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Grass Roots Artist Management Podcast - Straight from the artists studio.

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Grass Roots Artist Management Podcast - Straight from the artists studio.

    Volume 42 - Synergy (Eatbrain, Blackout, Neosignal)

    Volume 42 - Synergy (Eatbrain, Blackout, Neosignal)

    Volume 42 finishes 2016 for the GRAM podcast with one of our newest signings and one of the hottest new talents in drum and bass: Synergy. With releases so far on the creme of the crop of drum and bass labels such as Eatbrain, Subtitles, Neosignal, Blackout, Critical and more these two Russian producers are set to take 2017 by storm.
    Formerly known as Segment and Concept Vision the guys look forward to a very busy year ahead in under their new guise of Synergy. With a host of new material ready to be unleashed and DJ bookings that will see them hitting major cities all over Europe and further afield its high time if you didn't know the name Synergy that you get to know and watch this space as they become a major force in drum and bass!

    Podcast Tracklisting:

    1) Noisia and The Upbeats - Dead Limit
    2) Mind Vortex - Overture
    3) Synergy - ID
    4) Posij - Not Normal
    5) Culture Shock - Tangents
    6) Rido and Counterstrike - Let It Roll
    7) Hazard - Time Tripping
    8) Noisia - Banshee
    9) Urbandawn - Power Scheme
    10) Metrik - Genesis
    11) ID - ID
    12) Mefjus and Emperor - Sanity Check
    13) Synergy - ID
    14) Momoiro Clover Z - Lost Child (Noisia Remix)
    15) Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)
    16) Urbandawn - Gothenburg Cluster
    17) Dimension - Panzer
    18) Dan Dakota - Glow
    19) Metrik - Break of Dawn
    20) Segment and Concept Vision - Thirst (feat Cod3x)
    21) Synergy - Rage!
    22) Synergy - ID
    23) The Prototypes Feat. Mad Hed City - Pop It Off
    24) Synergy - ID
    25) Camo and Krooked - Ember
    26) Original Sin - Pimp, Don't Limp
    27) Neonlight and Wintermute - Influx (Misanthrop Remix)
    28) Dimension - UK
    29) ShockOne - Universes (feat. Phetsta and Reija Lee)
    30) DJ Hazard - Killers Don't Die
    31) Culture Shock - Pandemic
    32) Mefjus - Suicide Bassline VIP
    33) Segment and Concept Vision - Meteor VIP
    34) Culture Shock - Steam Machine

    Artist links:


    For all Synergy booking information contact G.R.A.M.

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    Volume 41 - Agressor Bunx (Eatbrain, Blackout)

    Volume 41 - Agressor Bunx (Eatbrain, Blackout)

    It may have been a while coming but the GRAM Podcast is back with a bang! Volume 41 is taken care of by one of the hottest production entities in 2016: Agressor Bunx.
    The two Ukrainian brothers have been absolutely killing it behind the controls in the studio releasing music on the likes of Eatbrain, Blackout, Bad Taste and Program and smashing in front of packed crowds all over Europe.
    So make sure you turn up whatever medium you are listening through and be prepared to be amazed, the Agressor Bunx takeover is very real and happening right now!

    Artist links:


    For all Agressor Bunx booking information contact G.R.A.M.

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    Volume 40 - Tantrum Desire (Technique)

    Volume 40 - Tantrum Desire (Technique)

    GRAM are pleased to our announce our newest signing to the roster: Tantrum Desire. One of the hottest producers and DJs on the circuit, Tantrum Desire is widely supported by the likes of Andy C, DJ Friction, Pendulum, Matrix and Futurebound, Sub Focus, Simon Bassline Smith, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, UKF and many many more.

    Following his massive debut album released on Technique Recordings entitled 'Diversified' which cemented its place in the Beatport top ten chart for many months and receiving a nomination for Best Album at the Bass Music Awards (sponsored by Sony), T.D has performed headline shows all over the world including America, Canada, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Holland, Italy, France and of course his home country United Kingdom.

    GRAM predicts even bigger things for Tantrum Desire in 2016, with DJ Friction recently featuring his brand new track 'Worldwide Rocker' on his BBC Radio 1 Dnb show and a host of brand new material in the pipeline, its safe to say that it will be hard to avoid hearing Tantrum Desire music whatever dance you step into!

    Artist links:


    For all Tantrum Desire booking information contact G.R.A.M.

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    Volume 39 - L 33 (Eatbrain)

    Volume 39 - L 33 (Eatbrain)

    The GRAM Podcast is back for 2016 with a killer new mix from one of Eatbrain's sickest zombies: L 33!

    Supported by the likes of Noisia, Andy C, Dillinja, Hype, Jade, BSE, Optiv, BTK and many, many more - 2016 is without a doubt going to be a huge year for him.

    With his debut album on Eatbrain just around the corner get ready for some serious hard hitting neurofunk, not for the faint hearted, just how we like it!

    Artist links:


    For all L 33 booking information contact G.R.A.M.

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    Volume 38 - Trei (Viper Recordings)

    Volume 38 - Trei (Viper Recordings)

    Podcast 38 is time to welcome Trei to the series! Following on from perhaps his biggest year yet in 2014; a Beatport number one with 'Seeds' on Viper, a huge remix on Viper's 10 year anniversary album and the amazing 'Empire EP' on Drumsound and Bassline Smith’s Technique Recordings, Trei is not slowing down, quite the opposite in fact! Now signed exclusively to Viper Recordings Trei is currently working hard in the studio on his new Viper material: watch out for new music soon in the shape of singles, eps and at some point a Viper album.
    The new podcast is packed full of new material from the Viper family from artists such as the man himself: Trei, Mob Tactics, Cyantific, Inside Info and other heavy hitters such as Ed Rush, Phace, Dimension, Teddy Killers and Optiv and BTK.
    With a European tour on the horizon from October onwards the mix is a perfect insight to how much Trei rocks the turntables, enjoy!

    Trei - GRAM Podcast 38 - August 2015:

    1. Quasars - Teddy Killers - [Ram]
    2. Scarabs - Ed Rush - [Piranha]
    3. Crackdown (Shock One Remix) - Brookes Brothers - [Viper]
    4. Anthem (Cyantific Remix) - Brookes Brothers - [Viper]
    5. The 4th - Mindscape - [Blackout]
    6. Seeds Vip - Trei - [Viper]
    7. Paranormal Roller - The Upbeats - [Letitroll]
    8. Get Down - Trei - [Viper]
    9. Neon God - Mob Tactics - [Viper]
    10. Heavy Bettie Vip - Neonlight - [Blackout]
    11. Spacejunk - Teddy Killers - [Ram]
    12. Follow Me - Document One - [Technique]
    13. Dreadnaught (Phace Remix) - Icicle Ft. Sp:Mc - [Shogun Audio]
    14. Save The World - Machine Code - [Eatbrain]
    15. Work It Out - Annix - [Playaz]
    16. Bloodhound - Mindscape - [Blackout]
    17. Shadows - Tantrum Desire, Matrix and Futurebound - [Technique]
    18. Jet Black - Dimension - [Mta]
    19. Above Earth - Chris Su and State Of Mind [Som Music]
    20. Untouchable - Kronology - [Technique]
    21. Dive Bomb - Optiv and Btk - [Virus]
    22. Saturn3 - Smooth - [Viper]
    23. Pacify - Machine Code - [Eatbrain]
    24. The Plains - Insideinfo - [Viper]
    25. Hawking Radiation - Teddy Killers - [Ram]
    26. No More Heroes - Cyantific - [Viper]
    >>> Goodfoot - Ed Rush and Optical

    Artist links:


    For all Trei booking information contact G.R.A.M.

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    Volume 37 - BTK (Virus, Dutty Audio)

    Volume 37 - BTK (Virus, Dutty Audio)

    Podcast 37 is looked after by the Brazilian wonder that is BTK: label boss of Dutty Audio and an integral part of the Virus Recordings family with partner in crime Optiv.
    In the last three years BTK has released two albums on Virus (with Optiv) and a host of high profile singles and EPs on the likes of Renegade Hardware, Commercial Suicide, V Recordings, Drum and Bass Arena, Playaz, Blackout, Eatbrain, Shogun and many more.
    The new podcast that he has recorded live in the BTK studio for G.R.A.M features a host of brand new dubplates from himself and his peers, its a biggy - which is par for the course with Mr BTK!

    Podcast Tracklisting:

    BTK - GRAM Podcast 37 - May 2015:

    01. Maztek and Aeph - Hypnotize (Lifted)
    02. Optiv and BTK - Heads Above (Shogun Audio)
    03. Mefjus and Rido - Causation (Blackout)
    04. Gridlok - Cold World feat. Optiv (Virus)
    05. Ed Rush and Audio - Merge
    06. Optical and BTK - Infection (Virus)
    07. Current Value - Number Crunching (Bad Taste)
    08. Jack U - Jungle Bae (Audio Bootleg)
    10. Neve and Bow - Space Cowboys (Dutty Audio)
    11. BTK and Cold Fusion - Not Your Idol (Renegade Hardware)
    12. Bad Company and Trace - Nitrous (Audio Remix)
    13. Optiv and BTK - Dive Bomb (Virus)
    14. Optiv and BTK - Dark City feat. Yves Paquet (Blackout)
    15. Nymfo and BTK - Shelter (Commercial Suicide)
    16. Gydra - Hell Crow (Tamfree)
    17. C.A.B.L.E. - Individual (Maztek Remix)(Dutty Audio)
    18. Neonlight - Extrasolar VIP (LiR)
    19. Calyx and TeeBee - Long Gone (RAM)
    20. Optiv and BTK - Reckless (Blackout)
    21. Gydra - Boundless Master (Tamfree)
    22. State of Mind and Black Sun Empire - Ego (VIP)(LiR)
    23. BTK and Maztek - SMMF feat. MC Kryptomedic (Virus)
    24. Optiv and BTK - Get Dark (Signs Remix)(Playaz)
    25. Gridlok - Red Six feat. Mindscape (Virus)
    26. Zombie Cats - Draw Blood (Commercial Suicide)
    27. Calyx and TeeBee - Sawn Off (RAM)
    28. Bad Company - Spider (Optiv and BTK Remix)

    Artist links:


    For all BTK booking information contact G.R.A.M.

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