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A series of real talk weekly podcasts covering topics to inspire, educate and well, maybe even transform. Occupational psychologist Dr Paul Brewerton takes you inside some of the stuff that can help you get the most from work and from life, every day. Get ready.


The Strengths Guy Paul Brewerton

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A series of real talk weekly podcasts covering topics to inspire, educate and well, maybe even transform. Occupational psychologist Dr Paul Brewerton takes you inside some of the stuff that can help you get the most from work and from life, every day. Get ready.


    S8E1 The future of leadership in the new normal

    S8E1 The future of leadership in the new normal

    ‘New normal’ seems to be the phrase of the moment (at least it was last month). But in truth, nothing ever really gets a chance to ‘normalise’ these days, so pretty soon, ‘new normal’ will be ‘old world’ and the next wave of new will be on us.


    So how can leaders - how can anyone at any level for that matter - effectively navigate new after new after new? Today, I want to talk about the future of effective leadership, which to be honest is the now of effective leadership too. So have a listen to my 6 principles for the future of leadership and ask yourself how you’re measuring up.

    When I talk about each of my six guiding principles for effective leadership both for now and for future, they’re going to sound simple. But to get the most from these, you’re going to need to be brutally honest about where you’re at right now, and then sufficiently disciplined to get to where you want to be. 

    My Big Six are: purpose, strengths, humility, clarity, enabling and evolution. Each of these principles is based on sound research on human psychology and behaviour, as well as leadership research and practice.

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    S7E12 Are you getting the most from the diverse strengths of your employees?

    S7E12 Are you getting the most from the diverse strengths of your employees?

    Diversity is one of the hottest topics in organisational life and for good reason: it relates to fair treatment of all groups, and all people.

    Visit: https://www.strengthscope.com/getting-the-most-from-the-diverse-strengths-of-your-employees/

    Taking a positive approach to diversity in organisations can also bring big commercial benefits, as I touched on in my podcast from not so long ago on ‘diversity and inclusion: how strengths can help’, at Season 7, episode 9.

    Today’s podcast considers in even more depth the business benefits of diversity and poses the question ‘are you getting the most from the diverse strengths of your employees?’

    When organisations plan diversity and inclusion programmes, mostly these focus on observable differences like gender, ethnicity, disability and age differences. This is important to address biases and unfairness and ensure that a workforce is representative of its customers. But it’s also important for organisations to build a culture where differences in thinking and where differences in ways of working are valued and leveraged. A powerful, positive way of building a more diverse workforce is to focus on people’s unique strengths, or the underlying qualities they have that energise them and which they’re great at, or have the potential to become great at.

    Uncovering and then utilising people’s unique strengths is still not the default in most organisations. Once someone’s hired, many organisations still focus on people’s weaknesses and what they do wrong rather than helping them find opportunities to play to and develop their unique character strengths.

    So I have five top tips which should encourage a more balanced approach and help you supercharge diversity and inclusion in your organisation by bringing in a strengths approach in support.

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    S7E11 Diversity and inclusion: how strengths can help

    S7E11 Diversity and inclusion: how strengths can help

    Today’s podcast relates to diversity and inclusion, the strengths way – how you can help your people identify what makes them truly unique and then support them in bringing that uniqueness to work each day.

    Diversity and Inclusion strategies are seen as a technical necessity in organisations focused on fulfilling their legal requirements and stakeholder expectations.


    But this misses one of the greatest opportunities in people management today: discovering and encouraging the unique contribution that can be made by each and every employee that works for you.

    Why should we be concerned about bringing more diversity into the workplace. A Boston Consulting Group study found that companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues as a result of being more innovative. An American Sociological Association study found that for every 1% rise in the rate of gender diversity and ethnic diversity in a workforce, there is a 3% and 9% rise in sales revenues, respectively.

    According to most of the research on the topic of diversity, including the Boston Consulting Group work, this improvement in business performance due to increased diversity is largely attributed to an increased capacity for creativity and innovation, in itself resulting from the inclusion of a wider range of perspectives and sets of experiences, which is more possible in a more diverse workforce.

    Thus, if you encourage greater diversity, you’re going to create more innovation, more capacity for creative thought and as a result, better decision making, from top to bottom.

    Which sounds amazing in theory....

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    S7E10 Managing anxiety through your strengths

    S7E10 Managing anxiety through your strengths

    In a recent study cited by the Mental Health Foundation, there were just over 8 million cases of anxiety reported per year in the UK and the global figures country-by-country are similar.


    During extraordinary times, particularly during times of crisis, economic or otherwise, people’s anxiety levels can increase significantly, as can other mental health outcomes, such as a depression and stress. And those 8 million were just the reported cases, which will represent only a fraction of the total number.

    Anxiety affects an awful lot of people from time to time and for some people, for much of the time. In today’s podcast, I’m going to focus on different methods for managing anxiety if you are experiencing it, including taking a strengths-focused approach.

    How should we define anxiety and what does it look like? Most mental health professionals will tell you that anxiety-related disorders come in various forms, including generalised anxiety, panic, social anxiety, phobias and post-traumatic stress. In their diagnosed forms, each of these can be called disorders, but for many people, elements of one or more of these disorders can be experienced at different times, without it actually ever being diagnosed.

    What then can you do to get on the front foot if you find yourself experiencing anxiety? I have 6 top tips: 1. use your strengths, 2. breathing/meditation/mindfulness, 3. exercise/sleep, 4. challenging your thoughts, 5. talking to someone, and 6. accepting what you can’t control. 

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    S7E9 Find your joy

    S7E9 Find your joy

    Something we tend to forget as adults as we take on more responsibility, more life baggage, more ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’, is how to reconnect with the child that is still there in all of us. A particular child as well, our ‘free child’, the child who did things for the sheer joy, the enjoyment, the fun, the feeling.


    As we grow, it’s easy to lose that connection with the younger freer us and all too soon, the opportunities, and responsibilities, that we so craved as children moving into adulthood, can feel more like a burden at times and can keep us distant from the inner free spirit that was the child us.

    Today’s podcast is about finding your joy as an adult – what makes you feel good just for you and getting back to that. This podcast is best listened to as a follow on to ‘How to change the habits of a lifetime’, which is at Season 6, episode 8

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    S7E8 Empowering your team with strengths

    S7E8 Empowering your team with strengths

    Wherever your team are located right now – remotely or physically, some together, some apart, research shows us that when people play to their strengths, they are more likely to perform well.


    The business case therefore for bringing strengths into everyday management performance conversations with employees include:

    Higher levels of well-being, motivation and self-confidence at the individual levelMore effective teamworking, problem-solving and improved relationships at the team levelFocusing on strengths during performance management conversations has a significant impact on employee performance, improving performance by over 36% on average.

    Today’s podcast focuses on how to empower your team using strengths in your one-to-one conversations as a manager.

    It's a quick introduction and reminder to empowering and enabling your team with strengths.

    When these discussions become part of day to day conversations with your direct reports, you will see their confidence grow, a greater sense of ownership and engagement with tasks and ultimately an increase in performance – as I mentioned, this can go up by 36% on average when used in performance management conversations.

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5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Michael, west London ,

Time well spent

Thoroughly enjoyable series. Thoughtful, insightful, actionable. I wish every 5 min investment paid back as much!

Antinprogress ,

Building a better life week on week on week...

I listen every Monday without fail and throughout that week try to make habit the gems of advice Paul brings to life. Short, simple advice that’s bound to make a difference to the way you live and work. Thanks Paul!

zulalulu ,

Top tips to truly go JOMO

Excellent and manageable tips backed by science on how to detox from tech if you find at times it’s controlling you. A firm believer of doing this for your mental health and this gave me the push I needed to reinstate some habits i’ve dropped - not checking my phone first thing in the morning!

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