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Feel safe and valued as a woman, healing trauma at the root – for full embodiment, empowerment and creative sovereignty.

The Sacred Womb - For The Re-Empowerment Of Womankind‪.‬ Melanie Swan

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Feel safe and valued as a woman, healing trauma at the root – for full embodiment, empowerment and creative sovereignty.

    The Last Chapter Of Menstruation

    The Last Chapter Of Menstruation

    A Medicine Poem about coming to the last chapter of my menstrual cycle.

    I’m standing at the edge of a lakeThe warm water lapping at my feetMy menstruating years on the bank on which I’m standing.

    There’s something in the airA gentle breezeA sniff of completion.

    At 44 I relish this easeIt’s gentler than I thoughtNo drama, no resistanceJust nature taking her course

    ‘Yes’ whispers the wind‘Yes’ rustle the trees‘Yes, yes, yes.’

    There’s a smidgen of reflectionThe ghost of what was.And as the noise of the last chapter fades,There’s this feeling…

    LOVE. Yes. It’s Love.Quietly emanating, Gently, strongly, softly.

    There’s nothing to do. I don’t need to dive in. I can just BE.

    My body will change.My womb will transform. All of this I know. And then there’s this….

    The Unknown The deep, rich ground of not knowing The erotic silenceAn invitation from The All and Everything.

    ‘Yes’, I whisper from deep inside, ‘Yes’,And the warm water gently laps my toes.

    • 13 min
    Healing The Mother Line, A Medicine Poem

    Healing The Mother Line, A Medicine Poem

    This is a Medicine Poem.

    The words come with an energy with the intention of shifting consciousness.

    Turn off all distractions. Read the words silently. Read the words out loud.

    Start drawing, writing, dancing, singing, whatever you wish.

    Just start moving your body and psyche.

    Become the poem and see where it takes you….

    Through oceans of timeThe thread of The Mother LineGoes right back to Source.

    From the heart we can traceThe bitter sweet embraceOf the Mother, the breast,The life given with unrest

    Womb after wombWound after woundEking down the lineCompounded and confined

    To lie in the darknessAnd let those echoes unfoldMelts the brittle silenceThat keeps these stories untold.

    You could beThe one to break-throughDon’t shoulder the blameAs you carve out the new

    Coming through this stuffTakes guts and painIt’s time to recogniseYour efforts are not in vain

    Stand tallAnd rise from entangled growthRelinquish the conditionsThat keep you stuck and under oath

    Release expectationsOf all that you wishFrom your Mothers so dearThis leaves you both clear.

    Yes there is rageYes there is loveFor the woman that fed youFear and joy from above

    Recognise the splitThis double edged swordOf the Mother line woundAnd heal the chord

    Go beyond the personalOut past the edgeTo expand your horizonsTo live before you’re dead

    Free of blame, free of shameWith the Unborn we All cryOn home to The Great MotherWhere as Sisters, We Unify.


    Guided Resources for grounding into the body and remembering who you truly are – from the team at the Comprehensive Resource Model®

    • 5 min
    The Women With No Name

    The Women With No Name

    At birth, women inherit their father’s family name, and at marriage, women take on their husbands family name. Women don’t have their own lineage name. MELANIE SWAN

    *this does not apply to ALL women. Some women have their own name, but don’t pass it onto their children. Some women have their own name and do pass it on to their children.

    A not so long, long time ago…….

    Women didn’t have their own bank accounts

    Women couldn’t own their own home

    Women couldn’t own land

    Women couldn’t vote

    Women couldn’t do certain jobs

    Women got married, would go and live with their husbands family, take their husbands family name and give their children their husband’s family name.

    AND NOW…….

    Women have their own bank accounts

    Women own their own homes

    Women own land

    Women can vote

    Women can do any job

    Women get married and take their husbands name and give their children their husband’s family name.

    Is this last one out of date?

    In this episode, I explore this sensitive topic and question if, in 2020 this ‘norm’ is still relevant, and if so, what’s effect is it having on the empowerment (or not) of women?

    What are we saying to our daughters and sons with this pattern? what message are are passing on?

    What’s the alternative?

    • 17 min
    8 Ways I Support My Menstrual Health

    8 Ways I Support My Menstrual Health

    These are some of the key things I do to support the health of my menstrual cycle. I’m not a nutritionist, so I’m not giving health/food advice here, what I am doing is sharing what I’ve learnt over the years of working with my cycle – and this is what works for me.

    To take care of and support my overall health and the health of my menstrual cycle I:

    Don’t focus on hormones

    Focus on liver health

    Don’t eat eggs, dairy, meat, soy, corn or canola oil

    Get the heavy metals out of my body

    Use natural skincare, menstrual products, cleaning products and perfumes

    Support my immune system & overall health

    Eat loads of fruit

    Heal emotional stress & trauma

    • 31 min
    The Healing Power Of Reclaiming Your First Period

    The Healing Power Of Reclaiming Your First Period

    Our First Period is a portal to our unique gifts, creative sovereignty and cyclical power.


    Our First Period – or First Blood – holds the potential to have us feeling welcomed, valued and honoured for our cyclical nature, ability to birth consciousness and use our intuition and emotions to guide our decisions.

    If we don’t experience a version of this, we can experience shock, a lasting disruption in our menstrual cycle, shame of inhabiting a female body and the inconvenience of hormones & menstrual blood, disconnection from the womb and reproductive system (which has repercussions on our fertility later in life), distrust of our body, disconnection from our cyclical nature and intuition to name a few!

    This lack of being welcomed into this world a woman, can result in the maiden part of us becoming fragmented, with the distress from that time getting bound up in the body – stored for a later date when the psyche is resourced enough for all those emotions to process out and for the maiden to re-integrate into the now with all her gifts and natural essence.

    In this episode of The Sacred Womb Podcast I discuss how as adults we can revisit our first blood, retrieve our Maiden self, restore our natural gifts and recalibrate our menstrual cycle!

    • 23 min
    The Toxic Truth About Tampons

    The Toxic Truth About Tampons

    I discuss why tampons are so toxic to our physical and emotional health, the antidote to ‘stuff one in and get on with it’ and some amazing alternatives that promote overall health AND creativity!

    • 45 min

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4.8 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

kj198523 ,

A podcast for every women!!

Recently discovered this podcast and have been binging on it ever since. A wealth of knowledge, tips and insights gained!

Rebekah88 ,

A treasure trove of wisdom!

God bless you Melanie for birthing this fantastic podcast and connecting us in this beautiful circle. I enjoy every episode!

PAFitz ,

This is beautiful

This podcast has helped me reconnect with my self and get off hormones. It’s really enlightened and heightened my life in so ways of understanding my self and others and the flows around us. Thank you. So so much wisdom and makes all the sense in the world so positive :)

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