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'Young People Doing Things' is a podcast series that explores the challenges and complexities of young people, who decide to take a risk, follow their dreams and ultimately do something different and transformational with their working lives. Hosted by brand strategist, Ed Little of Otherway, the series aims to be a platform to celebrate and inspire the cultural entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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'Young People Doing Things' is a podcast series that explores the challenges and complexities of young people, who decide to take a risk, follow their dreams and ultimately do something different and transformational with their working lives. Hosted by brand strategist, Ed Little of Otherway, the series aims to be a platform to celebrate and inspire the cultural entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

    The Up - Hugo Tilmouth

    The Up - Hugo Tilmouth

    Say hello to Hugo Tilmouth, co-founder of The Up, on a mission to upgrade every hospitality experience. 
    Now you might not have heard of The Up, but I bet you've most likely used one of their products. 
    Ever run out of battery in a pub or restaurant? That's Charged Up - their mobile charging power banks, allowing you to charge up on the go. 
    Ever used the sanitisers on public transport? That's Cleaned Up - their mobile sanitiser stations, allowing you to clean up on the go. 
    Ever used an app in a pub or restaurant to order drinks? Well that might very well be their new app Served Up, to help get you served up while out and about. 
    And while they are not a direct-to-consumer brand, what I really like about The Up is their DTC approach to B2B - partnering and innovating to create the best experience for the customer. 
    Now while Hugo is self-employed his CV boasts an impressive array of accolades. A BA in Engineering. A masters in renewable energy. Made £1mn in a week at the start of the pandemic and was recently on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list. 

    His company isn't doing bad either. They won grants from Shell's LiveWire & 02 Think big. And raised £3.5mn from Jon Hegerty's 'The Garage' as well as Jam Jar and Founder's Factory. They're now stocked in 35,000+ venues across Europe with big brands like Brewdog, Pizza Express and WeWork cheering them on. 
    Not bad for 4 years in business aged 25. 
    In this episode we talk about their modern approach to B2B, the journey so far and about the beauty of 'bashing down walls'. 

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    Kyoot - Noor Freiha

    Kyoot - Noor Freiha

    Say hey to Noor, founder of Kyoot - a super fun, super sustainably all organic, gluten-free, vegan chocolate brand. 
    So Noor is pretty cool. She's a former chemical engineer with a lifelong chocolate obsession turned chocolate founder. Putting her skills in the lab to work in the kitchen. 
    But it doesn't stop there she has a mad colourful style that comes to life through her brand. It's super energetic, whacky and a little bit hippy. A bit like her flavours - my personal favourite is the Vanilla Quinoa Pops. Well worth a try for the choccy curious. 
    In this episode we talk about her obsession with chocolate, how she's applying her craft and what it's like getting started. 


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    Unplugged - Hector Hughes

    Unplugged - Hector Hughes

    Say hi to Hector Hughes. He co-founded Unplugged back in 2019, on a mission to get people off their phones, spending more time in nature. They're building a network of off-grid cabins and offline experiences across Europe. 
    Their journey is underpinned by the belief that our constant screen time is putting a heavy cost on our productivity and wellbeing with traditional remedies like silent retreats being inaccessible and modern solutions like Headspace or Calm keeping us evermore dependent on our devices. 
    Enter Unplugged. You book your escape. Lock your phone away. Unplug and recharge. It couldn't be more timely. At the moment they are currently raising 300k in a strategic Angel round to help them build the next 5 cabins. Looking to fundraise another 1 million later this year. And it doesn't stop there. The pair have big ambitions looking to build 1000 cabins over the next 8 years across the UK and Europe. 
    Personally, I think the world needs more businesses like this and founders like Hector. Businesses with soul. Leaders with compassion. If you follow Hector you would have read his insightful newsletters or seen his self-aware Linkedin posts - '10 ways I f****d up fundraising'. There is a new wave of entrepreneurship rising and I believe Hector is part of that wave. 

    In this episode we talk about the need to switch off in today's world, the rise of staycations and where he thinks the world is moving. 

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    SeedLegals - Anthony Rose

    SeedLegals - Anthony Rose

    Introducing Anthony Rose. He founded Seed Legals back in 2016 -  the world’s first legal automation platform for startup funding. They help founders start, raise and grow their business by providing them with all the legals they need to get going. They are now the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK, having helped launch over 20,000 UK startups to market.  
    After having started, sold and invested in a number of businesses in his early career, Anthony got tired of the slow, arduous and expensive legal processes around starting a business. He wanted to use his knowledge and tech expertise to transform the experience and pioneer a new category: law tech. 
    And what a time to be leading this new category. New businesses are rising at an exponential rate. In 2020, 835,000 new businesses were registered. A record £663 million was raised in start-up funding and we had some pretty amazing IPOs lately - OATLY, AIRBNB, and DELIVEROO to name a few.
    In this episode we have lots of tips and tricks for young founders looking to raise money. Well worth a listen. Enjoy. 

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    L'Estrange London - Will Green

    L'Estrange London - Will Green

    Meet Will cofounder of L'Estrange London. What started out as a passion project to reimagine the humble hoodie has transformed into redefining modern menswear with their unique clothing system rooted in versatility. 
    Originally stocked in the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, Collette and Isetan in Japan, the pair crowdfunded £370k allowing them to drop out of traditional retail and go direct-to-consumer, moving beyond the hoodie into shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and quilts. Experimenting with pop-ups both in Soho and central London, this quickly led to them launching their own stores. One in Covent Garden and now in Notting Hill. 
    However, while L'Estrange are taking on the men's wardrobe I don't like to think of them as a fashion brand. They are more of an ideology. Their mantra 'with less do more' allows them to tap into wider conversations around essentialism, sustainability and style, flexing into multiple dialogues and appealing to a growing mindset many modern consumers now share. 

    In this episode we talk about their journey so far, where they are going and the importance of building a brand around an idea, not just a product. Enjoy. 

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    Whisp - Harriet Cuming

    Whisp - Harriet Cuming

    Say hi to Harriet, founder of Whisp, a crisp, light and 100% British hard seltzer.

    Ex-Bacardi and personal trainer by passion, Whisp launched September 2020 on a mission to provide a refreshing alternative for those who want to drink less but better. They even contain milk thistle to help tackle & support a healthy liver. 

    But it hasn't been plane sailing for this plastic-free, plant-based and climate positive startup. They started off wanting to become the No1 brand at festivals and events. Covid put an end to that ambition. She started off with a business partner to help pave the way. He ended up taking her and her investors for a ride, nearly ending up in court. They're started growing authentically and independently but it's getting harder with brands like Coca Cola entering the category with big marketing budgets. What does the future have in store for Whisp?

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4.9 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

Michael Ack ,

Young People Doing Things

New to the podcast and loved it - full of interesting and fun stories! Will be tuning in for more episodes 🎧

Laura Eyles ,

Honest and real!

Such a great portrayal of the highs and lows of starting your own business/ project. Super inspiring and useful!

JezTheRez ,

Insightful and interesting

Really great variety of guests, always with interesting stories and some great pearls of wisdom.

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