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Listen to professionals from various industries speak candidly about their business and personal experience in identifying and overcoming the challenges faced by industry and society today.

What We See Conor Donohoe

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Listen to professionals from various industries speak candidly about their business and personal experience in identifying and overcoming the challenges faced by industry and society today.

    Episode 7 - Chairman

    Episode 7 - Chairman

    For many people their dream job or ticket out of their day job, is sitting on the boards of companies in Chairman or Non Exec Director roles. My guest for this episode is living that dream. 

    It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Simon Burke a few weeks ago. Simon has held senior leadership positions from early in his career and is a sought after board member for organizations across the UK and Ireland currently serving on the board of BBC, Bakkavor, Blue Diamond Group, The Co-operative Group and others.  

    From being hired by a young, Richard Branson to run his Virgin Entertainment division and then turning around the fortunes of Hamleys toy stores, Simon’s experience at the top tier of industry spans four decades. 

     We discuss a range of topics including how retail buried it’s head in the sand in the early days of e-commerce and how it’s playing catch up today, the history of experiential retail, the shift in the BBC's business model to compete with online content streaming services and how Simon successfully cultivated a portfolio of professional board positions for himself. 

    Thank you Simon for inviting me to the BBC to record and for being so generous with your time. There’s plenty more I wold have liked to cover - perhaps a ‘part two’ is in order?

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Episode 6 - Leading

    Episode 6 - Leading

    My guest for this episode is the head of SuccessFactors for UK and Ireland, Leila Romane. From early ambitions of becoming a hairdresser, Leila's career has seen her climb the corporate ladder to become one of the most highly respected leaders in the enterprise technology industry. 

    Leila is charming and affable and it was a pleasure to sit down and speak with her about life inside and outside of the corporate world. Our conversation centered around three key areas:

    Being a young female manager leading a team of older men
    The characteristics of a successful leader how Leila develops and motivates high performing team
    The future of of the technology sales rep

    Managers and non-managers alike will take a lot from this conversation. 

    I'd like to thank Leila for being so generous with her time and for being open to share her experience and outlook with me and the loyal What We See listeners.  

    • 51 min
    Episode 5 - Mindset

    Episode 5 - Mindset

    It’s not everyday you get to chat with a rocket scientist! For this conversation, I was lucky enough to do just that. 

    When you’re with Anthoula Madden you’re made instantly aware that you’re in the presence of one of those people who possesses the enviable and rare ability to combine deep intellectual thinking with common, practical language – a real talent.

    A deep curiosity in the Universe led Anthoula to study Astro Physics and get a Doctorate in Medical Physics, but the world of management consulting came calling and Anthoula’s analytical mind was put to work providing business and technology solutions for the largest brands in the world. Academia’s loss was Capitalism's gain!

    Some highlights from this conversation, we discuss:

    - Why innovation is messy

    - Anthoula shares her experience from working on many technology projects that were approached from the wrong angle. 

    - We explore why it’s essential to have the right mindset and culture in place to ensure a technology change project is delivers success. 

    Finally, I couldn’t let Anthoula go without talking to her about one of my favourite topics, space and distant galaxies.

    Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the conversation. If you did, please subscribe to the podcast and share any feedback. 

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    Episode 4 (Part 2) - Identity

    Episode 4 (Part 2) - Identity

    With the 6 Nations in full swing this conversation couldn't come out at a better time. Out of the thousand's of people playing elite level sport, very few make it to the top. In an instant your professional sporting career can end and you have to start again.

    This episode is "Part 2" of our conversation with former Gloucester professional rugby player turned Tech Startup Founder Shane Monahan. My co-host for this episode Beth Casey comes into her own as she subtly, but expertly steers the conversation away from rugby and into topics like the importance of strong leadership, and what does that look like, dealing with a crisis of identity and the dangers of poor communication.

    While professional sport forms the backbone of this conversation there are some excellent life, business and career lessons that can be applied to all walks of life. 

    Thanks again to Beth Casey for co-hosting and adding the much needed female voice and Shane for joining us to share his story with our audience. 


    3:30 Life as a start up CEO 

    5:00 Hustle Culture

    6:35 It's easy to sell the truth

    8:30 Dealing with rejection

    10:30 Leadership 

    14:30 Having a clear vision / life purpose

    17:20 Johnny May: Mad Man or Genius?

    18:30 Do it all over again

    27:30 Communication

    33:00 Industry 'norms'

    35:45 Great leaders instill confidence

    39:00 Earning the respect of your peers

    40:30 Identity crisis

    49:30 A happy team or a hard working team

    51:30 Getting perspective from trauma

    62:30 Beth dealing with her own identity crisis

    68:30 It's good to talk

    76:30 The Conspiracy

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Episode 4 (Part 1) - Infinite Possibility

    Episode 4 (Part 1) - Infinite Possibility

    If you're a sports fan or interested in innovative technology and the dynamic start-up culture - this episode is a must listen!

    Part 1 of 2: This was a fascinating conversation for a couple of reasons. We had our first non-SAP guest and our first founder / CEO on the podcast. Shane Monahan is the founder and CEO of the 'social audio' app LIMOR. 'Social audio' is an entirely new concept that Shane has created and he has big ambitions and ideas for Limor and how it will capitalise on the next evolution of the social media which will centre around voice and audio.

    Shane has had a colourful career to date and he tells us his story of his life as a professional rugby player in Ireland and England. He has an art and design business and even had a brief stint as an amateur Mixed Martial Artist. We discuss how all those experiences, especially the mental and physical struggles that come with a career in professional sport, have helped him pursue his vision for Limor .

    Shane clearly explains exactly what 'social audio' is, the infinite future applications and commercial possibilities for the platform and how he sell his vision to the London based VC community. 

    Finally, a very special thank you to the brilliant Beth Casey for joining me as co-host for this episode as Charlie was unable to attend the recording. 

    • 59 min
    Episode 3 - A year in review

    Episode 3 - A year in review

    Conor and Charlie take a look back over the last twelve months and discuss some of the important moments in their personal and professional lives. A wide range of topics are covered in the conversation including hair loss, veganism and some interesting anecdotes from our year working with SAP customers.

    03:00 Reflecting on Episode 2
    05:45 What is Limor?
    09:40 Male hair loss
    17:00 Moving countries
    19:00 Dublin v London
    22:32* Correction never played U18 Irish rugby (played for Irish Unis)
    28:35 Read a book a month
    29:50 Vegans
    36:00 Social Media
    44:30 Reviewing our year in SAP
    60:00 Plans for Christmas

    • 1 hr 3 min

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