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Jay Cat Morris talks independent Wrestling and much more with various guests

Yakuza Kick Radio Jay Cat Morris

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Jay Cat Morris talks independent Wrestling and much more with various guests

    New Yakuza

    New Yakuza

    New Yakuza

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Working at the Carnival … Operating Rusty Rides

    Working at the Carnival … Operating Rusty Rides

    Tonight ...

    -Life update 

    -Football season is here!!

    -AEW drops a killer PPV

    —Brian Picard (fka Atticus Reign)

    —“Let’s talk about negativity”

    —“Zandig became a fu**ing angry Trumper, and CM Punk became one of the most famous wrestlers of all time”

    —Thoughts on CM Punk as a ring general

    —Zandig: “Isn’t that the crazy Trump guy?”

    —Picard: “He puts on shows, and he can’t survive long enough to have a storyline”

    —“I’m not here for people”

    —“I got way too much ‘right here’ sh*t to be worrying about ‘over there’ sh*t”

    • 2 hrs 2 min
    Complimentary Tissues

    Complimentary Tissues

    Topics include:

    -Stress at work

    -Get ready for a story …

    -“Let me get off this heavy sh*t …”

    -Suzuki in the States

    -Mickie vs. Sadika: “Mickie’s gonna’ have to fight. No question about it”

    -Rest In Peace, Daffney

    -IWA-DS tweet

    -No Hogan … at Hogan Hall

    -CM Punk

    —“One of the very few things that does catch my interest in wrestling”

    —“If most people hate him, GOOD. I probably don’t like those fu**ing people either”

    -Thoughts on AEW competing with WWE

    —“Now, they absolutely have the cards to be sitting at the same table”

    -“Gage is EMO now”

    -Deathmatch Weapons Workshop?

    -Nolan Edward: “He’s done”


    • 1 hr 37 min
    Got That Serpent Blood

    Got That Serpent Blood

    New Yakuza!!!

    Topics include:

    -49ers looking dope in preseason

    -Thoughts on ICW in San Antonio

    —Neil “Diamond” Cutter: “That’s a bad little motherfu**er”

    -Emil Jay: “He’s just a forever fu**ing loser”

    -Takeda in drag

    -Thoughts on the XPW return

    -Drake Younger on the “Meth Hour”

    —“Get back in your little tiny fu**ing car, honk your motherfu**ing noses, and walk your big fu**ing shoes off the stage”

    -Jimmy Lloyd working a regular job now

    -“Drake’s people”

    -“Pyrex Picasso”

    … and more!!

    • 48 min


    Topics include:

    -Blocked by Captain Dave?

    —“F**k Hamhead, or whoever else needed to get in Dave’s head”

    —“Even though you don’t like me, I still like ya Dave”

    -CM Punk’s a homophobe?!?!

    -“More millennial bulls**t …”

    -Nick Gage on AEW

    —“To me, it wasn’t anything special”

    —“Maybe he’ll be on the show. Maybe he’ll be asleep in the locker room”

    -Thoughts on Space Jam and LeBron

    -AEW talent pool is “looking crazy”

    —Daniel Bryan? CM Punk?

    -LOX or Dipset?

    -“A 9-toed, mostly blind, morbidly obese promoter” returns to the ring


    • 1 hr 15 min
    A Lover's Quarrel

    A Lover's Quarrel

    Check out this week's Yakuza Kick Radio!!!

    Topics include:


    —“The plant industry is a filthy fu**ing business”

    —“They survive off of you not making your sh*t survive”

    -Why Cardona vs. Gage?

    —“Gage is built like a gas station attendant”

    -Justin Kyle vs. Brandon Kirk

    —“Killing the business”

    —“I’m not really up for your friendly exhibition”

    -Markus Crane sells his X-Ray’s

    —“… blatant, over-the-top drug user …”

    —“Any fan paying 250 dollars for a Markus Crane X-Ray should get their fu**ing head scanned”

    -Nick Gage feuds with a beer company

    —“The beer company won’t beat him up like Sadika did”

    -Frankie Pickard

    —“He looked like a fat Koko B. Ware in a Wal-Mart Halloween costume”

    —“A morbidly obese Power Ranger … at Matt Tremont’s house”

    • 1 hr 20 min

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