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The podcast of Comedian Joe Rogan..

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The podcast of Comedian Joe Rogan..

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4.8 out of 5
15.1K Ratings

15.1K Ratings


Just f@ love it

Damn Joe just amazing on and on

The frets Ed ,


Joe offers some insight and often does his research, but fails to challenge his guests on important issues. He had Lennox Lewis on the show and told him how he thought that Evander Holyfield was on steroids, but when Evander Holyfield came on the show, he just praised him the whole time and didn’t mention that he thought Evander used steroids during his career.

I also listened to the Chris Kresser show where he “debunked” Game Changers. Chris mentions several times that Game Changers is funded by vegans with a vested business interest in promoting veganism, but neither Joe nor Chris mention the fact that Chris has a book out called The Paleo Diet, which contradicts plant-based living even once. This, plus all of the misinformation about certain cattle farms being able to take more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than add to the problem made that episode particularly laughable.

Watson1million ,

Pull it up, Jamie

Joe is an open minded host and has a great mix of guests. I started listening because of the Bourdain episode, as a Brit I’d never heard of Joe Rogan before that. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. I can honestly say this podcast has changed my life in a positive way. Joe has introduced me to inspiring people like David Goggins, Jocko Willink and Jordan Peterson as well as some really interesting guests such as the fascinating Graham Hancock and more recently UFO guy Bob Lazaar. I am very grateful for this podcast and I never want it to end. Thanks Joe, Jamie and everyone involved in this.

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