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Real Fans, Real Opinions! Your Tottenham FC fanzine on a podcast - www.footballfancast.com
For all your Tottenham football news and fan opinions check out the Tottenham football podcast

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Real Fans, Real Opinions! Your Tottenham FC fanzine on a podcast - www.footballfancast.com
For all your Tottenham football news and fan opinions check out the Tottenham football podcast

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4.0 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

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Good informative opinion from sensible fellas. A worthwhile listen every time.

Kev Podcaster ,

Great Podcast and reply to post from Jinsurgent

My I say what an absolute pleasure it was to be involved in hosting the Tottenham Football Fancast, in the time I was on board I meet some absolute fantastic Spurs people and formed some great new friendships from the UK and all around the world, which are still going strong now. You can't beat the Tottenham bond. I feel though I have to respond to a post on this review created by "Jinsurgent" largely due to aimed criticism, which I redeem to be unconstructive to which I believe gives me a right to defend my character as a decent human being and Spurs fan.

I whole heartedly disagree with your comments, which I find offensive to my character and nature by being referred to as "Thick". Firstly the one thing you need to have to enjoy our then show was a sense of humor. I would say that the majority of Spurs fans tick all the boxes.

On the ongoing Thailand gag, we were quite obviously just joking with our collogue Paul (Co Host), who currently resides there, just a joke, that's all, we were all very much aware that not every person that visits that great country is there for over reasons, other than then sightseeing (Art & Culture!!). But there is a stigma attached to single guy's that visit that county, which is quite obvious to everyone, this does not mean it's true, but it happens. Just ask Paul and Jason McGovern if they are offended as they both live there. They would just laugh you off.

On the subject of Hackney, A place we both come from and an area so close to my heart' it shares equal love as my football team, If you had listened to all our shows I have clearly stated that "There is nothing wrong with coming from and living in the greatest borough of London, Hackney". Again I must remind you of the Humor, you do appear to have lost in some sort a bypass.

Just to remind you (Jinsurgent)! I am proud to have born and bred in Hackney and I do still always frequent this great area in the form of playing football every Sunday down at the world famous" Hackney Marshes". You refer to me as being a bit thick….. Well if you could not grasp the fact in my tone and manner I was just taking the mickey and having a bit of fun, " that I could make mistakes in life and use the excuse that I was born in Hackney as it was my get out of jail card!!". You really have missed the point of it in the first place, surly you could work out this was done in such a Tongue n check style, it so outrages you couldn't take it any other way!!! If you still can't grasp this concept and need me to point this out to you, you maybe do need an example of being thick. It's easy just try looking into a mirror. Just for the record I don't think you thick, just really highly strung and with a massive chip on
your shoulder.

I've seen in another post that "Steve Robinson" (a regular contributor and podcaster to all thing's Tottenham) has replied to offense aimed at him to the very same post I am talking about. It's seems to me it's typical trait of people like "Jinsurgent" always willing to criticize in a non-diplomatic manor, offend and hide behind a keyboard, in the safe knowledge that are not out in the open. The reality is that people like (Jinsurent) could never attempt to present or host any form of Podcast as he or she would just not possess the knowledge base, the personality and more importantly the confidence to attempt it in the first place!

The Tottenham Football Fancast and the Hotspurs Fancast are the two best Tottenham Fanzine ever on the net and I urge all Spurs fans to disregard the negativity and nonsense that has been posted by "Jinsurgent" And get involved in being a part of both shows.

Kev Former presenter of the Tottenanham Football Fancast

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