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Liquid enthusiasts Tim Cant & ParaDigm take us on a journey through the colourful world of Liquid Drum & Bass whilst laying down an array of exclusive dubs and terrible jokes

The Liquid Tones Podcast Liquid Tones

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Liquid enthusiasts Tim Cant & ParaDigm take us on a journey through the colourful world of Liquid Drum & Bass whilst laying down an array of exclusive dubs and terrible jokes

    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 10]

    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 10]

    Once again, the boys are back laying down a barrage of frisky banter to the sound of Liquid Vibrations. This month’s episode features an insightful forage into the minds of Liquid duo, GLXY, as Tim interviews the guys whilst elsewhere we get to grips with brand new music from the recently released Momentary Echoes EP.

    Maduk & Nympho – Africa
    Nocuer – You Can’t Hold Me Down feat. Charli Brix (Liquid Tones)
    Spyre – Discovery (Liquid Tones)
    Dextramorphine – Trapped (Liquid Tones)
    Michael E.T – Running wild (Liquid Tones)
    Modest Intentions-Winter Beat (Liquid Tones)
    N.R.G – I Need Your Lovin’ (Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD
    NCT & Diego Torres – No One Home (Soulvent Records)

    ***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***
    G Force – Proximity (markforce.bandcamp.com)

    ***GLXY interview***
    GLXY – Pinnacle (Liquid Tones)
    GLXY – It’s Whatever (Liquid Tones)

    Furney – Spyro Gyro (Phuzion Digital)
    Malaky & Velocity – Midnight (Fizzy Beats)
    Entama – Primeval Forest (Aural Imbalance Sub Tropical Remix) (Cadence Recordings)
    Dan Apeks & SirReal – Suspended In Time (Influenza)
    Rowpieces & Pulsaar – Soap Bubbles On You (Fokuz Recordings)

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    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 9]

    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 9]

    This month's Liquid rundown features vibrations from Rowpeices, Sonata Recordings, Changing Faces & Malaky, GLXY, Semisense & Command Strange & much more. Elsewhere on this month's episode, Tim brings new life to another old flame via Uncle Timmy's Mystery Jukebox and struggles to get to grips with a tongue twister of the Jazzassins persuasion.

    Rowpieces - Only Rich In Paradise [Fokuz]

    Payback - Break of Dawn [Sonata]

    Changing Faces & Malaky - Devotion [Fokuz]

    Level 2 - Good Love [Prestige]

    Lynx - Chord Tune [Hospital]

    Seba - Too Much Too Soon feat Little Jinder (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [Secret Operations]

    GLXY - It’s Whatever [Liquid Tones]

    ***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***
    Basement Phil - Cosmic Fusion (Unreleased Original 97 Mix) [Basement]

    Semi Sense - Yellow Paint Sprayer [Liquid Tones]

    Semi Sense - From Stars [Liquid Tones]

    Altitude - Cotton & China [Fokuz]

    Command Strange - Blues [Liquid V]

    innaSelf - Aqua Memphis [Infuenza]

    Total Science - New Beginnings [Ingredients]

    The Jazzassins - Edu [Jazzsticks]

    Oliver Ferrer - Your Love [Fokuz]

    innaSelf - Emotions In Reverse [Influenza]

    Hosted by Tim Cant

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    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 8]

    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 8]

    On this months episode Simon returns to the podcast, as the pair reunite for another generous dose of liquid D&B & debauchery. Tim decides to get controversial with this month's mystery jukebox whilst Simon reveals the shocking news that he is one half of mysterious D&B duo, Aristocrats, but who could the other elusive member be??!!! The guys also get upfront with a vibrations from the likes of Chinensis, LSB, Bcee, Madcap & Paul SG.

    Automate – Q-Bag (Cymbalism Recordings)

    LSB – Over Thinking (Ft Sian Sanderson)

    (Spearhead) Bcee – Back to the Streets (Ft Philippa Hanna) (Spearhead)

    Chinensis – Endless Sunshine feat Tiana V (Liquid Tones)

    Bungle –Looking Back (31 Recordings)

    Diego Torres –Awake (Arch Origin Remix) (Soul Vent Recordings)

    Robert Manos – Madness (BCee Remix) (Spearhead)

    ***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***  Edit V - Sensation (Impact)

    Rowpieces - Elevated Souls [Celsius]

    DJ Chap & Andrezz - Back [Liquid V]

    Madcap - Real Love [Fokuz]

    Lennie De Ice - We Are IE (Dramatic Remix) [Mac II]

    innaSelf - Mercury Rising [Soul Deep]

    Madcap - Let It Go [Sheer Velocity]

    Paul SG - The Deegee [Jazzsticks]

    Madcap - Erotic [Sheer Velocity]

    Don't forget to send the guys your demos -----> podcast@liquidtones.co.uk

    Follow the guys here: https://soundcloud.com/timcant


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    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 7]

    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 7]

    Another dose of Liquid beats & dodgy commentary can mean only one thing as Tim returns with another episode of the Liquid Tones podcast. Episode seven features tracks from Lurch, Chinensis, Thesis, Static, Pulsaar, Madcap, High Performance & Exper1ment. Elsewhere in the show Tim cranks up the mystery jukebox for a welcome blast from the past!!!

    Submatic & Dan_e - Maximilian (Pulsaar Remix) [Jazzsticks]
    Madcap - Dangerous [Creative Wax]
    Lurch - Low Sometimes [Liquid Tones]
    Rowpieces - Brazil Calling [Liquid V]
    Mindmapper, Silvahfonk & Madcap - Up ‘N’ Smoke [Creative Wax]
    NC-17 & AK1200 - Summer Funk [Chronic]
    Furney - MDMA [Soul Deep]
    Physics - You Been On My Mind [Influenza]

    ***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***
    Donnie Dubson & Stunna - Forever [Fokuz]

    Chinensis - Chasing Polaris [Liquid Tones]
    High Performance & Exper1ment - I Could Be [Liquid Tones]
    Thesis - Sungazer [freebie]
    Voyager & Aural Imbalance - Transmission Control [Omni Music]
    P.B.K. & Tim Cant - Human Evolution [Scientific]
    RQ - Traces [BMTM]
    Static - The Greys (Aural Imbalance Rework) [Cadence]
    Pete Rann & Tidal - Sketches [Omni Music]
    T.E.E.D. - Garden (Calibre Remix) (Pulsaar Retouch) [freebie]

    • 1 hr 7 min
    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 6]

    The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 6]

    Tim's back with another edition of the Liquid Tones podcast. Hold onto your hats!
    [Tracklist] Unknown Artist - Mango [Fokuz]
    Dusky - Yoohoo (LTJ Bukem remix) [17 Steps]
    London Elektricity - Vapour Trails (LSB remix) [Hospital]
    Malaky - Slow Motion [Liquid Tones]
    Command Strange - Overseas [Hospital]
    Drumagik feat. Joao Sobral - Brazilian D&B (Instrumental Club Mix) [BRM Music]
    Elka & Noctilucent & Triatik - Tell Me feat. Nori [Liquid Tones]
    ***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***
    KMC - Orbiting Probes [720 Degrees]
    SoulStructure & Jrumhand - The Source [Jazzsticks]
    SoulStructure & Tim Cant - Soul 101 [Sonata]
    Tidal - Sunken City [Odyssey] Blade - T.H.U.G. [ONE7SIX]
    Vandera feat. Lickz - Ring The Alarm (Instrumental)[Expressions]
    Tim Cant - Fusion Chillout (Influenza)
    Aural Imbalance - Inclination of Ceres [Odyssey]

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    The Liquid Tones Podcast with Tim Cant & ParaDigm

    The Liquid Tones Podcast with Tim Cant & ParaDigm

    The guys are back with yet more beats & debauchery. This time round we hear up front vibrations from Indivision, Treex, Blade, Conspire & Keeno. Elsewhere on the show Simon reveals his love for D&B legend Calibre and the guys receive a telegram from the ever mysterious Artistocrats.

    Full tracklist here: http://bit.ly/1okDdrB

    • 1 hr 9 min

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