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Get intimate with your menstrual cycle; heal multi-dimensional trauma, and gain a direct connection with The Divine through the portal of your Womb.

The Sacred Womb Melanie Swan

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Get intimate with your menstrual cycle; heal multi-dimensional trauma, and gain a direct connection with The Divine through the portal of your Womb.

    Perimenopause: No More Bullsh*t!

    Perimenopause: No More Bullsh*t!

    Kim Barnard @sacred.womban and I get together for a great chat about Perimenopause!
    I’m in perimenopause right now (at the time of recording) and share my experience and how it can be a time of accelerated growth and change to align with our deeper truth.
    Saying NO with no attachments
    The ability to respond rather than react
    The first signs of perimenopause – the grit! an adjustment of values, and a need for our outer world to align with those.
    What is ‘sacred rage’?
    Dismantling the patriarchy and owning our part
    Ways to prepare and work WITH for perimenopause – emotionally / spiritually
    Ways to prepare for perimenopause – physically – Anthony William ‘Cleanse To Heal’ book for the liver cleanse.
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    • 43 min
    Self-Initiation: Reclaiming The Womb

    Self-Initiation: Reclaiming The Womb

    Through oceans of time, women have been in some form of subjugated position and have looked outside of ourselves for our spiritual path and autonomy over our own bodies.
    This has resulted in a collective power imbalance that helps neither men nor women.
    Our collective dissociation from, general disgust with and medicalisation of the womb and menstrual cycle, has put a woman’s womb in a vulnerable position, leaving the door open for patriarchal systems based on external authority and validation, to take power over a woman’s reproductive system and cyclic nature.
    However, there IS a movement of women, a movement of consciousness, that wants to redress this imbalance. 
    In order to actualise this shift, we as women must make the changes within and take responsibility for our own body, our own empowerment, and our own evolution.
    This Ceremony gives the framework, guidance and practices to embody our seat of power, The Sacred Womb. 
    Or construct your own Ceremony – my message here is that we CAN redress the power imbalance by doing the inner work.

    Upcoming dates of Self-Initiation Ceremonies 
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    • 17 min
    The Sacred Womb Book Is Coming!

    The Sacred Womb Book Is Coming!

    Welcome back to the podcast after an 8 month break! I give an update on what’s been happening the last year, details of my move to Thailand and an update on The Sacred Womb Book. 
    Below is a summary of THE Book 🙂
    For millennia, women have been in a subjugated position. Handing on over our power for safety, protection, and money and care. And it’s not worked. We have ended up struggling with a collective power imbalance, and in order to redress this, we must make the changes within and stand up to take responsibility for our own evolution.
    Women are becoming more empowered. Yet something is missing. It’s our Womb. An organ that nurtures life, without it the human race would die out. Yet it is a part of the female body that has been attacked, pushed away and ignored for as long as HIStory dates back. 
    Women generally don’t like their menstrual cycle. And that’s just the first level. This disdain ripples out into not liking their womb & whole reproductive system, which holds the power to birth consciousness in the form of babies and new concepts and ideas for the evolution of the human collective.
    Our collective consciousness is starting to shift though. Periods are becoming less taboo, there a few books on the shelves of mainstream book shops; periods have been addressed on screen, for instance in Sex In The City 2, and a feature length cartoon; period advice features in magazines; we have great period pants (a wonderful advancement from the old inch thick surf boards, no wonder we dreaded ‘that time of the month’!) Some secondary schools are starting to teach cycle awareness to girls; there are several podcasts out about periods, some extending to the power of the womb; and in general conversation between women, it’s much more of an open topic. 
    This is all a great start. Yet is it just the beginning.
    Generational trauma and emotional pain from this life show up in the menstrual cycle, in many different ways, and it will be empowering for women to understand how to read these signs and symptoms, so that they know how to navigate their healing process from the inside out. 
    This sort of grounded information is not yet written down. These two topics are not yet written down and linked in a way that women have access to. This book does that, in a very practical, grounded way that will guide women to heal.
    What is also not yet written is the true power of a woman to birth new consciousness for personal and collective evolution . 
    A grand concept, yes. Yet, I have been doing this for years myself, and training women how to do it. It works. 
    This is a handbook for the empowerment of women: through the physical womb, the energetic womb and the collective womb. It is a book that will make a place in time, where women were given the information, guidance, healing information and practices to re- embody the wisdom of their true nature. 
    It will redirect women from looking outside themselves for their power – to a source within that is Divinely designed. 
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    • 15 min
    Healing Generational Trauma with Lisa Schwarz

    Healing Generational Trauma with Lisa Schwarz

    In this inspiring and rich episode, Lisa talks us through;
    What is Generational Healing? How generational healing can help symptoms (such as addictions, relationship problems, medical conditions) in THIS lifetime/timeline.What is the Spiritual Lineage?What exactly we’re looking for in generational healing – what created the split – the separation from Source, what created the need for one’s relationship with certain spiritual practice to be stopped, or changed into different spiritual practices. What 'Death Truths' are and an example of how they can be passed on.How feeling suicidal can be rooted generationally.Re-membering generational glories, strengths and resources – and why they might have been forgotten.The potential this work has for individuals, communities and our collective consciousness on a global scale.Lisa’s goal to bring this work to 1,000’s of people across the globe – to clear the roots and origins of trauma that keeps us fragmented and separate from self and Source.Training in CRM® and The CRM® Foundation, donations are now open and will be very gratefully received!USEUFL LINKS
    The CRM® Foundation website – use this link to make a donation
    CRM® Training and Schedule

    Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed. is a licensed psychologist, consultant, and international educator working in private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    She is the developer of The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)®, a trauma therapy model that employs brain-based physiological safety as the foundation for healing and is the primary author of The Comprehensive Resource Model®: Effective therapeutic techniques for the healing of complex trauma.
    Lisa has, for the past 28 years, been dedicated to creating innovative methods for working with severe dissociative disorders (Complex PTSD, DID, DDNOS), attachment disorders, and gestational trauma.
    Her work bridges neuroscience and consciousness in trauma healing through a combination of traditional psychotherapy, somatic therapy, and indigenous healing methods.
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    • 48 min
    An Introduction To Dissociation With Gordon Barclay

    An Introduction To Dissociation With Gordon Barclay

    In this introduction to dissociation, Gordon talks us through:
    What is dissociationHow do we know if we’re dissociatingStarting to relate to what we have pushed away‘Separating to connect’ & finding ways to respond to the patterns of reaction, rather than just reactingLow arousal dissociation and high arousal dissociationWhy dissociation is there for a reasonCreating a sense of safety before connecting to what was previously too much to feel (creating a mis-match)When and how dissociation dismantlesA scale of dissociation and how it can manifest in daily lifeThe difference between re-membering whilst present and becoming lost in the experienceNormalising dissociation and how we can start thinking about it in our mental health systems.ABOUT GORDON BARCLAY
    Gordon Barclay was an NHS consultant psychiatrist in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland until 2019, now works privately in Glasgow and is an active CRM® Trainer and Supervisor, and has a special interest in the treatment of psychological trauma and dissociation.
    Contact Gordon on dr@gordonbconsulting.com for more information and to book:
    – An Introduction To Working Relationally With Dissociation,
    30th October 2021.
    – CRM® Basic Training Online, 1st-5th September 2021.
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    • 45 min
    The Last Chapter Of Menstruation

    The Last Chapter Of Menstruation

    A medicine poem about the last chapter of menstruation and the myth of the peri-menopause struggle.
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    • 13 min

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4.8 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

kj198523 ,

A podcast for every women!!

Recently discovered this podcast and have been binging on it ever since. A wealth of knowledge, tips and insights gained!

Rebekah88 ,

A treasure trove of wisdom!

God bless you Melanie for birthing this fantastic podcast and connecting us in this beautiful circle. I enjoy every episode!

PAFitz ,

This is beautiful

This podcast has helped me reconnect with my self and get off hormones. It’s really enlightened and heightened my life in so ways of understanding my self and others and the flows around us. Thank you. So so much wisdom and makes all the sense in the world so positive :)

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