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A Sketch Comedy Podcast

The Kingsnorth Lobotomy The Kingsnorth Lobotomy

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A Sketch Comedy Podcast

    The Kingsnorth Lobotomy Present: Entropy

    The Kingsnorth Lobotomy Present: Entropy

    A tragicomedy from The Kingsnorth Lobotomy.
    Sound Effects: www.freesound.org Users: extrafonia, tweeterdj, alien_s, blaukreuz, ERH, LoafDV, JasonElrod, thorvandahl, nofeedbak , LG, Walter_Odington, MaxDemianAGL, Josh Herman, joedeshon, fuzzpapi, Marec, Corsica_S, sarge4267
    Music Ed Field
    Producers Samuel Marlow & Scott Kingsnorth.
    Writer & Director Scott Kingsnorth

    • 28 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

craigatron5000 ,

I thought id never lose the horn that the kingsnorth lobotomy gave me

genius. Just listened to Dark Matter again and as the podcasts keep coming they get better and better particularly noticable by the quality of voice acting in the most recent installment. As occasionally in the past it has seemed a bit ropey (sorry) which leads to the gags being a little lost in the delivery.

I do enjoy having a little listen and always find the podcasts entertaining. I have a theory that if you do not enjoy them, then you might want to consider the possibility you might be dead inside with a heart of cold steel.
Im a particular fan of the starts to the podcasts usually filled with a host of quickfire puns and gags- oh and silly accents.
Also, the music of 'the enigma' ed field makes me hate him because its so damn good. Not in a horrible way that a husband and wife hate eachother after forty years but in the nice way that lex luthor hates superman because really, he just wants superpowers too.

In conclusion, brilliant and keeps on getting better. Everyone should listen to and love the Kingsnorth Lobotomy.
Good work guys

GaryandNathan ,

Better than Bob Dylan

I was a little scared at first but I ended up really enjoying it.

The Kingsnorth Lobotomy Podcast makes me laugh. I like it. You should listen too. The sketches are really funny, the writing is brilliant, the performances are great and the music is irritatingly catchy. Its got everything a girl could want from a podcast and more. The Retrospective one is like a radio 4 show about the cast (this is high praise).
Once you've listened to all these there are some older ones on the Kingsnorth Lobotomy Website; including last years Autumn special, which is my favourite.

Refurbishedpictureframe ,

Was going to write "don't listen at work" as you may burst out laughing but some one beat me to it!

You know when some things just aren't worth the effort you put into finding them? Well this isn't one of those occasions! If you have got this far you won't be disappointed! The Kingsnorth Labotomy is really funny! With each podcst you get new material and jokes which makes it feel really fresh. Great timely performances keeps thing lively. Listen to the 'Retrospective' and see how much the gang had matured into their unique style. Definatley worth a listen and a subscribe. I dare you not to become overnight fans.

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