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The Product-Led Podcast is a weekly interview series with both product-led growth leaders and practitioners who have real knowledge to share on what it takes to use their product to grow a business.

Product-Led Podcast Wes Bush, Ramli John, Andrew Capland, Maja Voje

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The Product-Led Podcast is a weekly interview series with both product-led growth leaders and practitioners who have real knowledge to share on what it takes to use their product to grow a business.

    How monday.com's Customer Success and Product Teams Work Closely Together

    How monday.com's Customer Success and Product Teams Work Closely Together

    Tom Ronen is the head of customer success at monday.com. Monday.com is a global software company founded in 2014. Its product is a simple and super customizable Work Operating System (Work OS), a tool that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence. In this episode, Tom will talk about how product and customer success collaborate on monday.com.

    Show Notes

    [01:56] What monday.com is and its customers

    [03:05] The importance of customer success and product teams to work closely together for him

    [06:14] On finding the north star for both teams and KPIs to prioritize

    [08:00] Who are the ‘active customers’ for monday.com

    [10:13] Propagating the culture of transparency in all teams at monday.com

    [12:31] Strategies to encourage collaboration from the teams at monday.com

    [14:28] The evident effects of the system of doing things at monday.com

    [18:00] His advice for product-led leaders and growth people on setting priorities

    [20:25] His advice for customer success people in product-led organizations on getting their voices heard

    [22:08] How to connect with Tom

    About Tom Ronen

    Tom Ronen is an experienced Customer Team Lead working for various companies in the software industry. He possesses the following skills in sales, public speaking, management in a fast-paced startup environment. Aside fromHe was previously connected with Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a Commanding Officer - Combat Patrol Ship Unit for three years and two months. 


    monday.comTom Ronen on LinkedIn

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    When Acquisition & Retention Work Together with Fung-Lin Wu and Tatiana Morozova from MongoDB

    When Acquisition & Retention Work Together with Fung-Lin Wu and Tatiana Morozova from MongoDB

    Fung-Lin Wu and Tatiana Morozova are powerful women handling important roles at MongoDB. It is an open-source document database used in many modern web applications. They are behind the successful acquisition and retention alignment. They have proven that working together is possible and will bring positive results to the company, especially on customer activation. 

    Show Notes

    [00:51] Their background and roles at MongoDB

    [02:42] How they keep the funnel flow smoothly from acquisition to retention

    [04:34] How they measure quality sign-ups at MongoDB

    [06:47] Frequency of their meetings to keep track of progress

    [08:51] Success metrics and OKRs used across the teams at MongoDB

    [11:32] What they do to maintain the alignment of teams

    [13:52] A proof of their success in working together

    [15:39] Teams they work with closely to ensure Product Led success

    [17:45] Their bits of advice on acquisition retention alignment

    About Fung-Lin Wu and Tatiana Morozova

    Fung-Lin Wu is the Director of Retention Marketing at MongoDB who focuses on driving user activation and engagement throughout a customer's lifecycle. She is passionate about impacting business initiatives through customer lifecycle marketing, digital marketing, demand generation, and marketing analytics. Her experience includes Growth Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Operations, and Marketing Analytics in the technology industry. 

    Tatiana Morozova is the Growth Marketing Lead at MongoDB. She is a seasonal marketing professional with a strong ability to optimize business processes and scale user growth. 


    MongoDBFung-Lin Wu's LinkedInTatiana Morozova's LinkedIn

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    How to Master Social Media in 2021 with Chris Smith #GrowthTrends (Hosted by Maja Voje)

    How to Master Social Media in 2021 with Chris Smith #GrowthTrends (Hosted by Maja Voje)

    Chris Smith is a Melbourne-based expert who is the founder and CEO of BIG Esports, a consulting firm that helps companies find their authentic voice and set up the right amplifiers to reach their audience. He also launches his podcasts on LinkedIn, where he has over 24,000 followers. In this episode, he will dig deep into creating a competitive edge on LinkedIn and other social media platforms that is super relevant for those who want to step up in the content creation game.

    Show Notes

    [01:33] How Chris started his passion and building his niche

    [03:39] The importance of skills in gaming for him

    [05:22] How he manages his time to stay active in social media

    [08:12] His recommendations in posting on various social media platforms

    [11:22] His creative team and quality content work

    [13:12] On finding the right stories for clients he works with

    [17:03] His thoughts about B2B influencers and how to find them

    [21:52] How his podcasting activities fits his social media activities

    [24:54] How he goes about the analytics for his posts

    [28:23] The metrics tracking platform he uses to monitor posts

    [30:11] His ideas on interesting collaboration on social media along the line of gaming

    [34:03] Two things to learn from gaming vertical and other good stuff for him

    [37:14] What games got hooked to at the moment

    [38:00] On using the Clubhouse app

    [39:59] Bits of advice from Chris

    [40:48] Where to connect with him

    About Chris Smith

    Chris Smith is a big expert in the gaming and Esport industry. His passion for esports and continued business growth is what comes first for him. He is into business consulting, management consulting, public relations, and project management. He used to work in marketing and Public Relations for computer-enhancing giants such as Corsair and ThermalTake. ‘Building a strong network of like-minded individuals is where he prides himself as a professional, striving for the success of those who join him in his journey. 




    Chris Smith’s Email AddressChris Smith on TwitterChris Smith on LinkedInBIG Esports

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    How to Use Customer Intent to Build Product Onboarding That Scales

    How to Use Customer Intent to Build Product Onboarding That Scales

    David Rostan is Head of Revenue (Sales & Marketing) at Stonly in New York. Stonly is a company that created a unique widget to build interactive guides to lead clients’ customers to activation, issue resolution, and success on their terms. He has previously worked with fascinating product-led companies such as Calendly as VP for sales and marketing and Dashly as Head of organic and product marketing. These companies are known for effectively scaling that improved their onboarding experiences. In this episode, David will talk about the topic at hand -- how to use customer intent to build product onboarding that scales.

    Show Notes

    [01:19] How David got fascinated in customer intent and product onboarding and scales

    [03:45] The importance of tailoring onboarding for different user intent for him

    [05:51] His view on the differences of customer intent at different stages

    [07:59] What customer intent is for him

    [10:59] On ‘asking’ as the first step to meaningfully understand customer intent 

    [14:39] On testing and seeing what resonates as the second step

    [17:27] On identifying the pattern, replicate successes, and observe as the last steps

    [23:13] What he does best to scale the business right now

    [26:23] His favorite companies using user intent

    [29:12] What intent signals he looks for to ensure success for clients

    [31:36] The results of the experiments he had on user intent to scale onboarding

    [35:27] On how to further use customer intent to scale and deliver superb onboarding experiences 

    [37:53] Ways on building the empathy muscle for him

    [40:26] Where to find out more about David

    About David Rostan

    David Rostan is a marketing bigshot with a track record of starting up and expanding mobile products and applications on the web in Fortune 100 and start-up environments. He has outstanding experience in leading all aspects of marketing strategy, such as but not limited to customer acquisition, product innovation, customer research, branding, and data analytics, to accomplish business objectives. He has accomplished so much as an entrepreneur. He has launched 3 SaaS applications and grew them via online and offline sales and marketing channels. He specializes in the following fields: digital marketing and strategy, customer acquisition and channel prioritization, customer development and market research, technology innovation and product management, team building or hiring, strategic planning (OKRs), and leadership.


    David Rostan on LinkedInDavid Rostan’s Email AddressStonly

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    7 Lessons Learned From 5 Years of Product-Led Experimentation

    7 Lessons Learned From 5 Years of Product-Led Experimentation

    Matheus Mello is the Growth and Product Manager at Productboard, a product management system that helps product managers understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap. In this episode, Matheus will talk about Product-Led experimentation -- running Product-Led experiments in your company through having a clearly defined system. Furthermore, he will share seven worth-noting lessons from his five years of experience in doing Product-Led experimentations.

    Show Notes

    [02:15] What experiment Matheus finds most exciting and coolest

    [05:53] What he thinks works and what does not in B2B that applies to B2C

    [08:48] How he comes up with experimentation ideas

    [12:32] The mistakes he thinks companies make in the context of growth experimentation

    [16:27] His recommendations for companies on starting experimentation

    [19:53] Going deep into how good friction is in improving onboarding conversion 

    [24:05] The importance of getting the whole organization involved in thinking about experimentations  

    [26:47] His bits of advice for companies on growth experimentation

    [28:24] Where to find more about Matheus and Productboard

    About Matheus Mello

    Matheus Mello is a product management and growth professional who is passionate about building valuable and outcome-driven products. He has impressive experiences in leading growth and experimentation teams, B2B and B2C SaaS, CRO, activation, monetization, and retention. Matheus has accomplished so much in his career. Among these are: assisted organizations forge and grow marketing and product experimentation processes, he made generating more than 100Million dollars worth of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) possible with successful growth experiments, he made utility products the best performing the first-purchase category of Avast in 2018, and has product managed physical and digital products globally.


    Matheus Mello on LinkedInMatheus Mello on TwitterProductboard

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    Product-Led Podcast Turns One Year Old - $2k Giveaway

    Product-Led Podcast Turns One Year Old - $2k Giveaway

    This show is memorable as Product-Led Podcast turns one! A great year of featuring world-class product leaders and learning how they grow their business through the product. Get excited as Ramli and Wes make this episode special in celebration of its first anniversary. With that, both will be sharing the Top Three big year-worth of learnings from the podcast. Listen until the end to know what surprise awaits the listeners as PLP’s way of saying thank you! 

    Show Notes

    [01:21] Wes’ biggest takeaways around the podcast

    [02:30] Ramli on recalling podcasts on empathy

    [04:00] Wes’ takeaway on on-going optimization

    [05:23] The triple-A model in Wes’ book

    [06:01] Ramli’s takeaway on the importance of working as a team

    [09:06] Making PLP better throughout the year and their requests from the listeners

    [10:28] PLP’s surprise for the listeners

    [11:16] Wes’ thank you message for the listeners

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