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Luke from TMDWP and Michael from the Tin-Dog Podcast discuss Gerry Anderson's UFO

UFOcast TMDWP and Tin-Dog

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Luke from TMDWP and Michael from the Tin-Dog Podcast discuss Gerry Anderson's UFO

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Andy McG 50 ,

U Flippin Outstanding podcast

A great start, provoking nostalgic memories of a top favourite series from my childhood. I'm looking forward to journeying through the rest of the series with Luke and Michael.

GCTLewis ,

Nice blokes but the podcast doesn’t quite work...

I feel a bit bad writing this as the two hosts Michael and Luke seem like really decent, reliable chaps. The sort of fellas who would make excellent, trustworthy scout leaders or treasurers at the rotary club. You get the picture?

Unfortunately, I’m damning them with feint praise...

Being such regular, stand up guys whilst making for amazing committee members doesn’t always make for the most stimulating podcast hosts.

They’re not the sort of lads who you’d go for a few pints with on a Friday night. Of course this isn’t an issue because they inform us on several occasions they’re only very moderate drinkers.

We learn this when they criticise the drinking and smoking on UFO, which they do on numerous occasions. Their biggest bugbear though is the constant sexism in UFO. Who da thunk it a tv show from 1969 isn’t as progressive as 2019?? The Anderson’s were considered pretty forward thinking back then but our hosts want to have a pointless argument with history.

Whilst their message is ostensibly right they seemingly bash the audience over the head with it. I don’t question their sincerity but it comes across as preachy and virtue signalling.

A personal favourite was when they informed me that when they did have a drink and they were looking after their children that their respective wives would not drink at all or vice versa. In case of an emergency and someone needed to drive, or something.

Great anecdote lads!

I suspect the material is one of the problems. The plots in UFO were often quite slim and they don’t really progress a great deal. That means some episodes lacked real material for them to talk about, and as we’ve established they’re not exactly raconteurs, or comedians.

What we get is lots of padding. Clearly, they’re massive Dr Who fans and that’s the point of reference they lean into all the time. I personally don’t give a damn about Dr Who so its wasted on me. I don’t have a problem with Dr Who but it’s not a Dr Who podcast I’ve downloaded.

Most tedious is Anderson watch. They list what the actors in a given episode appeared in before. I’ll give you a clue. A lot of the actors in UFO have appeared in Dr Who. At least they had the sense to put Anderson watch at the end of each pod so I could turn it off beforehand.

They’re also paranoid about getting off topic and going off on tangents. By the ghost of Straker if there was ever a podcast that needed a few tangents its this one!

They’ll say something interesting. The Geordie for instance said, “I’ve got issues with Alfred Hitchcock” and I thought that’s interesting as I’ve only heard Hitchcock ever be revered. Then the Geordie spoils it by saying “But that’s a topic for another day.” Damnit it Geordie, could you not quickly summarise your problem with Alfred?? Give us something!

The biggest issue is Michael and Luke are a double act starring two straight men. They’re too similar and in agreement all the time. There’s no spark between them.

We’re told they both love their wives very much, and they don’t like banter as it can be hurtful.

Jeez, they’d find me about as funny as a fire in an orphanage.

They’re nice men and they do have some interesting insights into the show. I sort of enjoy getting irritated when they lecture me all the time, and it’s got enough of a reaction out of me I’ve written a massive review about it.

I guess I’ll never find out what the Geordie thinks of Hitchcock?

If I had to guess I bet it’s ideological like Alfred wasn’t woke enough and he perpetuated the patriarchy!

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