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You can only grow outside of your comfort zone. Learn how to take back control of your happiness to create the life that you want to live.
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Get Uncomfortable Jackie Quinn

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You can only grow outside of your comfort zone. Learn how to take back control of your happiness to create the life that you want to live.
IG: @jacklyn_q

    Healing Your Trauma

    Healing Your Trauma

    TRAUMA - ugh, what a scary word, topic, emotion. Yet we all feel it, experience it, and need to heal from it in order to move on and grow.

    Beth Freese is one of my guests on this episode to bring her expertise as a trauma psychotherapist to discuss exactly what is trauma? How does our body process trauma? What effects does this traumatic year have on us as human race? How do we heal from our trauma? How can we be better humans to ourselves & to others?

    Iso also makes an appearance on the podcast, bringing a male perspective to the topic of trauma & how men vs women feel they should express their feelings in today’s society.

    This was a wonderful and informational conversation normalizing mental health, a message we all need to hear. Learn some of the best tools to help you heal & understand yourself.

    Reach Beth at evolvephx.com

    Iso on insta: @isoonice

    Book Recommendation:
    The Body Keeps Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
    Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

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    Create a Routine

    Create a Routine

    Do you ever feel that you are surrounded by chaos? That there is not enough time in the day for you? That days are morphing into one? Do you want to create structure in your life to develop yourself but not sure where to start?

    One of the best things I did for myself was to dedicate time to my self development every day by developing a routine. A self development routine creates structure by narrowing in on who we want to become and focuses on moving the needle forward on the goals we set for ourselves and our lives.

    Inspired by my own lack of routine lately, I wanted to share the benefits of creating a routine to help get myself back on track. I share the 7 activities I live by in my daily routine,
    - Movement
    - Affirmations / Mantras
    - Journaling
    - Visualisation
    - Reading
    - Meditation
    - Gratitude

    By even selecting just a few of these activities, you'll begin to notice yourself transform. I share more tips on how to get started on creating a routine for yourself because there truly is nothing better you can do for yourself than to spend time with yourself in order to grow.

    The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)
    by Hal Elrod

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    Navigating Change

    Navigating Change

    Change is inevitable. So how do you handle it?

    Are you afraid of change? Do you run from it? Do you settle in order to avoid the uncomfortable feelings of change?

    Now more than ever we are faced with change but what if you could control the change going on in your life? How would you feel if you could navigate change for your benefit? Well you can.

    Change can come to us in many different ways. It can be unexpected it, we can see it coming, or we can create it for ourselves. No matter the form it enters into your life, you can take control by asking yourself,
    What do I want to come out of this?
    What is this for?

    I discuss three different major life events that brought on a lot of change for me and I share just how I was able to navigate them. I also share major life changes currently going on in my life. From getting a new job, moving in with my boyfriend, and pursuing a passion in coaching others to achieve meaningful goals for themselves - 2020 has been an interesting year so far to say the least.

    You too can make this year meaningful as you navigate the change placed in your path.

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    Taking Leaps of Faith

    Taking Leaps of Faith

    Becca has taken huge leaps of faith in her personal and professional life, most notably leaving her 9-5 job to start her own boutique social media agency. We discuss the courage and support it took for her to go off on her own business venture and all the lessons she has learned along the way.
    During our conversation you see how Becca is a go-getter who is eager to succeed but especially during the era of the pandemic, she is taking on new lessons. She provides wonderful insight on how we have seasons of taking things slow and to not always be on the lookout for the next big move.

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    The Journey to Finding Yourself with Shannon Taruc

    The Journey to Finding Yourself with Shannon Taruc

    Shannon and I discuss the ever similar Journey to Finding Yourself. She shares her experience finding her spirituality, following her heart to helping others, and taking the leap in starting her own coaching business. The journey to being your authentic self is also a fun one as we discuss using astrology to understand yourself better and how being yourself on screen and off screen leads to the most creativity.

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    Website: www.shannontaruc.com

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    Shannon Taruc is redefining what it means to be spiritual for the Millennials and Gen Zers. She is a spiritual coach who modernizes spiritual wisdom through TikTok videos, conscious content, and encourages others to embrace their authentic self with total confidence. 
Her top mental health routines include spiritual practices like meditation, manifestation, and astrology.  She has helped her clients manifest new relationships, received job promotions, and even launched their own business.

    Shannon’s own personal story of overcoming people-pleasing syndrome and breaking out of her cookie-cutter life is what makes her so passionate about helping others do the same. After years of being stuck in a rut, she gained the confidence to leave her cushiony sales job to pursue her dream and launch her spiritual coaching business. 

    It is her mission to help others find inner happiness and manifest a life they are absolutely in love with.

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    An Uncomfortable Conversation about Black Lives Matter with Rue Hill

    An Uncomfortable Conversation about Black Lives Matter with Rue Hill

    It is very important to be able to amplify other voices with the platform of the Get Uncomfortable podcast. In this episode, I played devil’s advocate as my friend Rue shared his perspective, experiences, and opinions of the BLM movement. As a black man, coach, and role model to kids in his community, Rue offers great information to begin an uncomfortable but necessary conversation.


    Beyond a conversation with others and educating ourselves I encourage you to take part in the Black Lives Matter movement in some way. Do whatever you feel aligned with in order to stand up in unity with the black community. Do not stand idle in history.

    Sign petitions!
    Donate to organizations taking action!
    Support black owned businesses!

    LA 92
    When They See Us
    I Am Not Your Negro

    Where to Donate:
    Campaign Zero - https://www.joincampaignzero.org/#vision
    Black Table Arts - http://www.blacktablearts.com
    Embrace Race - https://www.embracerace.org/about/our-impact

    Educational Resources:
    Guide to Allyship - https://guidetoallyship.com
    Systemic Racism Explained - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrHIQIO_bdQ&feature=youtu.be
    Anti Racist Children’s Books - https://www.theconsciouskid.org/antiracist-childrens-books

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