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Forty Thrive gives a bold voice to the badass ladies in midlife. If you're a woman in your 40s, 50s and beyond, it's time to break through the status quo and leave your invisibility at the door.

Host Jackie MacDougall takes you on a candid, compelling joyride as she connects you to experts, resources, and an abundance of strategies to rock life over 40.

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Forty Thrive gives a bold voice to the badass ladies in midlife. If you're a woman in your 40s, 50s and beyond, it's time to break through the status quo and leave your invisibility at the door.

Host Jackie MacDougall takes you on a candid, compelling joyride as she connects you to experts, resources, and an abundance of strategies to rock life over 40.

    Finding Your Inner Badass Over 50

    Finding Your Inner Badass Over 50

    Imagine turning 50, working in a corporate boys’ club, raising two kids and gong through a divorce. That’s not too uncommon, right? Today’s guest was doing just that when she decided to become a professional race car driver. 
    Born in Hong Kong to a German mother and Chinese father, Martina Kwan was destined for a life that was different. She spent her childhood in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, but credits living in war torn Beirut, Lebanon between the ages of 8-10, as an experience that defined much of her fearlessness today. Her unique path in life has shaped her into a woman of drive and determination.

    After earning two Master of Science degrees, she worked in the male dominated finance and accounting fields in New York City with KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Wall Street’s Lehman Brothers. Eventually, she landed Senior Management roles with Ian Schrager properties, the Hudson Hotel and the Paramount Hotel. Ultimately, Martina's strong entrepreneurial spirit led her leave the corporate world to open her own business, the award-winning furniture company, Neoteric Luxury Outdoor Collections.

    Daring to be different is what drives Martina today...literally! After her divorce, Martina knew it was time to take a car racing hobby she occasionally enjoyed to the next level. Proving that it’s never too late, at the age of 50, she decided she was going to become a race car driver.

    Since her debut as the world’s only female Chinese/European race car driver just three years ago, Martina has been a pioneer in leveling the racing playing field by becoming a 3-time champion in a male-dominated racing category. In addition, she is now a fully sponsored FIA licensed race car driver of the Saleen S1 Cup Car in the Blancpain GT World Challenge Series, and a Nationally Accredited Driving Instructor. A mother of two teenage girls, one of her goals is to inspire girls and women to have the courage to dare to be different, and to convey that anything is possible, at any age.

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    A Quick Tip to Change Your Life

    A Quick Tip to Change Your Life

    Welcome to Thrive in 40, a quick tip to kick start your week — in forty seconds or less.  
    This week’s tip is provided by… Psychotherapist Melody Murray Parks.
    Sometimes we take on things that have nothing to do with us. I do this thing called X it out. You make a list of all the things that are on your mind, everything that’s causing any kind of feeling or emotion, just write it down: My kid has autism, I could get fired, my husbands overweight, I can’t pay the rent, all that stuff that's in your mind, write it all down. Put a big X over the shit you have zero control over. You can’t do something, and then put your energy into things that you can do.
    For more from Melody, visit ParksTherapy.com and for more inspiration from women over 40, join our free Forty Thrive FB group at FortyThrive.com/Group

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    The Truth About Sex Over 40

    The Truth About Sex Over 40

    Between episodes of Grace & Frankie and starting brand new businesses, it seems women over 40 are having sex -- and lots of it. Recently, my friend, podcast launch client and host of Sex Ed the Musical and I brought our big midlife creative brains together to survey over 100 women over 40 on what's happening in the bedroom (and beyond). 
    The results are definitely note worthy and led to an informative, entertaining conversation about cheating, sex toys and Sam Elliot's mustache.
    From Wendy: Searching for truth over marketing, we asked 100 women over 40 a series of questions about their sex lives including sexual fantasies, how often they’re having sex, how happy they are in bed and how likely they are to hook up with another lady person. The answers may surprise you.
    PS Wendy shares slides with all of the semi-scientific data here. 
    SPONSOR; Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day, if you're a woman over 40, you'll likely need lubrication. That's where our friends at Coconu come in. At Coconu, they have one goal, to help you "Have Better Sex, Naturally."
    Get 10% off at Coconu.com. Use promo code THRIVE at checkout.

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    The Lesson I Learned from a Popular 80s Band

    The Lesson I Learned from a Popular 80s Band

    Welcome to another episode of Thrive in 40, a quick tip to kickstart your week, in 40 seconds or less. 
    In this episode, creative coach, midlife mentor and founder/host of Forty Thrive, Jackie MacDougall,  shares a life lesson she learned from a pair of seagulls. 
    Recently a popular '80s band was playing nearby so a flock of us decided to go. It’s been 30 something years since their heyday and you could certainly feel it. In fact, they played one of their popular songs a second time because they kind of bombed the first time. But what stood out to me most was that they showed up anyway; they didn’t say, "Oh no one will come" or use their age as an excuse. Not only was the room packed at the end of the concert, people were lined up to meet them to buy an overpriced bobble head.
    This is a lesson in not overthinking it, or comparing yourself to a younger version;  just do the damn thing you want to do because life‘s too short to let it pass you by. 
    To get more from Jackie visit JackieMacDougall.com. And for more inspiration from women over 40, join our free and private Forty Thrive Facebook group. 

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    Why Can't I Lose Weight over 40?

    Why Can't I Lose Weight over 40?

    Hey, thanks for listening! I’ve been leading this community of incredible women since I launched the group in 2017 and since then, I’ve been asking a lot of questions and listening to the needs of this growing community. Time and time again, I’ve had the opportunity to understand your core challenges — let’s be honest, your challenges are my challenges.
    Two and a half years later, with just over a year of the Forty Thrive podcast under my belt, I know one thing for sure. Women over 40 want to feel better. That’s why I’m partnering with some amazing experts who will help you do just that.
    If you’ve been part of Forty Thrive long enough, you know I love me some Courtney Townley. Courtney is the Founder of Grace and Grit and host of the podcast of the same name.
    Not only was Courtney a huge hit at our very first Forty Thrive live event in 2018, she’s been on the podcast twice before. And what she has to offer is so much more than weight loss advice. Clients who’ve worked with Courtney have gone on to do some big things — leading their lives with confidence and of course, Grace and Grit.
    Courtney's here to help you replace those bad habits with better ones and make. it. stick.
    Why you definitely want to listen:
    => That New Year's resolution is long gone
    => You're tired of spinning your wheels.
    => You want to learn how to develop habits that stick.
    => You know there must be a better way than extreme diets and exercise programs, you just aren't sure what it is

    In this episode, we answer:
    The biggest challenge for women over 40 when it comes to creating lasting wellness Why we struggle to be consistent? The science of behavior change Courtney's 4-Step Framework that will change the game forever Are you ready to work with Courtney and make this time... the last time? Learn the 4 Essential Practices That Make Change Stick for Good
    BONUS: Register for Courtney's program and I'll throw in: 
    — One FREE ticket to an upcoming LIVE Forty Thrive event
    — One FREE 30-minute midlife mentor mini session (If you’re feeling stuck, need clarity on next steps or just need to work through a challenge, I’ve got your back)
    PLUS, register by end of day on Thursday, February 6th and receive $100 off with code: TCCearlybird
    Thriver of the Week!
    Colleen Rosenblum, co-host of Hot Flashes and Cool Topics
    I nailed the adulting thing this week- juggled needs of hubby, adult children, pets and family while podcasting, blogging and learning more of social media. 
    Congrats, Colleen!
    Nominate yourself for Forty Thrive's Thriver of the Week!  In order to encourage and celebrate women who show up and speak up for themselves, this is self-submission only. No submissions on behalf of others will be considered. 

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