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Hire Power Radio was created for entrepreneurs and startup executives to challenge the conventional thinking of how you recruit for your startup and help you avoid common pitfalls that can be detrimental to your success. Learn the ins and outs of winning over the coveted talent your startup needs.

Startups are a wild ride - Hire Power Radio is here to help you through the recruiting hurdles that can make or break your business. Hire smart or your competition will.

We are a LinkedIn Live show that broadcasts every Tuesday at Noon (PST). Thanks for tuning in!

Hire Power Radio Rick Girard: Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Hiring & HR

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Hire Power Radio was created for entrepreneurs and startup executives to challenge the conventional thinking of how you recruit for your startup and help you avoid common pitfalls that can be detrimental to your success. Learn the ins and outs of winning over the coveted talent your startup needs.

Startups are a wild ride - Hire Power Radio is here to help you through the recruiting hurdles that can make or break your business. Hire smart or your competition will.

We are a LinkedIn Live show that broadcasts every Tuesday at Noon (PST). Thanks for tuning in!

    Your Remote Workforce Will be Breached with Chuck & Anne Marie Lerch

    Your Remote Workforce Will be Breached with Chuck & Anne Marie Lerch

    Our guests today: Anne-Marie & Chuck Lerch, Co-Founder & CXO’s of HI Tech Hui
    Chuck heads up Cybersecurity. been the CIO and CTO at numerous companies with great emphasis on security. His passion for secure networks is what led him to his love and vision to bring cybersecurity solutions to the Hawaiian islands.
    Anne Marie is the CXO & Head of Counting Beans. Her love for business strategy and technology is what inspired her to start a consulting company in Hawaii. She specializes in project management for software development projects.
    Today we discuss:
    Why it is important to secure your at home workforce
    Steps to take to mitigate the risk of being hacked
    What are the security risks we are experiencing today with a remote workforce?
    Cyber crime is up over 650%
    Most office workers are working from home
    Companies and workers are ill equipped from a
    Culture Impact
    Technology Impact
    Kids at home at same time
    Workers are can be less productive and not pay attention to what they are doing
    Why is this important to the company?
    Money Loss
    Vendor hacks
    Moral Issues
    Productivity Issues
    Management Issues
    Home Issues
    How do we secure our remote workforce?
    First we need to answer some questions and create a plan with our vCISO’s, CTO’s and Project Managers
    Understand what is at stake
    A hack can cost you millions of dollars!

    Depends on Company Budget and Industry
    NCUA, FFIEC - 
    Healthcare ?
    Business with the Federal Government

    Gap Assessment 
    What are the weaknesses 
    Corporate policies must align with security policies 
    Cybersecurity hygiene
    Passwords -every login needs to have a different password!

    MFA- multi factor authentication
    Education & Monitoring

    Key Takeaways:
    Implement education - security training, be aware so you don't get jacked
    Securing the cloud infrastructure . secure the endpoints (computers) - configure against shady sites 
    Monitor traffic
    Guest Contacts:
    Websites: HI Tech Hui, LLC or Cyberuptive

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    The Secret Talent Pool of Hiring Veterans with Jerri Rosen

    The Secret Talent Pool of Hiring Veterans with Jerri Rosen

    Today's Guest: Jerri Rosen, Founder & CEO of Working Wardrobes
    Jerri’s organization helps over 5,000 men, women, veterans and young adults each year re-enter the workforce with career development services and professional wardrobing.
    Today we are discussing:
    The hidden gem that is the veteran pool
    How to find and hire veterans to diversify your talent pool
    Why Companies don't actively seek to hire veterans?
    Think they all have ptsd
    Not knowing the value of the training that vets get in the military
    Not knowing the true value
    Too much bad press 
    Painting with a brush that is very negative
    Vets fall on hard times because they miss the discipline/brotherhood
    Why is this important to the company to hire veterans?
    Intense loyalty, when treated with dignity
    Absolutely mission driven
    Path of a veteran
    Make outstanding employees
    Can help recruit -underground network
    How do we find and hire veteran talent? Decide to hire outside your comfort zone
    Outstanding, dedicated people
    Finding Vets
    Active duty national guard or reserves (highly under employed)
    Vet spouses, 
    Military connection through working wardrobes, on your own
    Vetnet team
    Interviewing & Hiring 
    Understand a MOS- military status
    Translate what was done in the military to civilian language
    Look past the acronyms

    Look for the passion & talents 
    Experience & gravity of the work 
    Look past the stoic demeanor
    Recognize that task at hand/orders need to shift to a “going above and beyond” mindset
    Requires a bit of patience 

    Hire as normal
    Understand that everything was provided for them in the military
    Learning to operate in a very different world & culture
    Different level of expectations 
    Rick’s Nuggets
    Dig deeper on what work was done and look for transferable skills to justify 
    Key Takeaways:
    Veterans become a much better employee 
    Veterans also bring a network of additional talent
    Looking to hire veterans, WW can be the one stop shop. Hidden Talent Pool!
    Working Wardrobes is Rebuilding Careers, and we’ve teamed up with Hire Power Radio Show & Podcast to support this initiative.The Hire Power Radio team has created limited edition shirts, the proceeds of which benefit Working Wardrobes. Together we can make a small dent in reeducating, coaching and providing resources for our transitioning veterans, professionals and workers affected by the current world landscape.
    Get yours here: T-shirts
    Guest Contact:
    Website: Working Wardrobes
    Office Number: 714-210-2460

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    Your Local Hiring Market is Going to Disappear! Bradley Clark

    Your Local Hiring Market is Going to Disappear! Bradley Clark

    Local hiring market is now gone!  Guess what! Today, your best people will be hired outside your geographical location.
    Our guest today: Bradley Clark, Co-Founder & Product Strategy of RecTxt
    Bradley Clark, who is both a recruitment leader and an actual entrepreneur himself. He’s the Co-Founder of Rectxt, a text recruiting platform, and after a long consulting career working with organizations like Samsung R&D, Boeing Labs, Plenty of Fish, Best Buy, he’s now leading recruitment at Article. 
    Being on both the front line and talking to a number of companies and recruiters, with COVID and Work from anywhere -  he’s seeing this rapidly emerging trend of where top local talent is getting scooped up from outside the market. 
    Today we are discussing:
    Why your local talent pool will continue to dry up
    How to counter this trend and give your company a competitive edge
    Challenge today?
    Candidate experience is consumer behavior. People do have a lot of buying power right now. With remote, you are able to buy anywhere right now.
    Hiring local talent is now more competitive. Remote work will decimate your local hiring market. Already seeing it happen. Organizations say - work anywhere! Precedence to work anywhere led by tech giants.
    Why is this important to the company?
    The best people in your local area, are going to be out of your market
    Transactional market/process will out bid you!
    Disrupt smaller markets
    Local discount is over

    Rick’s Nuggets
    Work from home has opened the flood gates
    Adjust your mindset and start adjusting your processes:
    Focus on growing your own talent
    Finding ways to build your own people
    Making them committed to you
    Rewards & recognition (your cool office, and office based perks are no longer valuable, mental health is important)

    Focus on Keeping them
    What the work looks like and the meaning of that work
    Flexibility & shift to output based

    Interview process as a promoter rather than a bouncer
    Mindshift change
    Rather than no… who do I say yes to?
    Speed & decisiveness
    Pre-interview process
    Understanding what the problem really is that they are trying to solve.
    What skills are needed to solve that problem
    Define what the person is really needed to do
    You need to be able to identify the “what and why”

    Interview process
    Focus on the “how & when”
    Selling the problem, how it is good for them
    Identify people that want to be a Big fish in a small pond
    Be decisive

    Improve both the Speed of communication and keeping an open channel of communication. Get off email, this is why we created Rectxt. 

    Rick’s Nuggets
    Whats in it for me (not you) needs to be all you are con
    Key Takeaways:
    Understand they’re no longer competing locally for top talent, so they’ll have to change to compete (business can’t be the same as always)
    Interview well with knowing what you want, then be decisive 
    if/ when possible grow your own talent, then do everything you can to keep them
    Guest Contact:
    LinkedIn: Bradley Clark
    Website: RecTxt

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    Jay Connor: Hiring Now is a Strong Indicator of an Innovative Business

    Jay Connor: Hiring Now is a Strong Indicator of an Innovative Business

    Why Hiring through the pandemic is a strong Indicator of a innovative business.
    “We have all been forced to pivot and now we are weathering the storm”  for most businesses.
    Our guest today: Jay Connor, Founder & CEO of Learning Ovation
    Recognized as an early thought leader in collective impact, Joseph A. “Jay” Connor, JD/MBA, is the Founder and Chief Executive of Learning Ovations, Inc.  The mission animating Learning Ovations is to have all students reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade.
    Jay, a C-suite officer for two separate Fortune 500 corporations, has extensive leadership experience in the business, nonprofit, and public policy arenas.
    Today we are discussing:
    Why you should be hiring NOW
    How to evaluate for the business and skate to the puck
    Challenge today?
    Is this company able to adapt and respond?
    Have a future, capacity to respond to change vs. being changed
    Higher quality people attracted to the company simply because they are hiring
    People are open to talking.
    Not hunkering down during pandemic is a sign that the company will thrive post covid
    Why is this important to the company?
    Expanding & growing in the face of problems 
    Approaches & ways of doing things are more attractive to potential businesses. New approaches are welcome and critical to moving forward in the business.
    Engagement at the strategic level is more accepted today. Requiring employees/people to expand their knowledge base.
    We are in the second wave now and you can't be on the sidelines anymore!
    How do we do it?
    "Skating to where the puck is going to be." - Wayne Gretzky
    Force yourself to ask “what is the opportunity”
    What allows me to be active vs passive?
    What windows are opening up when the doors are closed?

    What do we need to do to skate to that puck?
    Something need to change about what your delivering (product)
    Or way to change about positioning, branding, communication

    What to change about your team?
    Evaluate every person.
    Where will people have to be 6 months from now.
    Top down assessment
    Gives the opportunity to expand & refine
    Decide to grow the workforce with their PPP
    Highest risk position is the status quo!
    Ability to minimize the risk by acting
    Business as usual is NOT viable!
    Start hiring for new competencies (what are we missing?) and values & mission focus!
    Rick’s Nuggets
    Now is the opportunity to double down and be able to attract strong talent
    People are open to talking because of the uncertainty
    Key Takeaways:
    Never too late to pivot. What is the most likely scenario for my business a year from now. Assume that there is not going to be a quick fix. Position for the worst case scenario!
    Do an honest appraisal of the team… Including yourself! Will the people you have be good for the business a year from now. Change is tough
    Guest Contact:
    Website: Learning Ovation
    Social Media: LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter

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    Kelly Robinson Hijacks The Show! Worst Messages, Job Descriptions & Accountability

    Kelly Robinson Hijacks The Show! Worst Messages, Job Descriptions & Accountability

    Thank you for having me back, but you know the unwritten rule of being on a show three times?
    What's the unwritten rule?
    The unwritten rule being on the show three times is I get to ask you questions today. So I'm taking the laptop.
    So Kelly is hijacking the episode. Is that we're doing?
    I am. I'm hijacking it because I want to be host today. And I want to ask you questions. I want to find out your thoughts on what we can ask or how we can help hiring managers get better?
    This sprung off the ever and Dean scenario where you're pro job board and I'm not pro job board.
    Obviously, I'm pro job board because I've built a business that distributed 40 million jobs a year to different job boards around the world, that was Broadbean. And now what we do is we help companies with their strategy and their tactics to get the most value from every cent they spend on-
    So you're hijacking my show?
    I'm hijacking your show. And I want to ask you some questions. We often talk about the benefits of job boards versus not job boards. And I know your historically a search business. So why are you more inclined to look for a candidate or to go and find somebody proactively than spend money on an ad?
    It depends on the scenario. So I'm biased due to the fact that my searches that we do at my firm tend to be executive hires. And it's a very small targeted amount of people that we're going after. So we target, I've found that the sniper approach works much better than the shotgun approach. Even when I was doing contingency search at the engineering level, I've just been far more effective and made better hires when I've gone out and I've found the person and brought them to the table than when I've farmed somebody off the job board and brought them through the process.
    And have you ever used job boards? Have you ever spent money on them?
    Okay. Yeah, I have. It's been a long time. I have not probably in the past 10 years, but back when I was doing contingency search, that's when we had all the job boards. Essentially, we'd get a job. We'd pull off anybody from any sources we can get them to. And it's just a race to get those out to the company before they either find it on their own or somebody else gets it over to them. And that's the business. That's what it came out.
    In your opinion, you search something that's really only for C level executives or can you use it for any position nowadays?
    No, you can use it for any position. Search is not necessarily scalable when you have 500 roles that are available for any given time. Then it becomes a question of whether or not you have a really strong interview process. No matter what you're hiring for, you should have a really strong interview process. That way, you're bringing people in that essentially fit your culture. They fit into your values, in your organizational structure, and they can provide impact to your company. It doesn't matter where you find them.
    We both agree that there's four ways to fill a job. Where you run some form of search, whether that's electronic or manual, you can use a job board or some sort of advert. You can hire an agency and pay them a fee, 15%, 20%, 25% percent. Or you can use a referral. Now, there are nuances within those, but there are about your four kind of headline ways that you find people for your company. And one of the things that most line managers don't get much advice on is asking for referrals. What would you suggest that hiring managers do in terms of maximizing their referrals for jobs?
    The way in which you ask for referrals is more important than asking referrals. Let me explain. When you reach out to your employees or the people that work for you or people in your network who is good at a particular role or skill set or something to that effect, you can't let them present it. You have to be the one who's contacting that person. I've found that when you put i

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    Stephanie Paul: The Key to Hiring is Knowing Y.O.U. & Your Audience

    Stephanie Paul: The Key to Hiring is Knowing Y.O.U. & Your Audience

    What's your story? 
    "Well, we are funded by Greylock and we are disrupting a $30 Billion dollar industry. What else do you need to know?"  
    This is good information to know but it is not your story. I quickly became a very bored audience with this CEO. Ultimately your story is what draws people in and invites us to work with you. When communicating with the people you are needing to hire it is critical that your story inspire them to join. 
    Our guest today: Stepahanie Paul, Founder & Head of Training & Development of The Executive Storyteller Academy
    Stephanie takes great pride in coaching developing executives, sales teams, TEDx speakers, Women in leadership and experts of all kinds, to become master communicators.    
    In fact, her proven approach, "Powerful Emotional Engaging Presentations," draws upon her  years of rich and diverse entertainment experience as well as she is a certified trainer using 5 science based assessments for  behavior and communication using Psychology and Neuroscience.  
    Today we are discussing:
    Why communicating your story is so critical from your hiring process through tenure
    A 3 step method maximizing your communication
    Communicating effectively during an interview is riddled with assumptions, bias and shallow content. Rarely is communication deliberate and with purpose. 
    Challenge companies face today?
    Developing a person to be in more of and executive leadership role
    Understanding your True Values because your values whether you know them or not depict your behavior and your audience define you by your behavior and actions not by what you say.
    Many are so busy “doing the task” they have no concept of how you show up in the process of the task! Understanding your Stimulus Value 
    Checking your behavior before you engage what do you want the audience to do, achieve, react in a certain way? 
    No one wants to tell you how you show up because everyone just wants to keep the boss happy being open to feedback is the key to a growth mindset
    Developing lifelong learners for value added leadership that build engagement within themselves and their teams rather than dictators who only drive the bottom line and don’t see the wealth in their people.
    Great leadership is looking at the possibilities not the limitations and not focusing on your “Power” instead using your energy to empower others to ignite the leadership within themselves.
    The way you deliver is more important than what you say
    Come up with a  great question to ask yourself on everything - Mine is “How do I make this more fun and engaging for the audience so they will remember?”
    Being hyper aware of how you show up and listening and reading your audience effectively
    Audience will always tell you what they need
    Energy you chose to bring to the table is super important! 
    Why is this important to the company?
    Immediate benefits to the team and individuals include better fits for task assignments and fewer, easier resolved conflicts. You will find these communication tools and understanding this type of developed skill set will also help you grow in your work and as a member of your field as well. The concepts we are talking about here can help you get a better understanding of yourself and your clients’ communication styles and motivations, which will help you more effectively respond to their needs. And because these are cutting edge concepts in the market space, will give you the opportunity to continue to grow as leaders in your industry.
    How do we do it?
    Y: In the first component we use a series of assessments to build understanding around stimulus value and the areas of strength and opportunities for growth in the recipient. We then teach successful behavior, memorization and delivery techniques for connecting with an audience
    O: The overall objective is to teach the recipient effective ways (established

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