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Useful sales stuff for sales professionals - from sales trainee to sales director and business owner

    Shift Control Episode 7- Hugh Gilmore On Building A Lasting Culture (and So Much More)

    Shift Control Episode 7- Hugh Gilmore On Building A Lasting Culture (and So Much More)

    Hugh Gilmore has spent over a decade providing sport psychology support to Olympians and Paralympians, coaches and the associated multidisciplinary teams. He is passionate about training people in Motivational Interviewing, (MINT Member) and has also trained in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT**) at the Albert Ellis institute in NYC. (**Acronym alert)

    In this podcast we discuss the broad area of building culture within teams - Hugh introduces many of the disciplines and theories that he has applied to Olympic & world class weightlifting and athletics teams.

    I learnt about OAP - Observable, Achievable, Promotable - if you are changing your cultural behaviour internally does it follow the 3...is it observable? is it achievable? is it promotable?

    I learned about the difference between informal and formal culture.

    And I learnt about REBT - Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy.

    Much of what we do in the sales environment is process driven but at the very core sits people - employees, customers and prospects.

    I hope you find something in this episode - I always enjoy chatting with Hugh.

    He puts serious depth to the whole idea of culture, team building and performance improvement, fills in the gaps (where there are plenty) and leaves us maybe asking more questions of ourselves and our strategies for change.


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    Managing Your Energy

    Managing Your Energy

    I watched a brilliant documentary over the weekend on Ange Postecoglou and his 12 month transformation of Celtic. You look on in awe at the speed of the cultural transformation, the off-field impact that has turned around on-file performance.

    IT's important to take a sense check on what is possible with a sales team referenced from a sports team.

    There are some major contextual differences and i reference a few of them in this podcast - recovery, downtime, performance analysis, food, mental and emotional wellbeing and physical exercise all come into play.

    I reference the book Sales Cybernetics (again)- It's sold out on Amazon but you can get it on Ebay...Pricey but worth it in my opinion.

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    Writing Effective Sales Content

    Writing Effective Sales Content

    I won't lie to you on this one but there are 100 + resources online that could help you write better sales content. My perspective is a bit more basic than that - if you don't write a lot with your work, if you write mainly with acronyms and text-speak, if you didn't pass your English O'Level, GCSE, then you need to get a handle on the very basics of writing.

    The short cut to great sales copy doesn't exist. Having a great conversational sales style is of no benefit to you if you cannot write in a way so that you can be understood.

    I have mentioned it before in other episodes - storytelling - maybe that should be story writing, ultimately you need to be able to write emails, letters (YES letters), direct marketing copy, presentations, etc...

    To do that you need to understand the basic principles of grammar, format, etc...

    I hope this episode helps underline that and point you towards some good books to help - STEPHEN KING & STRUNK and WHITE are 2 great places to start.

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    Tips On Account Management

    Tips On Account Management

    Some thoughts on account management that I wanted to share with you. I often see the roles as being under-developed within organisations and can be a number of reasons for that which I highlight briefly in this episode.

    Do you have the right people looking after the right accounts?
    Are you ignoring some potential accounts based on their current value to you rather than their lifetime value?
    Do your account managers understand the true value that you bring to those relationships?
    Portfolio selling?
    Partnerships and collaborations - real and meaningful ones...
    Have you created a strategic plan for those high value accounts?
    And finally the sales pitch - do you think your people could do with some more sales training?

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    Getting the best out of your sales meetings & assorted

    Getting the best out of your sales meetings & assorted

    Curious to see how the return to work or the continued working from home is impacting your sales culture and how you are able to inject the spark into the weekly sales meeting/huddle/symposium or whatever you are calling it.

    For me there are some core issues that need to be discussed - as a broad framework - and everything else is built around that.

    What you want to come from the sales meeting is energy, focus and clarity.

    There needs to be a little fun and craic but its all about the big picture - revenue, sales and performance improvement.

    1. Statistics that measure the productivity and performance of everyone in the team.
    2. What happened since the last meeting
    3. A preview of the week ahead
    4. Problems + solutions
    5. Performance against target / year on year / etc...
    6. Something curious or lighthearted...but sincere!

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    Sales Cadence - putting a rhythm to your sales activities

    Sales Cadence - putting a rhythm to your sales activities

    Sales cadence is an important part of any business development out reach. It puts some order and structure to what can be often random activities - emails, telephone calls, social media nudges etc...requires a measured approach.

    It represents the rhythm of your out reach - personalised messages targeted to the right person, over a predetermined time frame.

    It's where 'No means not yet' comes into its own - patience, diligence and plenty of target customers to keep you distracted.

    • 7 min

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4.8 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

S Oldham ,

Insightful Podcast for Sales Professionals

Listen to the bulk of Paul’s podcasts now and find them very insightful. I always find a few good takeaway items to apply to my own working day.

Paul McAnallen ,

Thank you

Thanks for leaving the reviews everyone. Appreciate it.

Tamnaharry ,


As a small business owner, I find these interviews, insights and stories around people’s journeys, really helpful. An SME owner can be a lonely place at times and great to have podcasts such as these.

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