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The official home for audio programming from The Blue Testament, SB Nation's community for fans of Sporting Kansas City.

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The official home for audio programming from The Blue Testament, SB Nation's community for fans of Sporting Kansas City.

    The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly - Shades of Blue

    The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly - Shades of Blue

    Friday night is a big night for the KC Current as Angel City FC come knocking. The house should be packed with a record-breaking crowd as they look to continue a ten-game unbeaten run.
    The rosters all set for the Media Game at halftime Friday night, and Cody is in very real danger from the studs of the Blue Testament staff.
    Sporting KC lost a heartbreaker at Austin FC after blowing a fantastic first half performance, and 3-1 lead. How can a team look so strong in one half, and so terrible in the next?
    William Agada is off to a hot start with three goals four appearances. This includes one of the best goal celebrations in club history. However, the goals he’s scored aren’t exactly bangers. Quite the opposite. And he’s had chances to score even more.
    The faking of injuries is objectively one of the ugliest parts of our sport and should always be called out. Agada is new to the league and has some growing to do, but some of his antics thus far are not what we want to see SKC players take part in.
    Jonathan Pulskamp has been thrust into full time duty and the team is getting a long look at the potential heir to the Melia throne. But we have our questions about him being ‘the guy’.
    What do you think, is Pulskamp the future?
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    Allison Howard - Shades of Blue

    Allison Howard - Shades of Blue

    We could feel it right as we walked through the front entrance of the brand new $18 million training complex. There's an excitement around the Kansas City Current right now which cannot be ignored. Perhaps the fresh paint and new car smell have something to do with it, but this building has a vibe.
    Club President Allison Howard has been in KC for three months now, since her move from the Los Angeles Lakers where she served as VP of Corporate Partnerships for the last five years. Her decade long experience with one of the most famous sports franchises on the planet, is very clear after talking with her for just a short time. She's among a front office filled with wildly impressive people who are all incredibly passionate about the work they're doing.
    Sitting in a gorgeous conference room overlooking three fields, Howard quickly confirmed that palpable atmosphere we sensed. "The workout room is directly below us... and the music is blaring! So you can really feel the liveliness."
    This complex provides this club the opportunity to have the front office staff and the players working closely together. Something unique to most women's clubs throughout the world. "It's nice for everybody when they're under one roof to really feel a part of, and get the vibe and the energy of working with professional athletes," she explained. "Because it's extremely motivating."
    That feeling has poured over onto the field as the Current are in the midst of a ten game unbeaten run in the NWSL. The club is working hard to set a new attendance record for a women's soccer match in Kansas City on Friday night as Angel City FC come to town. The media game will take place at halftime, which will surely bring extra eyes to the event.
    Tuesday, August 16th is 816 Day in Kansas City. The team have opened up a special chance for fans to secure their spot in the new stadium, set to open in 2024. You can make a deposit and read the full statement at KCCurrentStadium.com.
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    Media Game Mayhem - Shades of Blue

    Media Game Mayhem - Shades of Blue

    Cody & Thad among the first civilians let inside the new training complex for the Kansas City Current in Riverside, MO. We’re coming at you from an absolute magnificent conference room overlooking the training ground, joined by Executive Director of Communications, and our long-time friend, Dani Welniak.
    Dani made the jump from player (with a giant Super Bowl ring by the way), to the media side, and now to the front office. The girl can do it all. She shares the differences and challenges of the new gig. As well as all the excitement that comes with being a part of this club.
    There truly is a vibe, a palpable atmosphere, on these grounds. And it’s not just the new car smell of the building! These people are ambitious, they’re driven. The KC Current and this staff are working everyday to build something great for not just Kansas City, but the NWSL and women’s soccer as a whole.
    It’s a big week for them as the look to set an attendance record on Friday with Angel City FC coming to town.
    Daniel Sperry of the KC Star is also on hand as we prepare for the Media Game Draft. The smack talking has already begun before the teams are even selected. Former Sporting KC captain - and friend of the pod - Matt Besler, is set to be the game’s celebrity referee. Will he be able to contain the bad blood?
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    Agada a lot of joy - Shades of Blue

    Agada a lot of joy - Shades of Blue

    No Cody this week so David Greenwald took over hosting duty and did a pretty good job. Along with regulars Robert Rusert and Thad Bell, Mike Kuhn and Chad Smith joined to discuss SKC's win over the Galaxy and included a little KC Current chat at the end. .
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    Rock Bottom - Shades of Blue

    Rock Bottom - Shades of Blue

    The Media Game was a success. In that Thad survived. Cody missed the email.
    But the worse things get for Sporting KC.. the more we have to talk about. We though the low point of the season had come months ago. The team seemed to be playing better than the beginning of the season. But here we are again.
    A new low point.
    We second guess Peter Vermes' lineup choice for the Open Cup Semifinal in Sacramento, as well as his choices for PK takers. How does Graham Zusi go 5th?
    Felipe Hernandez is developing a bit of a reputation. Did yelling at the keeper inspire him to make the winning save?
    Youthful mistakes were a trend the next game against Austin FC as Cam Duke was sent off with an embarrassing second yellow card and Jonathan Pulskamp let in an inexcusable goal between his legs.
    Will we find anything to cheer about the rest of the season?
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    Agada Go - Shades of Blue

    Agada Go - Shades of Blue

    Even the most optimistic Sporting KC fans are having a hard time seeing a path to the MLS Cup Playoffs these days. But Lamar Hunt is giving Kansas City another chance at glory. Wednesday night's match against the Sacramento Republic FC is the biggest match of the season.
    The best attempts at ignoring the loss to LAFC went ignored. There was too much to talk about from Erik Thommy & William Agada making their debuts, to Khiry Shelton's worst performance ever. Everyone in the stadium can see he has zero confidence.
    What is your starting lineup for the US Open Cup Semifinal? Who starts at striker? Is it really possible Khiry starts up top again?
    The club's worst season in over a decade has brought out an ugly side to the fanbase. But is it different than other teams and other sports?
    Brian Bliss is technically the Sporting KC Technical Director. How does that differ from Peter Vermes' role and should more blame be directed towards Bliss for this season's failure?
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