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It started out as just a golf podcast but then life happened.

The Voice of RMW Robin Matthews-Williams

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It started out as just a golf podcast but then life happened.

Customer Reviews

Rupet01 ,

Sean was a really interesting guest!

Sean was a very knowledgeable guy and spoke clearly and had a really interesting story! Make sure you give the podcast a listen

Sean Fergusson ,

“FORE” Business Strikes Again...!

Hey Robin, I really enjoyed your interview with Mark Eadle and James

I’ve known Mark since he joined our amazing community and he’s always been such a generous guy with his time and his business. He certainly deserves every ounce of success and I’d LOVE to see his dreams come try with inner city children having the chance to experience golf “FORE” the 1st time and in doing so, being the perfect funnel to the local pros and golf clubs that have the appetite to grow the game.

You really need to get Marks daughter on your show, she’s an absolute nutter and full of enthusiasm...!

James very kindly bought your podcast to my attention and I’ve got to say I really enjoyed listening to it, some great content and clearly a lot of FUN to record.

Keep up the GREAT work and thank you “FORE” your kind and very generous words you shared about us on your show.

Best wishes Sean @ForeBiz

David in Oxford ,


What a load of narcissistic nonsense. Get over yourself clown. You’re no doubt a failed assistant pro who got caught with his hand in the till. Bitching about everything and even a girl who didn’t respond to you...that’s cos you’re a weirdo, what girl in their right mind would respond?
You need to go get some help because you’re mentally unwell - call Mind, I’m sure they’ll do great work mind.org.uk

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