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A show about wine, brought to you by devilishly handsome sommeliers.

Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast Sommeliers Jason Booth and Benjamin Draper

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A show about wine, brought to you by devilishly handsome sommeliers.

    Episode 112: The Unsinkable Molly Brooks

    Episode 112: The Unsinkable Molly Brooks

    Over the many illustrious years that this podcast has been in existence, we've avoided interviewing any real people. Because real people, like Warhol's art subjects, are actually quite boring.
    Enter Molly Brooks.
    Molly is a sommelier/industry extrordinaire from the sumptuously sunshiny San Diego area and I believe you'll find her as remarkably interesting as I do.
    I'm not interested in interviewing boring people.
    Enjoy the exception: 
    The wickedly intelligent, provocatively well-spoken, Molly Muthalovin' Brooks.

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Episode 111: My Sherry? Uh. . .More.

    Episode 111: My Sherry? Uh. . .More.

    On this episode, grab your tiny, tulip glasses and seat your rump on a seaside stump. It's time to learn all about Sherry.
    Tap some ass and order some tapas and tap a short glass of all that is encompassed within this illustrious return to podcasting form.
    Jason's back, ya'll. 

    • 37 min
    Episode 110: A Critical Review of 'Sweetbitter'

    Episode 110: A Critical Review of 'Sweetbitter'

    On this episode, Sommelier Extraordinaire and avid TV watcher, Jason Booth, puts on his critical pants and does a thorough review of the new Starz television show 'Sweetbitter' based on the Stephanie Danler novel of the same name.
    The novel is called 'Sweetbitter', not 'Of the Same Name', though if there were a novel called that, my intense hope would be for it to be made into a TV show for the sheer fun of the double entendre.
    On this episode, I use the all of the meanings for all of the words (segue) to roll right over the idiocy included therein.
    Nothing is sharper than a clever tongue (other than an eyelid papercut)
    Enjoy the savagery of my Hotcake Hot Takes. 
    And check out our sponsor: WineAccess.com/Homies for a 20 percent discount on holiday wine gift purchases.

    • 42 min
    Episode 109: CHEATER!

    Episode 109: CHEATER!

    The Court of Master Sommeliers Cheating Scandal in all its glory and subterfuge.

    • 31 min
    Episode 108: Sémillon Kiss Goodnight

    Episode 108: Sémillon Kiss Goodnight

    On this episode Jason is wearing a long, sheepskin turtleneck and pouring lemony water all over his body. Why? To be thematic, ya dumb-dumbs.
    This is the Sémillon podcast and no, he won't apologize for it. *Snap, Snap, Snap!*

    • 26 min
    Episode 107: The Bordeaux Blenditage

    Episode 107: The Bordeaux Blenditage

    On this episode, Jason teaches the homies what each grape contributes to the final product of the famous Bordeaux Blend.
    He also uses way too many metaphors and similes and probably exhausts that family member in your car that doesn't want to listen to another one of these episodes but you're making them anyway because you have a quirkier sense of humor than they do and you just had to sit through their entire Post Malone album.
    Also, please check out our sponsor: www.wineaccess.com/homies to get 20% off on all wine purchases and, trust me on this peacocks, they've got some hole-in-the-wall stunners that'll really please the hole-in-your-face; or maybe, just that favorite holy man in your life looking to pump up the communion wine list at your favorite hipster mega-church. Whatevs--this shiz is bananas. Use my promo code and drink up me hearties, yo ho.

    • 19 min

Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

MattyLDN ,

Pure Jokes!

Great show, actually laugh out load funny in places. Good subject matter peppered with jokes (possibly slightly over seasoned though) but very enjoyable & informative with plenty character, look forward to future shows.

Lol12345675323467 ,

Saved my diploma

I love this podcast, Iv only recently discovered it and have got to episode 22 in two weeks! I’m studying for my WSET diploma and these guys are great and make the facts so easy to remember with their humour. I just wish I could find them on insta??? Thanks Ben and Jason!! 🍾

EnglishAdam ,


Thanks guys, this has helped me get through 2 months of prunning!

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