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Many voices, one passion - pro cycling for fans, by fans

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Many voices, one passion - pro cycling for fans, by fans

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3.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Em70 ,

The voice of rational cycling fans

These guys love professional cycling and that shines through in this podcast.

They rise above the murky mire that cycling has found itself in and celebrate the positive exciting elements of the sport. It's not all mindless positivity though, they'll call out a bad performance and criticise a bad idea if they see one.

However it's a celebration of what makes cycling a great sport and it's their passion and knowledge of the subject that gives the podcast depth.

Even better they're not afraid to admit when they don't know something which is something many 'traditional' cycling fans will refuse to do!

Finally the technical quality is top notch. For a bunch of people who have other day jobs and live on opposite sides of the world this sounds slick, properly mic-ed up and consistent level wise which makes such a difference.

jezzafox ,

Get rid of the presenters

A great idea ruined by the intensely annoying presenters. They constantly giggle, cackle and shriek at their own unfunny remarks and mostly out of context.
The usual chairman Chris has overactive saliva glands and also mucus issues so his constant sniffing and drooling noises are off putting. Oh yes and he begins every section with “Ahh right”.
Kathi is obsessed by Cancellara’s backside and hates Wiggins for no good reason.
They all use stupid nicknames for the riders so unless you are a regular listener you’ll not have a clue..
Then there’s the ridiculous waste of time over the stupid fantasy league thing.

There’s no real punditry just pointless drivel

Jimvincible ,

The sacred haunches, sorry, podcast!

I stumbled across this gem a few months ago, during the Giro. It has everything I want from a cycling based podcast, informed and passionate hosts, discussing all things current in the world of cycling. Thanks to the presenters being from across the globe, no one nation has a bias of opinion, debate and love of all things, especially haunches, is allowed to flourish. The hosts interaction via twitter is also excellent, allowing you to share opinions and make new friends with the same affinity for cycling as you. In short, this is one of my listening highlights. I look forward to new episodes, as I do the start of a new race.

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