’t have to wash for months. HercLéon’s entire business model is based around things you don’t need to wash as often and they’ll still smell great. HercLéon sells shirts, socks, and a hat that can be worn over and over and still smell great. All of their products, including the underwear, are made with this fabric they call HercFiber, which they claim is a bacteria-fighting fabric. On their site, they talk about how the founder of the company spent years researching this fabric to perfect it. About the company’s underwear, they list out all of the benefits that HercFiber has. They say it fights bacteria, stays cool, stays dry, luxury soft, ultra-durable, and blocks UV waves.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAILMAN TOOK MONEY FROM RETURNED MAIL _ A German postman was busted for stealing about $15,000 out of undeliverable mail. The man took mail returned to the post office and went through it to steal any cash inside. The man worked at the lost mail distribution center and was arrested after police found envelopes from stolen mail inside his recycling bin. Money was recovered from the man’s residence.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN COLLECTED CASH, CIGS AT ILLEGAL TOLL _ In China, a guy wanted money. So he set up a makeshift roadblock and started charging a toll to truck drivers. For payment he accepted cash or cigarettes. The man was sentence to some prison time and one year of probation for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN GIVES FALSE NAME DESPITE HIS TATTOO _ Police in the UK began to suspect that the man they pulled over was lying when he identified himself as James — despite a tattoo with the name Pauly on the back of his neck. After being pulled over for driving erratically, Pauly had identified himself as his brother.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: POLICE FIND KITTENS IN ‘SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE’ _ The Butler County, Ohio, bomb squad was called to a church (in New Miami) on Thursday. When the responding officers heard purring instead of ticking in a black bag, they used their X-ray equipment to view what was inside. Six day-old kittens and their mother were found along with a note stating they had been born on Wednesday. The note said the mom’s name is “Sprinkles”. They are being cared for at a local humane society.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BURGLAR TELLS UK WOMAN ‘IT’S NOT YOUR HOUSE’ _ In the UK a burglar reportedly told his victim that her house was not hers anymore after he spent quite a bit of time drinking and eating durin

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    Your Kiss is On My List

    Your Kiss is On My List

    - “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” especially when to comes to fighting off dementia. An international study (German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases) finds the famously healthy fruit is rich in chemicals that fuel neurons, improving learning and memory. Experiments on mice discovered grey matter increased after they were injected with phytonutrients, like flavonoids, which are abundant in fruits and vegetables. The effects were similar to those seen after exercise, which can also boost brain function.
    - There are 126 million single adults in the U.S. and only about one in five are looking for love. Just over half of singles say they have no interest in looking for a romantic partner.

    - A YouTuber named Prince Midnight constructed a guitar with a body built from an actual human skeleton. The skeleton, as Prince Midnight tells Guitar World, belonged to his uncle (Filip) who passed away in the 1990s in Greece. Midnight says his uncle “originally donated his skeleton to the local college … after 20 years, he ended up in a cemetery my family had to pay rent on.” Prince Midnight contacted the authorities in order to repatriate his uncle’s remains. When he got the box of bones from Greece he didn’t know what to do. So he thought he’d turn his uncle into a guitar. •
    - Do you feel a bit foggy in the dead of winter? It’s not just the cold weather getting you down. According to a study, the season may have an effect on how your brain works. Researchers (University of Liège) found that brain activity while performing a set of tasks differed at certain times of the year. The researchers found that brain activity while performing sustained-attention tasks peaked during the summer and dipped during the winter. And when it came to memory, the most brain activity was in the autumn and the least was in the spring.

    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: UMBILICAL CORD STOLEN FROM STORAGE UNIT _ State Police in Pennsylvania are investigating the robbery of a storage unit where thousands of dollars in electronics, vapes, and even an umbilical cord was stolen. According to the police report, an unknown suspect broke into the unit and stole: a Chromebook; a toaster oven; 20 Xbox games; clothing; an LG 55″ Smart TV; a box of kids toys; a baby footprint ceramic tile; and umbilical cord.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SEMI CRASH SPILLS CANS OF BEER ALL OVER HIGHWAY _ A tractor trailer crash that shut down part of Interstate 95 in north Florida left its haul of beer cans spilling out onto the highway. The accident caused the semi’s trailer to rip apart, with cans of Michelob Ultra and Natural Light spilling out onto the road.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HIGHWAY SLOW RIDE _ Police in Germany had to resort to shutting down a highway to stop an elderly man driving down the wrong side of the road. The man was apparently so convinced he was in the correct lane that he continually blinked his lights at oncoming traffic. Even after bullhorns and lights from 10 police cars tried to alert the man, he kept on driving. Finally the 82-year-old was forced to pull over at a roadblock.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: STOMACH PAIN CAUSED BY SURGICAL INSTRUMENT _ In Thailand a pain in a woman’s gut lasted ten years till finally x-rays were taken to find the problem. Turns out doctors had left a clamp her stomach after an operation a decade earlier.

    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PRISONER GETS FLIRTY ON ZOOM _ In a video chat Demetrius Lewis told the woman he was talking to, “I just had to tell you: you’re gorgeous.” She replied, “Flattery will get you everywhere. But maybe not here.” The video chat was for Lewis’ bond hearing in a Florida virtual courtroom — and Tabitha Blackmon was the judge.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BOMB THREAT WITH BOMB THAT DOESN’T EXIST YET _ People at a grocery store in Logan, Utah, called police to report a man “acting strange and mumbling about a bomb threat at the

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    Eubie Kanubie

    Eubie Kanubie

    - Microwaving your broccoli might be the most convenient way to cook it, but to get benefit of this cruciferous veggie’s cancer-fighting properties, steaming it lightly is the better way to go. Researchers (University of Illinois) said broccoli eaten three to five times a week is a potent cancer-fighter, especially when steamed for two to four minutes, rather than boiling it or cooking it in a microwave oven.
    - Eating too much fat and sugar as a child can alter your microbiome for life, even if you later learn to eat healthier. The study (UC Riverside) is one of the first to show a significant decrease in the total number and diversity of gut bacteria in mature mice fed an unhealthy diet as juveniles.
    - From moldy meatloaf to smelly beans buried on the back shelf, the average American fridge is a horror show. A new survey finds there are at least five items past their expiration date in the typical refrigerator right now. Among the shocking finds, respondents in a survey say they discovered cream cheese that had gone pink, moldy cucumber water, and even insects hiding inside.
    - Heard of sologamy? There’s polygamy (having more than one spouse at a time); there’s bigamy (having two spouses at the same time); there’s monogamy (having only one spouse at a time), and there’s also such a thing as sologamy, described as “the marriage of someone to one’s own self.”
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SMUGGLER HAD NEARLY 1,000 CACTI STRAPPED TO BODY _ A woman who strapped nearly 1,000 succulents and endangered cacti to her body in an attempt to smuggle them into New Zealand has been sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Wenqing Li was caught bringing plants and seeds from China to Auckland International Airport, where the goods were seized on two occasions.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BOA CONSTRICTOR STUCK IN CAR DASHBOARD _ A pet boa constrictor that became stuck behind the dashboard of a car in North Carolina needed the help of some animal control officers to wriggle free. The snake — about 5 feet in length — was ultimately released unharmed from its owner’s vehicle after some car parts were removed. How the snake got into the dashboard is not known.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TWO-HEADED BIRD IN NOVA SCOTIA _ What has two heads, two wings and has been hanging around a Nova Scotia, Canada, home? No one knows. Bill and Earlene Gill say a two-headed bird visited their backyard (in Cape Breton) at least twice in January At first, Bill thought there were two birds roaming around his backyard. But on closer inspection he noticed there was only one plump little body — with two heads, two beaks and two wings. Gill said both he and his wife saw the bird. Both heads eat independently and peck independently. Bill said the wild bird appears to be a ruffed grouse.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN ACCUSED OF ACCESSING PIZZA WEBSITE _ (CAUTION) A man has appeared in a New Zealand court (Rotorua) accused of accessing a pizza ordering website and dishonestly getting food and drinks. Gemini Rerekowhai Dixon is charged with directly accessing the Hell Pizza online ordering website and dishonestly obtaining food and beverages. No details were given but Dixion will no longer be allowed to visit Hell.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ARMED AT RESTAURANT ONLY DEMANDED FOOD _ A man at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Pasadena, California, was denied service for not wearing a mask and returned with a gun. He showed up at the back entrance of the restaurant with the firearm, which confused the Roscoe’s staff because the cash registers were in front. It turns out money was not the object. The man walked into the kitchen and held a cook at gunpoint, demanding all of the chicken and waffles they could give him. The suspect took no money, but left with as much food and syrup as he could grab before he ran out.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: UK AUTO INSURANCE CLAIMS _ Among some of the reasons given by dr

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    Hot Dog Water

    Hot Dog Water

    People in the US and Canada are staying indoors now more than ever, and yet, they’re still using Facebook less. Could we be witnessing the decline of Facebook? Last week, Facebook posted its 2020 performance update. In it, we learned that the social network has added almost 300 million more active users over the course of 2020. However, that growth entirely has come from outside of North America. Facebook added 5 million daily active users in 2020, but that’s while losing daily active users in the US and Canada throughout the year. Definitely not the sort of data you’d expect to see after a global pandemic has plagued everyone around the world, forcing everyone indoors.
    - Finally a reason not to lose weight! Doctors warn that fat loss accelerates aging by deflating the cheeks, hollowing the eyes and making the jowls look heavy. The findings (Medical College of Wisconsin) are based on middle-aged people who underwent CT (computed tomography) head scans on two occasions at least a decade apart. Facial fat reduced by more than 12 percent over the period. It confirms the “volume loss” theory of facial aging, shedding fresh light on why patients seek rejuvenation.When you lose weight, jowls descend and you lose definition around the jawline. Volume loss around the eyes means they may look hollow and sunken.
    - According to a study out of England, drinking coffee improves women’s brainpower in stressful situations, but makes men slower with comprehension. Researchers discovered that men who drank their high-caffeine test coffee suffered greatly impaired performances in memory tests, as well as taking an average of twenty seconds longer to complete puzzles than decaf drinkers. But women completed the puzzles an astonishing 100 seconds faster if they’d been given coffee.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: MAN STARTS FIRE IN WALMART, CAUSES $6 MILLION WORTH OF DAMAGE _ A man has been arrested in Arizona after allegedly starting a fire inside a Walmart (in Mesa). The fire caused at least $6 million worth of damage. Footage allegedly showed the suspect spraying lighter fluid on merchandise before setting it on fire and running away. He was seen carrying several products, including a jacket and blanket. The suspect was found around 1,000 yards away from the scene of the incident.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ‘PEEPING TOM’ FALLS THROUGH CEILING OF WOMEN’S LOCKER ROOM _ A suspected “Peeping Tom” has been charged after police said he fell through the ceiling of the women’s locker room at a gym in Virginia. Deputies responded to Onelife Fitness (in Stafford) on Saturday after receiving a report of a man falling through the ceiling. The suspect, identified as 41-year-old Brian Anthony Joe, landed on a woman. The woman was checked for injuries by rescue personnel at the scene, but was not taken to hospital.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GARBAGE MAN FIRED AFTER KICKING SNOWMAN _ If this doesn’t sum up the times we’re living in right now, I don’t know what does. According to Britain’s Mirror newspaper, a garbage man was fired after he kicked a snowman on the trash route. Apparently the stunt left a three-year-old in tears, however the garbage man says he isn’t sorry about it. He said — quote — “I don’t think I have to say I’m sorry. His family knew it was not going to be there forever. The snowman was obstructing my path. I decided to kick it because I didn’t think it was going to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t think that snowmen have feelings. It was going to melt and snow again, I didn’t think it would make such an impact on a three-year-old kid.” After his boss found out about the garbage man kicking the head off the snowman he lost his job. • https://youtu.be/iQCZbKD_8h8 (VIDEO)
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: BIDET WIELDED AS WEAPON IN FIGHT _ Some street soccer between neighborhood boys in a town in Italy went downhill when one player accuse

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    Super Connected Brain

    Super Connected Brain

    - It’s long been believed that children who learn a musical instrument generally perform better in school. A new study may provide an explanation for this musical connection. Researchers from the University of Zurich say musicians have super connected brains compared to people who don’t play instruments. Their findings reveal those who begin practicing an instrument at a younger age have stronger connections than those who pick up an instrument later in life. The discovery shows just one of the ways in which people’s experiences can shape their brain.
    - Your sweetheart or your pet. Who would you choose to dump if one had to go? Most current pet owners said they would hold on to their spouse or significant other (84 percent), but a sizable 14 percent picked their pets.
    … And while both men and women were equally likely to go with their spouse or significant other, women are far more likely than men to say the human-pet choice would be a tough one (40 percent among women compared with 26 percent among men).

    - In another sign that 2021 will be better than 2020, Peeps will be back for the Easter season and the treats have even been spotted back in stores. Peeps took Halloween and Christmas 2020 off and didn’t release any themed shapes for those holidays due to the effects of the pandemic. But, as planned, they’ll be heading back to stores in time for Easter. They tweeted earlier this month counting down to Easter, and even showed production revving up for their favorite holiday.
    … Some specialty Peeps have even been spotted back in stores and online retailers, including Peeps Party Cake and Hot Tamales. What is available near you will vary.
    A study found that 86 percent of adults and 91 percent of youngsters admitted to being very scared of something. War? Terrorists? Loss of social security? Actually, monsters. Forty-three percent of adults and 55 percent of youth polled thought monsters were in or around their house.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN STABS HUSBAND AFTER CATCHING HIM WITH PICS OF HER _ Ever hear the term blind rage? It’s phrase for the phenomenon that occurs when otherwise rational people become completely irrational due to something that upsets them. For example, finding your husband with pictures of a much younger woman on his phone is the type of instance that might send one into a blind rage. A guy in Mexico took some old photographs of his wife from their younger days, scanned them, and then saved them to his phone so he would have them to look at any time. But his wife, not recognizing herself, thought it was a younger woman he was having an affair with and stabbed him multiple times. The husband was able to wrestle the knife away from her and explain that it was her in the pictures, but not before neighbors heard the fight and called the police.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: TRAIN PASSENGERS STRANDED AT WRONG STOP _ Around 100 train passengers were left stranded at a station in China after a conductor called out the wrong stop. The passengers were stuck for hours thanks to the confused conductor.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: WOMAN FELL OVER PILE OF ACCIDENT CLAIM FORMS _ In Scotland a woman suffered pain and loss of earnings after falling while at work. The woman was an insurance worker. She won a settlement after she tripped and fell over a pile of accident claim forms left on the floor by a fellow employee.

    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: COUPLES COUNSELING OVER TIKTOK _ A husband and wife in Brazil are seeing a marriage counselor because she spends too much time on TikTok. According to the husband the wife is so obsessed with creating and watching TikToks she’s taken leave from her job and asked her mother-in-law to watch their children for a few weeks until her TikTok career takes off.

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    Love & Marriage

    Love & Marriage

    - A potential return to concerts and large-scale social gatherings is finally on the horizon. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top infectious disease expert, estimates that concerts and other live venues may be able to safely reopen some time this fall. The virus’ spread first began to impact U.S. concerts in early 2020, with a large wave of tours and events being canceled in March. Fauci emphasized that a safe reopening will depend on a swift and effective rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in order for the U.S. to achieve herd immunity, with 70 percent to 85 percent of the population receiving the vaccine
    - There’s an old saying that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. In that same vein, a new study reveals it seems to take more of your brain to argue with someone than it does to agree. A team from Yale University finds there is more “brain real estate” active when two people are disagreeing with each other compared to when they are in sync. The study finds that when two people disagree, their minds activate more cognitive functions to counter the information they’re hearing. When two people have the same opinion however, their minds show calm and synchronized activity “similar to a musical duet.”
    - Have you ever been to someone’s home and they have all the shoes by the front door outside of the house? You should do the same at your house. The University of Houston did a study and found that 39 percent of shoes contained bacteria C. diff (Clostridium difficile). C. diff infections can cause multiple health conditions such as bad diarrhea which can also progress to colon inflammation and further serious health problems, especially if it doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment effectively. In another study done by the University of Arizona nine different forms of bacteria were found on the bottom of shoes. Good Morning America did a test and found that the bottom of shoes were dirtier than toilet seats.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: THIEVES GET STUCK IN ELEVATOR _ In Germany two thieves trying to rob an office building were forced to call police after they became stuck in an elevator.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: HIDING IN BATHROOM, BURGLAR CALLS POLICE FOR HELP _ An alarm at a pizza restaurant in Sweden alerted the owner to a break-in at around 3:15AM. The owner lives nearby so he quickly put on a shirt, pants and shoes and ran to his restaurant. The owner arrived and began fighting with burglars. Two escaped, but two others ran back into the restaurant. One of the men eventually locked himself in the bathroom and called police.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: SLEEPY BURGLARS _ Police in Malaysia caught two burglars when they fell asleep in the house they had broken into after raiding the fridge.
    WACKY-BUT-TRUE: A TANK WAS DRIVING AROUND A FLORIDA NEIGHBORHOOD _ Video on social media showed what looked like a military tank driving around a Florida (Palmetto Bay) neighborhood on Sunday. Some residents wondered if the tank was part of a military operation. But a spokesperson with the Florida National Guard said the tank was not part of its fleet, and military experts said the tank appeared to be a British combat vehicle. The matter was cleared up by police: “The vehicle belongs to a private collector of decommissioned, surplus military items. The vehicle in question is demilitarized and unarmed. It was purchased as a collector item and was being delivered to the owner at the time that the video circulating social media was taken.”
    Fun Facts
    ✓ Good news is more likely to be shared through social media than bad news.
    ✓ More people have seen David Copperfield perform live than any other performer in the world.
    - The end of the world is close. Or at least much closer, according to research (in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society). The prevailing view has been that our Milky Way would crash into its nei

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