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Welcome to the When In Yorkshire Podcast, I will be spending time with people who bring their creative work through the county of Yorkshire.

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Welcome to the When In Yorkshire Podcast, I will be spending time with people who bring their creative work through the county of Yorkshire.

    Episode Forty Four: Alun Davies - UtoXator

    Episode Forty Four: Alun Davies - UtoXator

    Hello people! Welcome to the When In Yorkshire Podcast, It’s been a while, I hope you’re all well and getting by in these ongoing COVID times. If you’re listening in the future and things such as meeting people, shopping and gigs are no longer dictated by this virus then 
    This is episode 44 and is a special one for me. I have chosen so far not to do any recordings using the magic of the internets however, this is an exception as it is for a great cause and an excuse to catch up with a close friend. 
    I’ve been lucky enough to call Alun Davies a friend for over 25 years now and have spent most of that time making music in one form or another, most predominantly in our previous band, Utoxator. 
    I’m not going to give a big intro as this is a long episode but it’s worthy highlighting that we decided to have this chat in order to promote our support for blood cancer charity, DKMS and specifically 2 campaigns https://www.10000donors.com and Evie needs a hero, both of which impact people from our previous home town of Whitby. In the few days since recording this, Evie’s family have found a donor which is amazing and goes to show how this can work so,
    If you take nothing else from this, please go and register at https://www.dkms.org.uk/en/register-now to request your swab kit and become a potential life saver. 
    We are supporting this through donating 50% of any funds gained from the final Utoxator release as well as any other sales of previous releases in order to help delete blood cancer. 
    Chris Coulter - Producer: https://www.decimalstudios.co.uk

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    Episode Forty Three: Diamond Dave Thompson - Here Comes Chaos

    Episode Forty Three: Diamond Dave Thompson - Here Comes Chaos

    Hello People! Welcome to the When In Yorkshire Podcast, I hope you’re all well and still getting by as best you can. 
    This is episode 33 and features my conversation with Diamond Dave Thompson who is a radio presenter,  an author and all round delightful human being. I first met Dave when he was giving a reading of his book ‘Here Comes Chaos’ at my daughter’s school and despite having only met him a few times, I could have chatted to him for hours more and in fact, we did continue to chat for some time after recording finished. Dave tells me about his life in music and the friendships he made with bands such as previous guests Therapy?, his upbringing and love of music, the heart attack and stroke that effectively put an end to his life on the road but which ultimately inspired him to write the children’s book. 
    I have put links to where you can buy the book and find out more here: http://herecomeschaos.co.uk 
    The book is beautifully illustrated by Ian Cockburn, links to his site are here: http://iancockburn.co.uk
    Although Dave hasn’t released any music himself he has given a couple of tracks to be added to the playlist that he has a connection with. Check it out on Spotify by searching wiypodcast in the playlist section or follow this link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5WguWZu1N8br97h97FOXXm?si=i2yw9gcSQiGxWD0lUfbj5Q

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    Episode Forty Two: Jess Guise

    Episode Forty Two: Jess Guise

    Hello People! Welcome to the When In Yorkshire Podcast, My name is Luzio, I hope you are all safe, well and still getting by. As this is being released in the uk, our lockdown restrictions are being eased with more shops opening and we can visit family and actually go inside their houses again! This was recorded a couple of weeks before lockdown started and we had no real idea of how serious this was going to be.
    This episode features my conversation with Jess Guise who is a singer songwriter, actor and all round women of many talents. We met before her gig at the Barbican in York at the start of March where she was supporting her husband and previous guest of the podcast, Frank Turner. Having only heard Jess’ music recently, it was great to have a chat with her about the many artistic endeavors and understand how this ep came about. She spoke very openly about her journey to releasing this and the help, support and encouragement of friends and Frank in making this a reality.
    Over the past few months I have loved the ep and we speak about the video for ‘The Fun Part’ which I still find genuinely funny, Jess fits perfectly on the Xtra Mile rosta with her honest and captivating stories. As always I have added a few tracks including her most recent single The Countdown to the wiypodcast playlist on spotify so check that out.
    As there are still no regular gigs happening, if you can support any of your favorite artists, go and find their merch pages, buy their music from Bandcamp etc and let’s help them get through this time. Jess has just released some new tshirts too.

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    Episode Forty One: TJ McFaull - The Bar Stool Preachers

    Episode Forty One: TJ McFaull - The Bar Stool Preachers

    Hello People, welcome to the When In Yorkshire Podcast,  I hope you’re all as well as can be and getting by with whatever social restrictions are in place where you are. In the uk the first audience attended live gig took place last week, previous guest Seán McGowan preformed to an drive in audience of 80 cars which as stage as it sounds looked like a lot of fun and a very unique experience. There’s also been announcements for social distanced gigs with Skindred, the streets, Ash, and Yorkshire’s own Embrace and the Kaiser Chiefs so do check our listings for anything happening near you. This is episode 41 and features TJ McFaull of the bar stool preachers. If you’re not aware of their work, they fit within the Punk and Ska genres, very catchy melodies and lyrics with witty observations and some poignant social commentary. Definitely worth a 30 minute gamble. We met at The Lantern in Halifax, this was my first visit to this venue, but it was great and I’d love to see more shows there. We chatted whilst sound check was starting and TJ spoke openly about his experiences in the music industry, music that has shaped him and the band as well as a good chat about Brexit and the importance of inclusion, unity and understanding. 

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    Episode Forty: Dave Hause

    Episode Forty: Dave Hause

    Hello People, welcome to the When In Yorkshire Podcast! I hope you’re all safe  and as well as can be expected in these crazy times. It’s been a while since the last episode due to technical difficulties with my laptop and also having to adjust to lockdown life but I have a few pre recorded episodes from back when gigs and going out were still a thing so I will be releasing these over the next few weeks.
    This is episode Forty and features a conversation with American singer songwriter Dave Hause, we recorded this a few months ago when going out was still a thing and we had no idea of what was to come. 
    As mentioned in our conversation I first came across Dave when I found a video of him performing as part of the Revival Tour with Brian Fallon, Chuck Regan and many other, and they all looked to be having the best time. There are many videos on the YouTube check them out if you’re not familiar with them. Dave was really open and talks about his upbringing and how he got in to music, his past bands and what it’s like touring with his brother as well as life with his young family. We met in the Left Bank venue in Leeds whilst he was on tour and this was a special venue which was sold out and I was delighted to see it was an all ages show attended by so many families. It was great to see multiple generations enjoying the music. 
    check out Dave’s social media and website for future tours, releases and all other related fun. http://www.davehause.com

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    Episode Thirty Nine: Leeds Lit Fest 2020

    Episode Thirty Nine: Leeds Lit Fest 2020

    Hello people and welcome to this special episode 39 featuring a 4 mini conversations with a range of people involved in the Leeds Lit festival 2020 which starts on 4th March and runs through to 8th of March. There is so much going on in what is only the 2nd year of the festival so to get a glimpse please check out this link where you can also purchase tickets: https://leedslitfest.co.uk/
    I hope these conversations spark your interest and I hope if you’re in the Yorkshire area, you get over to one or more of these events, there is something for all ages, there are many interactive events and equally many talks or performances if you just want to listen and absorb. 

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4.6 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Poppppp11 ,

Really like this

I’ve only just found this podcast and absolutely love it. The guests are great and the questions asked offer really informative answers. The one great thing is the host always gives the guest plenty of air time to answer the questions. I also like that each show is relatively short, ideal if you listen to podcasts in the car (like I do) and you’re not on a long journey. Keep going, looking forward to more.

Strangeways79 ,

Good Fun

I've enjoyed this podcast for the past few months, good conversations with great guests and it's nice to hear some information about how each guest found their way in to their current occupation - mostly musicians! Light hearted and fun.

Moshstoble ,

Awesome sauce

Awesome guests, big fan of the Roger Lima episode, I haven't thought about Less Than Jake in years and it was nice to reminisce about my teenage years. Luzio doesn't just talk over the guest which is a resfreshing change to some podcasts. I thought the guys from Sonc Boom Six had some really interesting things to say too. Can't wait to here the Frank Turner eipsode, keep up the good work.

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