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    Reimagining the Annual Cookie Swap, Allergy Relief for Cat Owners, Teen's Privacy and More

    Reimagining the Annual Cookie Swap, Allergy Relief for Cat Owners, Teen's Privacy and More

    November is Diabetes Awareness Month and Reba Redmond, a diabetes and mental health advocate from London, Ontario shares some of the realities around living with Type 1 diabetes and shatters a few myths as well.

    Aly Pain is back to discuss the issue of your teens privacy and their use of social media. At the heart of the issue is trust building. Aly explains how to start the conversation early, and how to get back on track later in the teen years.

    The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re feeling a little unmotivated with holiday baking, Corinna Odorico from Breville Canada joins me to share some sweet ways to still take part in a cookie swap this year and some other very creative ways to use your stand mixer. She also shares details on a hot gift to put under the tree for yourself this year.

    Anne Brodie has entertainment that moves from from dark and melancholy with shows like Black Narcissus and The Sound of Metal to light and fluffy with holiday makeovers on Netflix and a new movie with Dolly Parton who is cast as an angel which somehow feels fitting for the woman we all love to love.

    Pandemic Pets have been a huge part of 2020 and the need for companionship is high. People everywhere are seeking a pet to call their own, but as we lockdown indoors with them some people will start to suffer allergic reactions, particularly to cat. Stacy Lynn Morley, a Nutritional Communications Manager at Purina joins me to share some tips for finding a pet and making sure you can live with them too!

    Finally, Leena Thampan is an outspoken and passionate leader at Wagepoint and has forged a brilliant career in this technology company with absolutely no background in technology and has recently been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 50 executives. We’re always thrilled to share women shattering glass ceilings at What She Said, so make sure you stick around to hear her story!

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    We Don't Need Another F*cking Survey, the Battle Over Screen Time, and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    We Don't Need Another F*cking Survey, the Battle Over Screen Time, and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    Allison Venditti is adamant that women do not need another survey, and that the time for action and helping women through this pandemic was yesterday. She joins me to share exactly what companies and the government needs to do to help, and its starts by not asking women to do more work for them.

    Anne Brodie is keeping us all going with more movies and tv shows, including two from the beloved Ron Howard this week, a crime thriller with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane called Let Him Go, and The South Westerlies with Orla Brady.

    Speaking of screen time, it’s a hot topic and the cause of family battles everywhere. With kids staying home and parents trying to get work done and get dinner on the table, screen time for children and teenagers has skyrocketed and even the experts on the topic are having a hard time coping. Jess Haines, he Co-Director of the Guelph Family Health Study joins me to discuss and to share details on the new CBC Nature of Things Screens Vs. Kids which airs on November 13th at 9pm.

    If you’ve ever worried about being called a fraud, or if you have the the skills to deserve the job you have then welcome the Imposter Syndrome Club comprised of 70% of the population. Bibigi Haile is the founder of Speakeasy.work, a career management and personal branding consultancy firm that helps women break free of imposter syndrome and own their voice. She has some solid words of wisdom for women currently questioning their worth.

    Aly Pain wants you to know it's not all in your teen's head and how you can develop empathy for them.

    Finally, it’s been a long time since we’ve highlighted a Canadian Music artist on What She Said but in the week leading up to Remembrance Day, I’m so happy to share my interview with 14 old Ainsleigh Macinnis who wrote The Hero in You for Master Corporal, Mike Trauner who is a decorated Petawawa Veteran who lost both his legs in Afghanistan in 2008 and is a friend and neighbour to her family. We close the show out with her touching tribute.

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    Coping with Change, Cavity Prevention, Feeding the Family, and Bringing Home the Bacon

    Coping with Change, Cavity Prevention, Feeding the Family, and Bringing Home the Bacon

    Nancie Taylor from Meridian Credit Union joins me to discuss female entrepreneurs in Canada, and how they have been hard hit with Covid19. Nancie joins me with some of the more sobering statistics, but more importantly some concrete steps you can take to keep your cash flow in the positive while you pivot your business plan.

    How we communicate was increasingly done online pre-pandemic but in a Covid world, the creep of social media into our everyday lives can’t be ignored. Susie Parker joins me to discuss how social media affects our daily lives including how we relate to each other but also how we shop, work, and even parent. 

    The kids may not be going from door to door trick or treating, but the candy isn’t going anywhere. In fact, I’d wager parents may be overcompensating in that area just to soothe the burn of a Halloween gone amiss. Anaida Deti, from DentalX here in Vaughan joins me to share the lowdown on doling out those sugary sweets.

    Yvonne Apoktetva is an expert on change, and since the change has been constant this year she joins me to share her actionable tips for individuals to drive change in their lives, and to adapt to changes, good and bad, in a way that serves them.

    Anne Brodie joins me to share details about the heartwarming new documentary about Jimmy Carter called Jimmy Carter: Rock N Roll President, The Mole Agent, and There She Goes with the inexhaustible David Tennant PLUS a whole slew of scary movies for tonight.

    Finally, life with baby is not easy and it can be especially challenging trying to ensure the whole family gets the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Abbey Sharp from Abbey’s Kitchen and Heinz By Nature Ambassador joins me to share her best tips to keep everyone from baby to mom in optimal health.

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    Polly Knows Who Will Win the US Election, Keeping Kids Peepers Healthy, Can't Miss TV and More

    Polly Knows Who Will Win the US Election, Keeping Kids Peepers Healthy, Can't Miss TV and More

    Erin Kelly, is the President and CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to augment market research and prediction. ASI’s patented AI, named “Polly” correctly forecast a Trump win in 2016, not to mention Brexit and the last Canadian election. Polly is definitely creating buzz, and you’ll want to hear what she’s predicting for the election south of the border this year as well as what she’s hearing here at home.

    Anne Brodie has a whole new list of movies and shows that can’t be missed this week including David Letterman’s third season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix and Radium Girls on VOD.

    October is Children’s Vision Month and I’m joined by Dr. Stephanie Dotchin a pediatric ophthalmologist to discuss some of the more common eye problems children might have and what you need to watch for, plus she shares her thoughts on keeping those eyes in top shape with all the extra screen time they’re getting using the 20-20-20 rule.

    Amgen Scholars aims to inspire and equip a new generation of health leaders and innovative researchers. Dr. Molly Shoyket and Allysia Chin, a recent graduate from McMaster University and scholarship recipient join me to share how the program works.

    Aly Pain, our expert on teen and parent relationships joins me to discuss how to break patterns, and not just your teens but the ones you’ve possibly carried over from your teen years. Thankfully Aly, has a plan for you to start a new path.

    Finally, Canadians are falling in love with their own country again as travel restrictions keep us close to home. Unfortunately, a lot of us forget that we still need travel insurance when traveling within our own borders. Nina Desai from Manulife Financial joins me to share a recent survey they conducted and what you need to know about travel insurance in 2020 before you pack your bags.

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    Keeping Travel Dreams Alive, You Can't Ask That, School Calls and Widows During COVID

    Keeping Travel Dreams Alive, You Can't Ask That, School Calls and Widows During COVID

    Mariane McGraw director of the second season of You Can’t Ask that on CBC Gem asks all the questions you would feel too awkward to ask yourself.

    It’s been a tough year for businesses, so it’s a delight when we get to celebrate a Canadian, women-led business that has seen its sales increase a whopping 77% in the last year. Neetu Godara, is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of SoCIAL LITE Vodka and she joins me to share a little bit of the story behind their success.

    Parents have an unspoken expectation that their children are a reflection of their most enlightened selves. All your good qualities on display in a smaller, younger person. When the school calls about a behaviour issue, that expectation gets challenged or shattered. Not only are you feeling caught off guard, your blood pressure rises and you’re already imagining the end of your child’s life at your hands.
    Before you go off the deep end, take a deep breath and listen to what Aly Pain has to say on the issue.

    I’m starting to think that I should re-locate What She Said to Barbados after my interview with Tania Kedikian from DEVELOPMENT COUNSELLORS INTERNATIONAL (DCI), one of the leading consultancy companies in marketing places. Tania is here to inspire us to keep dreaming of travel with a few of their top destinations.

    Anne Brodie joins me to share details on Percy, a new film with Christopher Walken as the lead that chronicles the true story of Percy Schmeiser a Canadian organic canola farmer who stood up to American agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto and won. Plus The Right Stuff, a new series from Disney and more great shows to fill your time.

    Suddenly finding yourself a widow is heartbreaking and challenging at the best of times. Under the umbrella of Covid, it can be especially difficult. Susan Kendal, has been through it and is here to help guide and inspire women through one of life’s greatest hardships with her new group Evolve for Widows.

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    Losing the 2019 Mindset, Social Media Impact on Young Women, Sexy Over 50 and More

    Losing the 2019 Mindset, Social Media Impact on Young Women, Sexy Over 50 and More

    Tiffany Moyer from Kal Tire joins me to share the importance of getting your tires on now, and what to look for if you didn’t bother removing them from your car over the summer.
    Dr. Kim Hellemans from Carleton University joins me to share some of her research looking at mental health among youth, and what she’s seeing, especially with social media use among young women in particular.

    You’ll have a tough time deciding what to watch next after hearing Anne Brodie’s entertainment reviews this week including The Trial of Chicago 7 on Netflix with Sacha Baron Cohen as Abbe Hoffman. Plus two new ones on Apple Plus TV and free documentaries from the National Film Board of Canada.
    Anna Epp is determined to boost women’s confidence and have them embrace their new beauty with her 50 over 50 photography project. She joins me to share what inspired her to start this.

    Human trafficking is not just something that happens overseas, but very often in our own backyard. Tamara Cherry is a crime reporter who for years heard the heartbreaking details from victims first hand. She has written a book called All the Bumpy Pebbles to help shine a light on this very real problem.
    Anita Volkilis is committed to transforming the separation and divorce narrative to something positive and empowering. Now that’s something we need to hear more about.

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