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A podcast for Zwift fans

    The Final Zwiftcast: Zwift Vs Wahoo + all the Zwifty news and chat

    The Final Zwiftcast: Zwift Vs Wahoo + all the Zwifty news and chat

    Simon, Shane and Nathan are together for the final time as the sun sets on the Zwiftcast. And they ask: Is Zwift’s Age of Dominance over?

    Wahoo surprised the whole indoor training sector with the bombshell announcement that it was buying RGT, for some time the only like-for-like competitor with Zwift.

    The Zwiftcasters consider several aspects of the deal . . . . will it spur the big Zee to greater urgency in its development of new features? What might it mean for the rumoured TrainerRoad deal? Could Wahoo’s undoubted power and expertise pose a serious threat to Zwift’s growth? 

    And does Zwift have the bandwidth to handle its first serious rival AND the launch of its own hardware? There is certainly plenty for the Zwiftcast Trinity to consider.

    Elsewhere Simon talks to a host of Zwift OGs . . . the Zwifters who were around right at the beginning, helping to build the community, establish racing and pioneer online coaching using the platform.

    Simon does “Where Are They Now?” spots with David Lipscombe, Julynn Washington, James Gill and Christian Wiedemann. All are still Zwifting and many have strong thoughts on what they’d like Zwift to be doing - and their words are given greater topicality and relevance by the Wahoo deal.

    Elsewhere, after the old Mining Town got nuked, then re-instated, Simon asks Shane and Nathan what else in Zwift they’d like to see nuked. 

    There’s also speculation around the new Gravel Mountain route and a final goodbye.

    Simon would like to thank each and every single Listener over the years and the scores of episodes, especially for the many private and public messages received after he announced that the Zwiftcast was riding up over the hill and into a slowly setting Spanish sun. Thanks for listening!

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Ep 104: We go big on everything Zwifty - it’s Zwiftcast XL

    Ep 104: We go big on everything Zwifty - it’s Zwiftcast XL

    Well, that was a hot mess, wasn’t it? Simon, Shane and Nathan chew over the whole #freeLuciano debacle as a packed episode 104 hits your podcatchers.

    In the longest Zwiftcast ever, the trio also take assess the likely importance to the platform of Club Functionality, now it’s available to all Zwifters. Simon interviews Eddie from HQ, who we christen the King of Clubs.

    Zwift is coming under pressure on disabled and differently-abled athletes as Zwifter Andy Shuttleworth starts a campaign to highlight the lack of representation in game. There’s news from inside HQ of what they plan to do on what is acknowledged to be a hot topic.

    Is Zwift about to take over TrainerRoad? Only a very few people know for sure and it’s not Simon, or Shane or Nathan. That doesn’t stop them speculating on the likelihood and the wisdom of the move.

    Zwift is making its most serious attempt ever to stop sandbaggers in their tracks in the racing sphere. HQ’s Flint McGinnis explains why the approach of Category Enforcement has been taken and how the scheme is expected to develop.

    The Zwiftcasters look at the fairytale story of Academy Winner Jay Vine surging to victory in the e-sports World Champs while Simon goes off on one on the coverage. 

    And finally, there’s a dose of schadenfraude, as the chaps ask what went wrong at Peloton and whether there are lessons for Zwift to learn. We hope you enjoy listening.

    • 1 hr 46 min
    Ep 103: It’s all about the new things! Zwift Bike, Home Screen, Clubs and maybe Peak Zwift?

    Ep 103: It’s all about the new things! Zwift Bike, Home Screen, Clubs and maybe Peak Zwift?

    In a packed and busy episode, the emphasis for the Zwiftcasters in the New Year is very much on new things.

    Will we hit a new Peak Zwift, beating last year’s over 49,000 concurrent riders? Simon, Shane and Nathan enter their guesses.

    The new Zwift Bike was announced, well leaked, by Zwift in a strange way over the holidays. The Zwiftcasters discuss this, but more importantly, the features we now know about. They are excited.

    There is a new Home Screen coming to Zwift, but contain your excitement because it’s a slow roll out. The Zwiftcasters have had a preview and they very much like what they’ve been playing with.

    There is brand new functionality coming to Clubs and the podcasters reckon it will be a huge development as the community gets new - and simple - ways to organise their own events.

    Elsewhere Simon talks to Mike Hanney about the new Zwiftaliser, the invaluable tool for diagnosing connection and other issues for Zwifters.

    And there is a new set of tests scheduled to start the long awaited clampdown on the sandbaggers.

    Along the way Simon, Shane and Nathan find more Zwiftiness to explore and debate.

    It’s a long one - you’re gonna need a bigger pot of chamois cream! We hope you enjoy listening.

    • 1 hr 32 min
    Episode 102: Neokyo - The Verdict, plus all the Zwifty news and gossip

    Episode 102: Neokyo - The Verdict, plus all the Zwifty news and gossip

    With many Zwifters now having had the chance to ride Neokyo, it’s time for Simon, Shane and Nathan to deliver their verdict. They’re joined by veteran Zwifter Sarah LaRocque and Zwift Insider chief bidon washer Eric Schlange, and all contributors have plenty to say about the new extension.

    He Must Not Be Named now has a regular ride on Zwift. L****e Arm****ng remains a highly polarising figure, but the Zwiftcasters debate whether it’s right now, after the passage of much time,  to welcome him onto the platform.

    How long will YOUR expensive smart trainer last? The fate of massive mile muncher Tim Searle’s Kickr may have much to teach us. And still with tech, Simon, Shane and Nathan assess the prospects of a promised “revolutionary” new smart trainer.

    OS deprecations might sound boring and technical - BUT it may mean your computer will no longer run Zwift. Shane explains why it’s a good thing.

    And Simon talks to Eric Schlange later in the pod about his “crazy” idea for Zwift Insider to become the repository of verified Zwift World Records.

    Zwifter Chad Tavernia may have a claim - with his seatless outdoor imperial century, which he’s now matched with an indoor ride of the same distance - and still no saddle.

    We hope you enjoy listening!

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Episode 101: Shiny New Things!

    Episode 101: Shiny New Things!

    Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss the big new idea from Zwift  . . . .This Season on Zwift offers Zwifters a taster of what’s coming up in the coming weeks and months. This is a big change of direction from HQ, which has previously kept future plans close to its chest.

    We now know we are getting a neon-fest of an extension to Makuri Islands. We know that there’ll be a new way to interact with the game with a much improved Home Screen. And we now know that Clubs is due to get a big jolt of new functionality.

    The Zwiftcasters discuss the upcoming new features and analyse the implications of what’s a big decision for Zwift in how it relates to its community.

    Game creator Jon Mayfield has given a rare interview to a Cycling Tips podcast and as always, when Jon talks, it’s worth listening. Simon, Shane and Nathan pick over Jon’s thoughts on his new role at the company and his thoughts on innovation in indoor cycling.

    The Zwiftcasters discuss possible new moves from putative rivals this winter before moving on to discuss Zwift’s burgeoning relations with the UCI and ASO and how those manifest as the big new sponsorship of, and revival of, the women’s Tour de France plus the staging of the official e-World Champs to be run on Zwift next February.

    Shane goes into rant mode about Zwift’s roll out of Strava’s Local Legends on the platform. He is not impressed!

    And finally the podcasters discuss the arrival of He Who Must Not Be Named on the platform - for real. Should the community embrace him?

    We hope you enjoy listening.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Episode 100: A century of Zwiftcasts!

    Episode 100: A century of Zwiftcasts!

    Simon, Shane and Nathan celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast which has tracked the progress of Zwift, our favourite virtual cycling platform, from the very earliest days.

    As a new indoor season dawns, the podcasters are in reflective mood, analysing what Zwift has got right, how sentiment in the community has ebbed and flowed over the past six years and how real friendships, including amongst the three podcasters, have been formed as we sweat over our trainers and talk turkey about riding a bike indoors.

    We hope you enjoy listening.


    • 1 hr 24 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
90 Ratings

90 Ratings

Another Jonesy ,

Lots of smiles per mile

An easy listen about the Zwift world, something for everyone interested in Zwift. Ideal to play and listen to on a long ride!

Foxwell81 ,

I love this podcast!

Found this little beauty whilst on covid lockdown in the UK over the summer as I ventured into the turbo world of Zwift for the very first time. Thank you guys for giving us such a great informative monthly podcast to digest. I love each of the presenters and the way they respect each others views and opinions whilst often disagreeing. Keep up the good work and long may Zwift support you but still allow you to control your own content. Stay safe and well guys.

electroRoss ,


The host seems to have lots of issues with how zwift is run. It’s moan after moan. Very poor

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