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Simple photography tips for parents, so you can beautifully capture your little ones’ moments and memories. It’s time to start capturing the magic found in the everyday. For more information, visit https://www.parentsphotoclub.com

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Simple photography tips for parents, so you can beautifully capture your little ones’ moments and memories. It’s time to start capturing the magic found in the everyday. For more information, visit https://www.parentsphotoclub.com

    EP7: Looooooong Days, Short Years

    EP7: Looooooong Days, Short Years

    “Put that camera down so memories can come back with the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and the feelings of those exact moments.” 
    - Justin DeMers (8:34 - 8:42)

    Michelle & Justin DeMers
    Parents Photo Club

    How to make memories last forever.
    Are you positive that you’ll remember everything special about today? 
    You’d like to think you would. After all, how could we ever forget the memories our kids constantly create as they grow up? The signature smirks? The trademark dance moves? Sadly, the reality is our memory is incredibly fallible. 
    No matter how long the day may feel the year will fly by. And we forget. This is why taking photos is so incredibly important. Our camera can be like a digital brain to capture those precious memories in strong and meaningful ways before they vanish!
    “Let’s not leave the remembering to our already overcrowded and frankly overworked brains. Let’s take a win with our cameras and allow it to help us remember all the details of our kiddos childhood.” - Justin DeMers (2:55 - 3:08)
    Before you repeatedly holler, “Say cheese!” slow down!
    Our main philosophy at Parent’s Photo Club is to be more intentional, proactive, and less reactive in photography. 
    It shouldn’t be a reflex to whip out our phone, snap some shots, and promptly shove it back in our jeans pocket.
    Here are three steps to ensure you’re pulling your camera out for the right reason.
    #1. Understand the What. Ask yourself what makes your kids awesome in this particular season of life. What makes them uniquely them? Is it their sense of humor? Their obsession with trains? Their need for a night light? Jot down whatever you notice that represents who they are as kids right now. This list can serve as a trigger to help us know when to take the camera out and to know what we most want to capture.
    #2. Move on to the Why. With a clear understanding of what you want to capture, dig into the why. Why do you want to capture this particular moment of your kids? What is the purpose? For us, the answer is that we want to capture who our kids are, not just what they look like. Hang further back with your camera to get a better perspective on how you can transcend portrait mode and make a memory come to life.
    #3. Great! Now Put the Camera DOWN. It sounds counterintuitive, we know. However, when you’re behind a camera lens you’re just looking and clicking a button. All you’ll remember is what your eyes see. Take some breaks and put your camera down. Pay attention to the surroundings. Engage with all the senses to lock in a stronger memory and stronger story with each photo you snap.
    “When you make sure to take those breaks and put your camera down, you’re more apt to bring those memories and senses to life later, when you do revisit these photos. ” 
    - Michelle DeMers (7:35 - 7:42)
    Choose to be present. Set a clear intention with a clear purpose before you pull out your camera. Otherwise, keep it tucked away.
    Play, explore, laugh and be with your kids first and foremost!
    The memories and stories sparked from these photos will hold so much more vividness and color down the road if you do. They’ll last forever.

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    EP6: Passing Memories Down to Your Kids

    EP6: Passing Memories Down to Your Kids

    “Taking pictures allows me to capture not just events, but moments in time.” 
    - Jeremy Wayland (8:54 - 9:00)

    Michelle & Justin DeMers
    Parents Photo Club

    How do we capture more than just a photo? 
    Have you ever found a photo of your children that grabs your heart? A photo so much deeper than composition. One where you feel can almost feel the laughter that was bubbling up that day, or the warmth of joy that filled your soul in the moment of that captured embrace. 
    That’s exactly what happened to father, Law Enforcement Officer, and avid Photo Club member, Jeremy Wayland. We asked our community of parents to share a favorite photo they had recently taken at home. 
    As Jeremy scrolled through his seemingly endless library one photo caught his eye. Now he’d like to share how EVERY parent can be on the lookout for those one-of-a-kind moments that create particularly touching photos!
    “If you try to take a perfect picture and miss an opportunity, you have no picture. Use what you have, and capture the moment. You get to keep that forever.” 
    - Jeremy Wayland (13:34 - 13:47)
    It was July 4, 2017.
    As Jeremy’s three-and-a-half-year-old daughter and wife watched from the front steps, he shuffled back and forth to light fireworks. Casually, he picked up his camera and snapped some photos. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But he had no idea just how spectacular the results would be.
    One image perfectly portrayed the awe and wonder of Jeremy’s daughter. As she glimpsed up at her mother, her face was lit by streaks of color against the night sky. It was an image every parent dreams of. 
    Raw. Sweet. Effortless.
    How can we, as parents, ensure moments like these don’t slip through our fingers?
    Jeremy’s approach to capture memories of our children is simple.
    Time disappears fast.   
    The role of being a parent is both the greatest and hardest responsibility. Weeks and months fly by as our babies spring from our arms and walk into Pre-K. 
    The goal is to not spend all our time behind the lens from afar but to also engage.
    Kids will be kids. Snap away!   
    There is always something exciting and camera-worthy going on every day in the life of a child. The first time down a slide. The fifth attempt to tie a shoe. The millionth (but entirely unique) performance of “Frozen.” 
    Prepare for anything and everything. Those little moments of play and curiosity in a child’s natural environment are pure gold.
    Remember, photography is a magical portal for time travel.  
     One day our photos will be in the hands of our kids. They will be grown, and long for the simpler days of sticky popsicle fingers, and blanket forts. 
    We have the magical ability to catch moments, glimpses that will become time machines of the best moments and memories spent together. 
    “These photos, after all, will one day be in the hands of our kids when they’re grown. We take these photos in the hopes that we’ll capture their childhood and give them an opportunity to see themselves grow up.” - Michelle DeMers (10:02 - 10:15)
    Enjoy the moment with your child. 
    The best way to ensure that you are capturing the precious moments of every day is to not overcomplicate the process. Grabbing a touching photo is all about engaging in your surroundings. Be aware of the sights, sounds and emotions. 
    Get down to your child’s level for the full experience.
    Don’t just end the day with a spectacular photo, but have the beautiful memory to go with it.
    How to Get Involved
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    If you want to dig in deeper and get more tips, tricks and strategies on capturing the everyday magic of your family’s life, join our thriving community of parents i

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    EP5: Don’t Let This Happen To Your Photos… PLEASE

    EP5: Don’t Let This Happen To Your Photos… PLEASE

    Don’t Let This Happen To Your Photos… PLEASE
    “Plan. Write out your process. Be thankful that you can sleep at night knowing that the next person who loses their priceless family photos will not be you.” - Michelle DeMers (10:50 - 11:00)

    Michelle & Justin DeMers
    Parents Photo Club

    How to keep your photos safe and sound.
    If you were to lose your phone, would you lose all your photos too?
    It’s a question no father or mother should have to panic over. Yet there are countless cases where years of priceless family moments are lost forever simply because of the improper use or lack of photo backup. 
    We understand that accidents happen. But this is an entirely preventable situation. Make sure your photos are safe and sound regardless of whatever life throws at you!
    “We have the most amazing cameras on us, all the time, 24/7. These little cell phones are absolutely incredible. We’re taking tons of photos. But at the end of the day, it’s easy to take a photo and trust that the magic that is the ‘cloud’ is happening in the background to make the photo safe. When in reality, it’s not.” 
    - Justin DeMers (3:45 - 4:04)
    Living in the 21st century has some serious perks. Crystal clear imaging can be produced from a camera the size of a pea. Photos can not only be duplicated but quadrupled and quintupled. However, many individuals aren’t utilizing technology effectively. 
    For example, let’s pretend that your phone was just stolen. 
    Would you... 
    Be able to easily access all your stored photos without touching your phone?  Be able to access all your stored photos, while also ripping your hair out? Be unable to access any stored photos and cry yourself to sleep?  
    Hopefully, you answered A.
     But if not, then here are three steps to ensure the safety of your photos even in the worst-case scenario.
    Plan and Prepare. The truth is your phone could disappear at any moment of the day. It could be dropped in the toilet or stuffed behind the couch. You need to prepare yourself for anything and everything! Make sure your photos are being backed up - whether automatically or manually - every single day. Even 24 hours can make a difference.   
    Simplify the process. If you answered B, then take a step back. Is there any way you can simplify downloading photos from your phone? Perhaps a new software, application, or automation tool? Figure out the least complicated process and then write it out. Keep the steps visible for you and your partner to avoid further stress and panic in the worst-case scenario.  
    Be thankful this is all hypothetical. If you answered C, then take a deep breath. You have the opportunity (as your phone rests soundly in your hip pocket) to explore why you couldn’t access any of your stored photos. Identify any possible breaks in your photo safety chain. Is there an issue with your backup system? Do you not have enough storage space? As you answer these questions you will be empowered to create a plan that will preserve your precious life moments.   
    “Photos are something you can’t get back once you’ve lost them. We don’t want you to have that stress. We’ve got enough to worry about as parents.” - Michelle DeMers (10:36 - 10:42)
    There’s no need to panic. Parent’s Photo Club is here to help! If you’re interested in receiving more technical training, then hop on over to our Facebook group.
    Otherwise, work through the above exercise to step into awareness on your current process of photo safety. If there are any areas for improvement, then get to it! 
    Prepare. Simplify. Give thanks.
    The next person who loses their priceless family moments doesn’t have to be you.

    How to Get Involved
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    EP4: Why You Should Always Print Your Photos

    EP4: Why You Should Always Print Your Photos

    “As parents, the meaning we derive from photos is radically different than the meaning that our children can derive from them.” - Justin DeMers (5:29 - 5:36)

    Michelle & Justin DeMers
    Parents Photo Club

    Why you should print more photos of your children.
    If your phone and computer are anything like ours, they are filled with snapshots of your kiddos. Laughing. Crying. Playing. Sleeping. Snuggling. Fighting with their brother. Building sandcastles, or forts, or playing tag. They are all there. Glowing on the screen.
    In this digital age we’re living in, almost our entire lives are uploaded online, and the photos of our kiddos are no different. We take pictures of all the precious moments that we share with them, we post some on social media, and others remain on our online storage accounts. Digital photos can be accessed at any time, and they are convenient to share with friends and family.
    In the midst of the convenience, are we missing out on some benefits of printed physical photos?
    “Bring your photo memories to life in a physical form, whether they are photos for display, or in scrapbooks or collages.”
    - Michelle DeMers (9:04 - 9:12)

    As your kiddo gets older, you can help foster healthy connection to your family even during those more independent moments. If you have printed photos of your family, your children can carry them around and feel connected to their family at all times. They can have a picture of their sibling when in school, or when feeling lonely at night as they’re falling asleep.
    They can also use the photos to recreate special memories, like when they built a sand-castle at the beach with their sibling, or when they were cuddling with you on the couch. Having printed photos of such special moments can provide them with warmth and comfort that digital images can’t. And the best part is that with some of the printing apps offered by Amazon and other companies, printed photos are now incredibly affordable.
    3 tips for printing photos of your children.
    Print more photos - The more photos that you print, the better. Go through your phone, or your online storage platform, and pick out all the images that you think might be fun for your kids. You never know which photos they would connect with, or for what reason. You might assume that they’d be more interested in pictures of themselves, but in reality, they could be more interested in their sibling’s snaps. With the prints being as affordable as they are, you can always discard the ones they don’t connect with.
    Get the kids involved - Include your kiddos in the process when you pick pictures to print. If they choose the photos, they’re more likely to want to use them. Maybe they want different pictures printed for various purposes. One that they can take to school with them, photos to display in their room, and others that they simply think are fun. You might be amazed at how deeply they connect with some of the photos of their family.
    It’s all about the memories - It’s incredible to hear how kids recall the stories of what they see in the photos. Whether it’s a picture of when your children were playing on the beach, or when they were tearing up the dance floor with their brothers or sisters, kids remember details in ways you’d never imagine. Sometimes those memories are factual, and at other times they make up their own exciting stories to associate with the photos. Printing the images will allow them to bring those precious memories back to life whenever they want.
    How to print photos for your kiddos.
    Unlike what previous generations experienced, printing photos aren’t a big deal anymore thanks to technology. Your photos are stored in multiple locations online, and you can print them whenever you wish. So, it’s always best to print more, rather than less. As we mention

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    EP3: Photos that Capture Your Kiddo’s True Personality

    EP3: Photos that Capture Your Kiddo’s True Personality

    “Our kids are so much more than what they look like. They are their quirks, charm, and all of their messy imperfections.”
    - Michelle DeMers (0:45 - 0:52)

    Michelle & Justin DeMers
    Parents Photo Club

    Let your child’s real personality shine in photos.
    Our children are a lot more than what they look like. They are their quirks, their charm, and all of their messy imperfections. It’s how they interact with their siblings, the things they find hilarious, and how they can turn almost any little activity into the most fun thing in the world. We love to remember them by their adorable personalities, which is something that is difficult to capture with planned photographs.
    “When we’re capturing photos of our kiddos, it’s really about them just being them.” - Justin DeMers (7:02 - 7:07)
    Your kid’s true personality won’t come through when you ask them to put on a fake grin and pose for the camera. You need to let them be who they are, and let them play and have fun without a care in the world. It’s during those spontaneous moments that you’ll be able to capture their uniqueness. You can start by redefining how you think of a perfect photograph. In this article, we’ll take a look at three things you can do to make sure that the photos you take let your child’s real personality shine.
    Three Ways You Can Redefine the “Perfect” Photo of Your Kiddo
    Ditch the flat photos.
    When you ask your kids to stand a certain way, look in a specific direction, and smile unnaturally, you’ll end up with flat photos that fail to capture their personality. What you should do instead, is let your kids have the freedom to be who they are. Your role is merely to be ready with a camera in hand to capture them in action. You can even take a break from playing photographer and join in the fun with your kids. The point is not to prompt them and create forced expressions, but it is to have fun and be spontaneous.
    Let go of the milestone mentality.
    One big trap that many parents fall into is the milestone mentality. They only want to take pictures of the big moments like the first crawl, or first birthday. While those moments are indeed significant, there are countless moments full of life and joy in between each of these big days. It could be the mischievous look on their your child’s as they do something they know they shouldn’t, or maybe it's the sweet smile on their face when you tuck them into bed at night. You don’t need a reason to take pictures of your kids. Just have a camera ready at all times, because you never know when those special moments will strike.
    Keep it real… and messy.
    If your family consists of a couple of kids, busy parents, and maybe even a furry friend, it’s unlikely that your house is picture-perfect at all times. Maybe the beds are unmade, and the living room floor is covered in half-folded laundry. Some days your child may decide to smear your makeup, or a bright blue marker, all over their face. There’s also a really good chance that somehow, they ended up with dried yogurt their hair... again. The point is this: life is messy. Let your photos be focused on authenticity instead of perfection. Sure, you can tidy up when you get a chance, but don’t let a messy house get in the way of capturing the beautifully fun and messy moments of everyday life with your kids.
    “We always have the cameras out and ready at our house. Whether its a smartphone or a professional camera, we make sure that we’re available to capture those precious moments as they pop up.” - Michelle DeMers (9:53 - 10:11)
    When you think of a perfect picture as something that captures the true essence of who your kids really are, you’ll let go of trying to take perfect pictures. You’ll stop trying to make photos look great for social media, and you’ll start focusing on memories you can create, that you an

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    EP2: When They Play, You Play!

    EP2: When They Play, You Play!

    “Next time you pick up the camera, don’t just focus on the last shot. Document the entire process of your kids playing… Get creative. This is your chance to explore as a photographer.”
    - Michelle DeMurs (6:15 -6:36)

    Michelle & Justin DeMers
    Parents Photo Club

    It’s not about the end result, it’s about the fun in the process.
    We’ve all had those rainy days, when the kids are stuck indoors as the puddles under the swingset overtake the backyard. And then in a moment, you have a fantastic idea to save the day. Out come the paintbrushes, the color tray, and the piles of construction paper. There is no better way to spend the day then creating new paintings to don the already covered fridge! As your kids get started on their next masterpiece, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get started on yours. Grab your camera and start capturing the story of your kids as they are immersed in play.
    “When we capture photos through an entire process… we end up with a full story that has a beginning, middle, and end... We have the making of an art piece, not just the art piece itself” - Justin DeMers (2:19 - 2:50)
    For most children, activities like painting aren’t focused so much on the end result. They are looking to be creative and have fun with the process. That’s precisely how you should approach capturing the process with your camera. Don’t look for the perfect picture or a specific outcome. All those moments from the beginning to the end give you a chance to play with your camera and capture moments you otherwise might have forgotten. Have fun along with your kids as they play, and let the spontaneity of the moment guide you.
    Three Lessons to Learn from Spontaneous Photo Sessions
    An entire story - Since you’re capturing the full process, you’ll end up with a fun photo storyline that you can enjoy for years to come. In the painting example, you can take photos of your kids picking up the brush, mixing paints, experimenting with compositions, and more. You can also capture different expressions as they contemplate, get stuck, and have moments of creative breakthroughs. You'll find incredible little moments that tell a much bigger story than just a painting session. Whether your children are playing hide-and-seek, drawing their hundredth dinosaur, or playing tag with a friend, there are beautiful, candid moments to capture of their growing personality. Moments you can piece together to tell the story of these magical, childhood days you will look back with fondness.
    Authentic moments - Throughout the entire process, you’ll have many opportunities to capture entertaining and naturally authentic moments. As you’re just hanging out with a camera while your kids do their thing, they’ll soon forget that you’re even there. As they get lost in their activity, their performance mode will disappear, and they’ll give you plenty of candid moments that can be so much fun. You’ll get to capture their emotional ebbs and flows, as they go from frustration to delight in a matter of moments.
    When they play, you play! - It’s not just your children that get to play and be creative, but you can as well. Follow their lead and be spontaneous with your camera. Step back, get close, capture the small details, and go high or low. As you take tons of photos, you’ll be able to pick ones that not only look the best, but also tell the best story. This is a great time to work out any technical kinks in the settings, framing, etc. Have fun! In the end, you’ll have the perfect photos for the wall, an album, or the grandparents.
    “If you’re documenting the entire process, it becomes so much more fun. You get to be more creative and capture interesting images, and your kids get to be themselves.” - Justin DeMers (6:51 - 7:01)
    The next time you pick up your camera, don’t just focus on the last shot,

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