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The King's Church International Podcast is a weekly podcast of inspiring, encouraging and hope-filled messages from KCI Windsor.

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The King's Church International Podcast is a weekly podcast of inspiring, encouraging and hope-filled messages from KCI Windsor.

    Win By Faith

    Win By Faith

    As we continue our series looking at ‘How To Win In Life’, this week we see how we can Win By Faith. Faith in God is one of the main teachings of the Bible. Faith is the key that opens a world of unlimited possibilities to us. Faith in Jesus Christ is what frees us from sin and religious condemnation. Faith is what causes us to live above our circumstances not under them. Faith is so powerful that it can bring a total turnaround in your life, your family, your finances, your health and in the nations of the world.

    Faith is essential to pleasing God. Hebrews 11:6 says: ‘without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him’. Hebrews 11 tells us repeatedly that faith is the reason the greatest leaders of the Bible were able to overcome their biggest challenges. One of the greatest heroes of faith mentioned in this chapter is Abraham in Hebrews 11:8-12. Verse 8 says ’By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.’

    From the life of Abraham and Genesis 15:1-6, we see some important lessons about how we can develop in our faith:

    1. Faith Sees (Genesis 15:1 & 5; Galatians 3:29; Mark 5:27-29)
    2. Faith Believes (Genesis 15:6; Hebrews 11:1; 2 Corinthians 5:7; John 20:29; Romans 10:17; James 1:6-7; Mark 11:24)
    3. Faith Acts (James 2:17; Genesis 12:1-5)


    Are you really living every day by faith in God? Are you seeing things in a natural way or do you see what God can supernaturally do in your life? At the moment when Abraham received his promise from God (Genesis 15:1 & 6), he did not seem to have a great future. He was old and he and his wife Sarah were childless. But God said he would have so many offspring that he wouldn’t be able to count his descendants. In one moment, he went from a vision of limitation to limitless blessing. His mind conceived possibilities that he had never imagined before. He would not only be the father of Isaac, Jacob and the Israelites but also of everyone through the ages who put their faith in Christ through the generations. He no longer had fear or frustration because he had no children, because his vision of the sky full of stars filled him with great faith for the future. Pastor Cesar Castellanos defines Vision as ‘the idea of God revealed to the mind of man for him to execute.’ We too can receive God’s vision (Galatians 3:29). We need to visualise God’s blessings in our lives. We need to see by faith great numbers of people coming to faith in Christ. We need to visualise churches of many thousands not only of many hundreds. We need to picture God using us to lead many people and help change nations. We need to dream of having abundant finances not just enough finances. We need to have our minds focussed on miracles of healing not on illness (Mark 5:27-29). Faith comes by a revelation from God where we see who Jesus is and what He can do in our lives. Faith is seeing through spiritual eyes, not natural eyes, when the blindness of logic and natural perception is taken away and we see a new supernatural dimension where nothing is impossible with God

    Do you believe that God will do the impossible in your life? Do you need to leave your doubts and natural thinking behind? It’s not enough to see possibilities; you must also believe in your heart that they will happen (Genesis 15:6 & Hebrews 11:1). Faith is to believe when you don’t yet see it (2 Corinthians‬ 5:7 & John 20:29). We can have this faith through reading and believing God’s word (Romans 10:17). Faith is not a feeling. It is simply believing in the word of God and power of God to save us and to bless us. When we hold onto faith, we experience the power it has to change our lives completely. Perhaps you h

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    The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus

    The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus

    As we continue our series looking at ‘How To Win In Life’, this week we see how we can Win By Discovering The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus. Revelation 12:11 says: “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” To see great conquest in life, we need to become experts in the power of the blood of Jesus.

    This teaching is foundational to Christianity even though some people don’t like to hear about it. The Apostle Paul said “we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Corinthians 1:23-24).

    Throughout history and around the world, many teachers, preachers and hymn writers have focused on the power of the blood. Charles Spurgeon, Dr Martin Lloyd Jones, Leon Morris, Benny Hinn and Mahesh Chavda all have all focussed on the power of the blood of Jesus in their teachings and ministries. As Spurgeon said, ‘Atonement by the blood of Jesus is not an arm of Christian truth, it is the heart of it.’

    Every time you see a powerful Christian revival somewhere, someone has discovered a new revelation of the power of the blood of Jesus. From the 18th Century revival of Wesley and Whitefield, to the 19th Century revival in South Africa of Andrew Murray, and the more recent teachings of Derek Prince, all have emphasised the power of the blood of Jesus. The moral and spiritual impact of these revivals and teachings continues to this day.


    Have you truly understood the power of the blood of Jesus? When we understand all the power that is in the seven sheddings of the blood of Jesus, we receive a new authority to conquer over the power of the enemy. You are not called to simply survive any attacks of the enemy; you are called to conquer with power and authority. The only way you can do this is through the power of the blood of Jesus. Jesus decided to endure all the suffering of the Cross so that we could become overcomers and see total victory over every scheme of the enemy. Only the blood of Jesus can break the chains of oppression and remove all darkness in your life. It is the blood of Jesus alone which enables us to conquer over everything the enemy wants to keep us in bondage to in life, and brings us into full freedom and victory. Through the power of the blood of Jesus, those who are sick can receive healing and those in lack can receive provision. The blood of Jesus can bring great restoration in all areas of your life. So this is a topic everybody needs to understand and come to a greater level of revelation.

    Jesus shed His blood seven times, and each one had specific purpose and power:
    1. Blood from Jesus’ brow in the garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:44)
    2. Blood from His wounded body (Isaiah 53:4-5)
    3. Blood from His head (Matthew 27:28-30)
    4. Blood from His face (Isaiah 50:6-7; Isaiah 52:14-15)
    5. Blood from His hands (Psalm 22:16b)
    6. Blood from His feet (Psalm 22:16b)
    7. Blood from His side (John 19:34-35)

    How is your relationship with God? Have you fully surrendered your life to Jesus? When Jesus died on the Cross, He took all our sin, shame, guilt and judgement on Himself. In exchange, He gave us a restored relationship with our Father God, eternal life and new freedom to conquer in life. If you haven’t done so, today pray and invite Jesus into your life. When you surrender your life to Jesus, you can enjoy true repentance, receive total forgiveness and restoration, and experience a future full of the joy and blessings of God.

    [Further reading on the power of the blood of Jesus: ‘Just One Drop of the Blood of Jesus’ by Pastor Cesar Castellanos, available on Amazon.]

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    Win By Making The Right Decisions

    Win By Making The Right Decisions

    God loves you and He wants your life to be a success not a failure. God wants you to achieve your potential. In life you will face difficulties and discouragements, criticisms and negative circumstances, tears and maybe tragedy. But in all, through all and overall God wants you to be what the apostle Paul calls ‘more than conquerors.’ Jesus said, ‘what will it profit a man who gains the whole world but loses his soul.’ Success in life is knowing God through Jesus Christ and being the unique person you are created to be. Being a winner is learning to overcome in all circumstances. The Bible is full of examples of people who experienced trials and failure, yet they came through to become great men and women of God.

    Jesus Himself was the greatest overcomer. John 16:33 says 'I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.' Jesus overcame temptation, sicknesses, demonic power, storms, accusations, opposition, suffering and death itself. And because He lives, we can live also as overcomers. John constantly emphasises this in his first epistle: 1 John 4:4 says 'You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world' and 1 John 5:4 continues 'for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.'

    In other words, God wants you to overcome everything that would be an obstacle to you. He wants you to win over: sin (evil thoughts, sexual temptations, and wrong actions); bad attitudes of anger, jealously, stubbornness, rebellion and rejection; negative personal history; poor self-image; tough circumstances; financial problems; health problems; relational problems and more!

    One of the great secrets of overcoming is that we win when we make the right decisions. Wrong decisions will bring loss, trouble and even death (Proverbs 14:12). The right decisions will result in great blessings to enrich your life and bring you eternal life. The choices or decisions you make today will greatly impact your life and those of your loved ones, both now and in the future (Deuteronomy 30:19). Many of the biggest decisions we make in the life are made when we are younger: where to study, who to marry, whether we will live God’s way or our way. That’s why it is so important to remember your creator in the days of your youth.

    But what do you do if you have already made wrong decisions, maybe even some very big wrong decisions? Is there a way back? And if so, how? In the story Jesus told of the Prodigal Son, we see a son who made decisions that he thought were best for him at the time, but which turned out to be disastrous. No doubt he never imagined that his decisions would land him in such a mess. Maybe you can identify with that. Whatever bad decisions you have made, you can learn from this story how to make good decisions:

    1. He decided to face the reality of his life (Luke 15:17)
    2. He decided to leave the life he was living (Luke 15:18; Isaiah 55:7; Matthew 4:20-22)
    3. He decided to humble himself (Luke 15:18-19; James 4:6)
    4. He decided to get right with His father (Luke 15:20-24; Malachi 4:6)


    What is the state of your heart and mind right now? How healthy are your relationships? How are you doing financially? And above all what spiritual condition are you in? Are you fully and fervently pursuing the call of God on your life or have you lost your fire? The Prodigal Son freely admitted that was not the person he was brought up to be. He had lost touch with his family, wasted opportunities and was not in a good place. Today in contrast to the Prodigal Son, many people, both Christian and non-Christian, find it hard to be honest about the condition of their hearts and lives. They live in denial and prefer to

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    Loving Your Enemies

    Loving Your Enemies

    During our series 'A New Season Of Love', we have seen how loving God can change our lives, and how God wants us to receive His love so that we can love ourselves. We have understood how we can truly love our families, and what loving our neighbour really looks like in practice. This week we conclude our series by seeing what it means to love our enemies.

    In the summer of 1946 in St Louis, Missouri, the wife of a 50 year old Lutheran minister received a letter sent by some of the most notorious criminals in the history of the world. When World War II ended, she had expected her husband home by Christmas 1945 but it was Summer 1946 and she received a letter asking if she would let him stay longer in Germany. Her husband, Reverend Gerecke, had volunteered to be chaplain to the Nazi war criminals on trial at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. On choosing to take the assignment, Rev. Gerecke said “Slowly the men at Nuremberg became to me just lost souls whom I was being asked to help.” Because the Nazis were charged with crimes against humanity, they were everyone’s enemy. Rev. Gerecke's love for them, despite two of his own sons being wounded in the war, is an example for us of how to love our enemies. To love our enemies, we must:

    1. Decide To Show Mercy (James 2:13)
    2. See Their Humanity (Matthew 5:41; John 4:35)
    3. Value Their Eternity (Matthew 16:26; Romans 5:9-10)


    How easy do you find it to love your enemies? Do you have a heart of mercy towards them? James 2:13 says 'Mercy triumphs over judgement.' When mercy and judgement fight, mercy wins. Mercy triumphs because it is what God desires. When we are hurt by others, our first response is to react with an emotion-based 'eye for an eye' attitude. To love your enemy, you must make an intentional decision to show mercy. Mercy goes beyond justice and makes the decision to show the love of God to your enemies.

    Can you see your enemies' humanity? Do you value their souls, wanting them to encounter the life-changing love of Jesus Christ so they can have eternal life? In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls His followers to rise above the attitudes of their enemies by showing them unconditional love and going 'above and beyond' when serving them (Matthew 5:41). This verse is often used as an example of unconditional love and refers to the Roman soldier’s right to enlist a member of the subject population to forced labour. However, the soldier himself is often overlooked, yet he had been compelled into service and his life was under the control of Caesar. The soldier's humanity is invisible because he’s wearing a uniform. It can be difficult for us see the humanity of those we put a uniform on (e.g. those who wore the Nazi uniform). We can put uniforms on those who differ from us by their nationality, politics, race, status, etc. To love your enemies you have to see their humanity. As Rev. Gerecke ministered to the Nazi war criminals in prison, he led many to the Lord. As news of his work became known, he began to receive hate mail and was accused of treason and giving aid to the enemy. Jesus said, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul” (Matthew 16:26). Loving your enemies means valuing their souls more than the approval of your friends. To love your enemy is to value their eternal soul above the hurt they have cost you.

    Do you truly love your enemies? Today, pray and decide to show mercy to your enemies (Matthew 5:7). Choose to see their humanity, showing them empathy, and valuing their eternity and their souls (Romans 5:8-10).

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    Love That Will Heal The World

    Love That Will Heal The World

    In Luke 10:30-37, we read the story of a traveller who ignored danger to help a total stranger who was bleeding and dying. He is known as The Good Samaritan. It’s a story that challenges every one of us and shows us how we need to care for people in need, no matter what their background. Jesus had been teaching that the two great priorities of life are to ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and all your strength' and, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

    So who is your neighbour? The simple answer is that everyone is our neighbour. Your neighbour may live next door or nearby, be in your work or school or church community. Your neighbour may be a person or a people in trouble far away or someone from a completely different background like the Jewish victim in this story who was helped by a racially despised Samaritan. In a few powerful sentences, Jesus showed how we must never become too busy or self-absorbed to care for one another as we go about our own business in life. There are three aspects of the kind of selfless love that we witness in this story which we need today to bring healing to our world:

    1. Love Sees (Luke 10:30-33)
    2. Love Feels (Luke 10:33; Matthew 9:36; Matthew 14:14)
    3. Love Acts (James 2:14-17; Galatians 6:10)
    3.1. He made direct contact (Luke 10:34)
    3.2. He ministered to his needs (Luke 10:34-35)
    3.3. He made sure that he would be safely looked after (Luke 10:34-35)


    How easy is it for you to focus on your own life when actually you could be helping a lot more people? How generous is your giving of money and time and effort? The Good Samaritan saw a human being who had been attacked, stripped, beaten, abandoned and left to die. So many people today have suffered physical violence and been robbed not only of possessions but of their hope and peace of mind. Ultimately Satan is the greatest robber of all that is good and godly. Many have been humiliated, stripped of their dignity and self-image by being abused or by wrong actions, cheap relationships and negative words. Others feel beaten and overpowered by enemies, addictions or circumstances, or they feel abandoned and on their own, rejected and cast aside. Many feel in such a bad way that it’s all over unless someone helps. Of course all these experiences were what Jesus went through when He gave His life so that we can have life. But they also describe the experiences of so many people and maybe also where you are at right now. The questions are: do we see the pain in people’s eyes? Do we recognise the tell-tale signs of a victim? Do we recognise the depression that people are struggling with? Do we see evil that is ruining people right before our eyes? For example the growing incidence of sex trafficking involving people working in public places has been called ‘human slavery hidden in plain sight.’ The Good Samaritan is a wonderful example of self-love that begins with really seeing the needs of others: but seeing is not enough. A priest and a Levite both saw but passed by on the other side. Both these characters show how it is possible to have a religious identity without really having a love for people in need. Before condemning them, examine your own heart: How much need do you see without doing anything about it?

    As followers of Jesus, how much love do we really have in our hearts for the world and the people all around us? Do we have that ‘burning love for others’ that Smith Wigglesworth spoke of receiving when he was filled with the Holy Spirit? In contrast to the hard-hearted religious people who quickly distanced themselves from this beaten up man, the Samaritan was deeply touched when he saw a fellow human being in such a bad way. So too was Jesus (Matthew 9:36; Matthew 14:14). When the love of Jesus softens and fills our hearts, we too will have selfless love

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    How To Love Your Family

    How To Love Your Family

    As we continue our series, 'A New Season Of Love', we have so far looked at How Loving God Can Change Your Life when we make that the most important priority, affecting every area of our lives and resulting in great change in our lives. Last week we saw How You Can Love Yourself through understanding you were made in the image of God, that you are greatly loved by Him and by receiving a new identity in Christ. This week we are learning How To Love Your Family.

    In the Bible in Joshua 2:1-24 we read the story of Rahab. She was a lady who had a bad reputation, but she was a lady who did great good for her family. She really loved her family and we can see how she greatly blessed her family. God can rescue and rebuild any family, whatever situation you may be in. You may be the only Christian in your family. You may be part of a broken family. You may have experienced troubles in your family. But the good news is that GOD loves your family and He wants you to love your family and to believe for God’s kingdom to come in your family. From the example of Rahab we see that:

    1. She made her choice to follow God (Joshua 2:1-11)
    2. She interceded for her family (Joshua 2:12-13)
    3. She believed the promises of God for her family (Joshua 2:14; Hebrews 11:31; 1 Samuel 2:35; Isaiah 54:13; Joshua 24:15)
    4. She saved her family by her total obedience to God (Joshua 2:15-21)
    - She gathered all her family in the house
    - She made sure her home was marked by a red cord (Joshua 6:22-23 & 25)


    Have you made your own personal decision to follow God? Have you put your full confidence in Him? When Joshua sent spies to see how the Israelites could conquer Jericho, Rahab took the risky decision to protect them, explaining to the spies that she knew that the Lord had given the land to the Israelites (Joshua 2:1-11). In verse 11 she declared 'for the Lord your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.' She was not an Israelite. She didn’t follow the moral teachings of the Israelites. She was a prostitute. But she knew that the Lord God of the Israelites was the one true God of heaven and earth. So, she chose to be faithful to God rather than her own people and culture. This decision to fully commit to God resulted in her whole family being saved. Just one person in a family who decided to totally follow the Lord is enough to rescue your family from destruction. If you really love your family, the best thing you can do is to first fully commit your life to God. This means that you choose to put your confidence in Him, and to be committed with the family of God who will help you to grow in your faith. Like Rahab you have to choose if you are committed to the world around or to God and His kingdom.

    Do you pray specifically and passionately for your family every day? Are you focussed on seeing all your family saved? Rahab knew that her family's lives were at risk when the Israelites came to Jericho. That is why she had to intercede them. Her words in verses 12 and 13 are like a prayer asking for the mercy of God for all her family and she was very specific: 'my father and mother, my brothers and sisters all who belong to them'. She was desperate for them all to be saved from the terrible destruction that she knew was coming to her city. We too need to be very focussed on seeing all our family saved. We need to pray specifically and passionately for God for every member of our families to receive the kindness and grace of God.

    Have you asked God and received specific promises for your family? Do you believe the many promises of God in the Bible for your family? In verse 14 the spies made a promise to Rahab and she believed in the promises of GOD through these men of Israel. Her actions and reactions showed that she was a woman of faith (Hebrews 11:31). It’s very important to believe in the promises GOD that has given you personally

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