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Your essential guide to TV, radio and the press, presented by Olly Mann. New episodes fortnightly.

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Your essential guide to TV, radio and the press, presented by Olly Mann. New episodes fortnightly.

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4.5 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

BrommersBrian ,

Impartiality Rant

Honest, intelligent commentary. Goes to the media stories that other journalists are not paid to comment on. I particularly like the attempts to facilitate BBC impartiality; “no-one is impartial”. I believe that is true. Also, because we try and classify people as “black”, “BME”, “white”, etc..., everyone is racist. You can’t be impartial when it comes to your family and friends. Therefore an organisation which employs a person from school to retirement cannot change. I mean, come on, the BBC is the Civil Service. Masses of managers who are holier than thou!
As an old, white, poor male brought up by parents who refused to watch ITV because it allowed change, I say that the whole licence fee structure has to stop. The mere fact that the BBC exists continues to promote the class and ethnic structure in Britain. Creating a radio station called Asian doesn’t help. I listen to it occasionally because I like some Hindu music, but I feel that I’m doing something wrong because I shouldn’t listen to it because I’m white.
Watch programmes you want to watch and pay for it. As you cannot be impartial then don’t bother. The wonderful Naga Munchetty was a terrible traversty. How dare the BBC say anything other than what she said was right! Of course Trump is racist. He became President because he’s racist.
Brexit shows just how bad things are. The BBC tried to be impartial. They really did try, bless ‘em. But you cannot sit on the fence; you’re either for it or against it. There’s no supporting evidence to prove Brexit is good. It’s like God; you either believe or don’t.
The BBC has given many middle class people a great start in show business, but I’m not worthy to watch, or listen (but that’s a different story).

Slc247 ,

Very informative

A good podcast. I recommend it

Silvewood37 ,

I couldn't wait for this podcast to come out but then it changed :(

When I first started listening to the podcast, I found it fascinated and very informative. A sneak peek behind the currents into the shadowy world of UK media, almost like I was being let on into a secret. As with all UK media most of the commentators had their biases towards the left but I felt they gave most issues a fair hearing. Unfortunately in recent times I’ve had to stop listening to some episodes half way through because I just can’t stand to hear one point of view on the same issues from three different people. Ollie tries to play devil’s advocate to keep the debate going but you can just hear that his heart isn’t in the argument. This podcast has the same issue main stream media suffers from, it thinks it’s listening to new ideas but when in reality it’s just talking to same bunch of people who all basically think the same on issues.
Take the most recent podcast they all agree that the Andrew Neil show being over is a good thing and that these old white political men with their “quirky personalities” have had their day ( yes I know they don’t say white men but we can all read between the lines). But I’m sorry have you actually been on YouTube lately there are 30 odd youtubers I can think of mostly males from the UK who have at least 100,00 to up to nearly a million subscribers and with 30k views on most videos. Long form discussion isn’t dead, but discuses where everyone believes the same thing is. Media in the UK have become cowards and refuse to touch anything or anyone that might be hard work because there scared there’ll lose some twitter followers.
If you lot got off your twitter bubbles for 10 minutes and actually looked where the real discussions are happening, you might realise where all your audiences are disappearing to. We don’t expect people to agree but we expect not to be bored!

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