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Yo! This is the externalisation of my inner monologue.

THE JFDI CAST millsustwo

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Yo! This is the externalisation of my inner monologue.

    0800-TALKY-TIME : a JFDI production

    0800-TALKY-TIME : a JFDI production

    It's time to launch. Except I am only saying that now.


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    #5 Email to my future (memail)

    #5 Email to my future (memail)

    what a week..

    went to such a Nice place in Oman with no phone and it was unreal.
    meant I could think deep.

    I learnt about this

    and then I did cheat and watched this on my mobile

    wow, it was gold for me, ambition..

    Makes me want to blow my mind up... mills@ustwo.com for juice...

    • 33 min
    #4 Calling New Founders

    #4 Calling New Founders

    do you know a new founder who would be interested in having £10k to help them move their biz forward? or want mentoring? or just want to to know that awesome peeps who are driven to launch creativity want to help then please send them this link


    • 7 min
    #3 goodbye and hello

    #3 goodbye and hello

    Today feels different, different because it’s another day of consistent happiness and thats cos I have found my truth, found my place and been witness to the most magical event I could have ever hoped to have been part of, death.

    We talk about our B corp journey. (Can you please share this to any agency owner, or any creative business)

    Sing (wow!!!)

    Always happy to talk and inspire at mills@ustwo.com

    • 21 min
    #2 First Mile

    #2 First Mile

    Next week we launch something at ustwo that is very close to our hearts. I needed to answer the following questions as part of the collaterals... JFDI style I wanted to moisten the airwaves live!

    —  3:22 What was the initial business idea that you took to your Dad?

    — 9:00 How different is that from the business you’ve built today?

    — 11:47 When you were starting out were you aware of any other options that could have helped you? EG Mentoring, loans for start ups etc.

    — 17:29  What does independence mean to you?

    — 22:43 What were the other really important building blocks that helped you in those first few years?

    as always email me mills@ustwo.com or DM on insta > millsustwo

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    #1 You Bet I’m Already Back

    #1 You Bet I’m Already Back

    everything I need to achieve my dream is around me and now I have the pillars the excuses are well and truly gone.

    insta > @millsustwo

    • 14 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

googlewhacker ,

Really interesting

Not often that you come across a good soul expounding his day to day with raw honesty. The first few (early) episodes did my head in, but the more recent ones, now Mills has a grip on what makes him different and recognises he has a gift is inspiring.

JosephDanger ,

Inspiring, exciting, unconventional podcast.


A tangential daily dip into the life and brain of a passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and brutally honest person.

If it’s for you it is absolutely for you.

Ohjawbone ,

Inspo 💯

Brilliant podcast - inspirational! Mills is unfiltered and better for it

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