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The meaning of life, the art of everything and sometimes hings about crisps. A mixture of interviews, rants and skits squished together with music. From the deep talk to the daft chat featuring artists and personalities from Glasgow and beyond.

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The meaning of life, the art of everything and sometimes hings about crisps. A mixture of interviews, rants and skits squished together with music. From the deep talk to the daft chat featuring artists and personalities from Glasgow and beyond.

    'The Inner Rebellion' with 'The Mad Chef' Danny McLaren

    'The Inner Rebellion' with 'The Mad Chef' Danny McLaren

    Since Christmas time can be a tough time at the best of times , I thought I would share a positive and uplifting conversation I had earlier this year with Danny 'The Mad Chef' McLaren where we discuss the great outdoors, meditation, breathing, psychedelics and much, much more. Danny runs a project called 'The Inner Rebellion' which does various things like meditation at sunrise in pollok park , weekends away to Arran and online get-togethers. Danny became famous as the mad chef in Bloc where has Buckfast ice cream became a viral sensation as part of a Vice documentary. He is also a content creator, producer, DJ, chef, and most recently started a BBC pilot show called 'The Scran Van' . He is someone who has completely turned his life around and now by sharing his wisdom is now helping others. I hope this chat can give you a sprinkle of good vibes this Christmas especially all the patreons who have supported us in 2021 at http://patreon.com/youcallthatradio
    'The Inner Rebellion' song you hear on this episode features on the new Jackal Trades album 'At This Point' out now on Spotify over at: https://spoti.fi/35TGMEF and available on CD/ Digital from Bandcamp here: https://bit.ly/3b6ig6q
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    This episode was mixed and mastered by Morphamish at Sound Sound. 
    watch this interview in full on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8WMsB6czVQ&t=5s

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    'The Corner of Most States' w/ Daniel Wylie (Cosmic Rough Riders'

    'The Corner of Most States' w/ Daniel Wylie (Cosmic Rough Riders'

    Having been a fan since I saw him promote his 'Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine' album at T in the Park in another lieftime it was a pleasure to finally meet up in real life and get a chat about his career in the Cosmic Rough Riders and as an esteemed and well respected solo artist. Some excellent chat about the writing process, why he doesn't gig anymore and a few jaw dropping namedrops for good measure. Thanks to Ashtronomik and Praize for letting us record in the studio, Morhamish for mastering the audio and Jon the Hat for filming for the interview which should appear on our youtube channel one day soon over at http://youtube.com/youcallthatradio . That is also the place to go for much more content than our podcast platforms as we are about to celebrate 350 live streams since lcokdown began in march 2020. 
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    Check out Daniel's recent album 'Atmos & Energy' on vinyl over at: https://shop.lastnightfromglasgow.com/products/daniel-wylies-cosmic-rough-riders-atoms-and-energy-pre-order

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    'Spare Ribs' w/ Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods)

    'Spare Ribs' w/ Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods)

    To celebrate the Spare Ribs UK tour that is taking place this week , we thought we would premiere an interview with Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson. It took place earlier this year and was initially streamed live on the You Call That Radio youtube channel at http://youtube.com/youcallthatradio . 
    Shout outs to Morphamish for mixing and mastering the audio, Martin Windebank for the artwork and Jennifer McGinlay for helping set up this conversation. 
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    Intro song was 'On It Again' by Jackal Trades & Morphamish 
    Song at the end 'Planet Fort Knox' by Girobabies 

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    'Housing the Spirit' w/ Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3)

    'Housing the Spirit' w/ Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3)

    On the week that Alabama 3's stunning new album 'Step 13' is released we thought we would treat you to a chat we had with A3 legend Harpo Strangelove aka Nick Reynolds earlier this year. He talks about his new film 'Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones' , his father Bruce (The Great Train Robbery) , His art that includes death mask sculptures, The Sopranos soundtrack and the time Reverend D Wayne Love bammed up Chopper. We also have a secret bonus surprise at the very end for any Alabama 3 fans out there as Jackal Trades & Jo D'arc take inspiration from one of A3's biggest hits. This show was mixed and mastered by Morphamish of Sound Sound.
    'Step 13' is out now on all platforms but sounds best on vinyl from here: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/alabama-3/step-13
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    The song at the end is by Jackal Trades over at: https://spoti.fi/3c5fpvK 
    You can watch the video of this chat with Nick over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcUMLM5Ku8A&t 
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    'A Natural Soul' w/ Rowetta (Happy Mondays)

    'A Natural Soul' w/ Rowetta (Happy Mondays)

    It is an honour to welcome one of the most important vocalists of all time onto You Call That Radio . Rowetta of Happy Mondays fame discusses her career , her various projects, gives advice for up and coming singers and how her and Bez got chucked off Bargain Hunt for cheating. A true pleasure to speak with her and make sure you add Rowetta on all social media platforms to stay up to date with the brilliant projects and upcoming gigs she has in the pipeline. Thank you to Morphamish of Sound Sound for mixing and mastering the interview and big ups to all the patreons at http://patreon.com/youcallthatradio who make this show possible. You are appreciated. For more podcasts, live streams and blogs please check out our website at http://youcallthat.com and our youtube channel at http://youtibe.com/youcallthatradio 

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    'Every Moment is a WOW Moment' w/ Gail Porter

    'Every Moment is a WOW Moment' w/ Gail Porter

    Ahead of her Fringe by the Sea show we welcome national treasure Gail Porter onto the YCTR audio podcast. She recently won a BAFTA for her incredible 'Being Gail Porter' documentary and I have been a massive fan of hers since the 90's. She has so many stories to share from Top of the Pops to mental health and it was lovely to get the craic with her. Tv Presenter, personality, model and all round sound lass who does endless and inspiring work for charities. This was recorded earlier in the year so some chat might be a little bit out of date but it is a must listen and one of my favourite conversations I have had since the podcast began.
    Get info on her Fringe by the Sea show here: https://www.fringebythesea.com/gail-porter/
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    The interview has been mixed and mastered by Morphamish.
    It can also be viewed on our youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOTru7hifrw&t

    • 1 hr 4 min

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5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

planetjamie ,

Get this in yer lugs!

Dafternoon Troopadors! YOU CALL THAT RADIO is an Awesome podcast / radio show, great banter skits and interesting interviews with amazing Scottish, UK & International music acts. I Love the Frank Foodie skits when he called up Pot Noodle, I was laughing my head off at work. Having a familiar scottish twang in my ears when I'm on my cherry picker makes the day better and go faster so thanks for the laughs and insights. Keep the episodes coming, I'm about 5 deep and can't get enough. A+++++

Jglasgow1987 ,

The stuff of legend

I highly recommend this show if you are in anyway serious about fun. Don’t think about it, just get subscribed. Mark has developed a format that entertains and informs, while striking a balance of opinion on the important going’s on in this crazy place we call the web! Is it radio or is it a podcast?? The beauty is, you decide!

Another five stars for YCR! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lozza Love ,

Belated review

Finally ... I have figured out how to do a review! These podcasts are the highlight of my week. I work as a delivery driver and these episodes make the driving an absolute pleasure. The banter is first rate. Frank Foodie is so funny I have to be careful not to crash. The serious parts are very important too. Everyone should subscribe. Love, love, love.

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