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Hear from teens, homeschooling parents, homeschool grads, and singles who are just like you. They love the Lord, resist temptation, sometimes blow it, struggle with relationships, and are pressing on to see Jesus face to face! Great discussions that will stretch you to live Christian lives.

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Hear from teens, homeschooling parents, homeschool grads, and singles who are just like you. They love the Lord, resist temptation, sometimes blow it, struggle with relationships, and are pressing on to see Jesus face to face! Great discussions that will stretch you to live Christian lives.

    17 Ways Churches Can Support Homeschooling

    17 Ways Churches Can Support Homeschooling

    17 Ways Churches Can Support Homeschooling

    In “17 Ways Churches Can Support Homeschooling,” Episode, #133, Meredith Curtis speaks to church members, leaders, and pastors, giving creative ways churches can minister to the ever-growing number of homeschooling families. She gives practical wisdom on what to look into in regards to doctrinal, legal, and moral issues that may arise. If you want to reach out to the homeschooling community, listening to this podcast is essential. Share it with your pastors, elders, and church leaders!



    Powerline Productions, Inc.

    Bringing Homeschool Joy to Families Everywhere!


    Show Notes

    2 fish and 5 loaves, 17 acres, and a love of learning.

    Why Reach Out to Homeschooling Families

    Rapidly growing

    Many people forced to homeschool with lockdowns

    You probably have homeschooling families in  your congregation

    There is a rapidly-growing segment of secular homeschoolers—a mission field!

    What are Homeschooling Families LIke

    Unique, different philosophies, methods, styles

    Age integration (separate by interest/abilities not age/grade)

    Some families want kids to stay in service

    Christian homeschoolers—Bible applies to all of life—Christian Worldview

    Creation Science

    Understand difference between support groups, umbrella school, co-op

    Things to Consider

    Promote Christian values or not?

    Statement of Faith?

    What activities/behavior will you allow or not allow?

    Insurance liability?

    I like 3 weeks on/1 week off

    Special Senior Year Events

    Rent Weekly to a Homeschool Co-op

    Rent to a Homeschool Co-op for Special Events

    Rent to a Homeschool Co-op for Play Days

    Start a Church Ministry: Homeschool Co-op

    Host a Weekly or Monthly Sports Day

    Host a Weekly or Monthly Mom’s Morning Out

    Host a Weekly or Monthly Homeschool Get-Together

    Host a Monthly Homeschool Speaker or Video

    Provide Babysitting for Ladies Bibles Studies

    * Littles

    * Study Hall

    * Game Room for Older Kids

    Provide Internships for Homeschool Teens

    * Office Work

    * Missions Projects

    * Sound Team/Tech/Powerpoint

    * Website

    * Visitattion

    * Worship Team

    * Sunday School

    * Grounds/Building Maintenance & Repair

    Provide Educational Workshops & Seminars

    Provide a Lending Library

    * Classic Literature

    * Living Books

    * Biographies (especially of Christian heroes!)

    * Homeschool Curriculum

    * Wholesome Family Movies

    * Dvd series

    Host a Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

    Let Retirees Servce as Teachers in Co-op

    Let Retirees Servce Giving Lessons

    * Instrument

    * Singing

    * Choir

    * Marksmanship

    * Cooking

    * Baking

    * Knitting/Crochet

    * Quilting

    * Car Maintenance

    Let Retirees Servce as Tutors

    Host a History Party

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    Christ in Easter: 10 Days of Family Fun

    Christ in Easter: 10 Days of Family Fun

    Christ in Easter: 10 Days of Family Fun

    In “Celebrate Easter: 10 Days of Family Fun,” Episode, #132, Meredith Curtis gives you a 10-day plan for Family Devotions/Fun that will engage all ages and make your Holy Week/Easter celebration meaningful for the whole family. Each day, she has Scripture suggestions, prayer focus, discussion ideas, song/hymn ideas, and fun activities. Easter is more than brand new frilly dresses and baskets packed with goodies. Easter celebrations remind us of the historical day when Jesus died for our sins, paying our penalty, and 3 days later rose from the dead, conquering death forever and setting us free! Use Easter to teach your children about the most important event in history and how it matters to each of them personally.


    Show Notes

    Holy Week is a traditional celebration of the final week in Jesus’ Life ending with the cross (Good Friday) and the resurrection (Easter Sunday). This is a little different though it Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter fall in sync with tradition Holy Week days, it does not line up with Maundy Thursday so please feel free to adapt this any way you would like to.

    For everything I share in this podcast, PLUS 6 more days, all the Scripture written out, Prophecies given in Old Testament fulfilled during Holy Week, and MORE! Get Celebrate Easter Devotions FREE until April 30, 2021 by clicking on the photo below. Happy Easter!


    Day 1 Saturday Before Palm Sunday

    Jesus is anointed at Bethany (Matthew 26:6-13 or John 12:1-9)

    Discuss the place of extravagance in worship. Drive it home with foot rubs.

    Prayer focus: thanking God

    Worship song suggestion: How Great Thou Art

    Family Fun: Decorate for Easter

    Day 2 Palm Sunday

    Triumphal Entry (Matthew 21:1-13 or John 12:12-19)

    Discuss “Hosanna”—a cry of praise that means “Help!” or “Please save me!”. Drive it home with a parade around the yard or neighborhood singing.

    Prayer focus: things you need God to help with

    Worship song suggestion: All Glory, Laud, & Honor

    Family Fun: Watch a movie about the life of Jesus

    * The Chosen (TV series)

    * The Gospel of John

    * Jesus

    * The Greatest Story Ever Told

    * Jesus of Nazareth

    * The Miracle Maker

    Day 3 Monday

    Jesus cleanses the temple (Matthew 21:12-17 or Mark 11:15-19)

    Discuss what Jesus was cleaning out—the greed/idoltry. Drive it home by pulling out the refrigerator and cleaning behind it.

    Prayer focus: purity

    Worship song suggestion: A Mighty Fortress is Our God

    Family Fun: Color Easter Eggs together

    Day 4 Tuesday

    The Plot to Kill Jesus (Matthew 26:3-5 or John 11:45-57)

    Discuss the the plot the Jewish leaders were hatching. Drive it home with creating your own plot together. Maybe you can “trick” another family into joining you for dinner.

    Prayer focus: pray for freedom from the plots of satan in our world today: sexual immorality, abortion, liberal theology, atheism

    Worship song suggestion: Fairest Lord Jesus

    Family Fun: have a Treasure Hunt or invite a family over for dinner

    Day 5 Wednesday

    Passover Feast/Last Supper (Exodus 12:1-36, Matthew 26:17-19 or John 13, I Corinthians 11:23-25)

    Discuss how the Passover Feast was fulfilled in Christ. Drive it home with a Christian Seder Meal or family communion.

    Prayer focus: greater desire to serve others

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    Stress-Free Homeschool Graduation Celebration

    Stress-Free Homeschool Graduation Celebration

    Stress-Free Homeschool Graduation Celebration

    In “Stress-Free Homeschool Graduation Celebration,” Episode #131, Meredith Curtis believes you can plan and celebrate a homeschool graduation stress-free if you plan and budget ahead. With simple explanations and examples, Meredith lays out how to plan a graduation celebration for just your family or a small group of teens. She has graduated 5 with stress-free celebrations so she shares her tips and wisdom with you! She also shares money-saving tips for every step in the process of graduation planning.




    Powerline Productions, Inc.

    Bringing Homeschool Joy to Families Everywhere!


    Show Notes

    First homeschool grad—2 graduations.

    You can plan a stress-free graduation.

    Choose the How

    Talk with your teen. What does he want?

    Quiet family celebration vs small group vs state homeschool graduation.

    Formal vs. Informal

    When to start planning? September/October senior year

    Choose the Venue for the Graduation Ceremony

    Where will graduation take place?


    Money saving tip: Jose’s graduation at a park

    Choose the Venue for the Graduation Party

    How we do it: Group graduation with reception. Later private party.

    What does your teen/family want?

    Our graduation this year.

    Money saving tip: Rose’s party at Janet’s

    Special Senior Year Events

    Growing up we had homecoming, Grad Nite, prom, senior skip day

    Special events planned by each family graduating


    * BBQ

    * Bonfire at Beach

    * Game Night

    * Junior/Senior Banquet

    * Christian Concert

    * Class T-Shirts

    * Pool Party

    * Movie Night

    * Boat Outing

    Money saving tip: Game night at our house

    Senior Photos

    Love the senior photos of my kids!

    Bring change of clothing for nice, casual, and cap-n-gown. If group—do a group photo shoot at least a month before graduation

    Shine’s photo shoots for homeschool seniors

    Money saving tip: Family member take photo or bartering or coupons for professionals

    Make Your Guest List

    Who does teen want to be there?

    Make guest list together

    Notify out-of-towners as early as possible

    Graduation Announcement

    Nice way to invite guests (2/1)

    Mail 2-4 weeks ahead and up to 8 weeks afterward

    Use templates at Walgreens®, Sams®, and other photo developing place

    Money saving tip: get it ready early and watch for sales

    Plan Menu

    Food is very important to teenagers and their guests!

    Some teens will leave the planning to you, others will want their favorite foods

    When we have a group graduation, each family brings hearty appetizers/sandwiches—enough to feed themselves and all their guests. Then we chip in for drinks and cake.

    For creative menu planning ideas, read my blog post 8 Unique Graduation Party Menus.

    Money saving tip: plan ahead and watch for sales. Have guests chip in.

    Diplomas, Gowns & More

    * Diplomas

    * Covers

    * Gown

    * Tassel

    * Hat

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    Home is the Best Place to Raise Leaders

    Home is the Best Place to Raise Leaders

    Home is the Best Place to Raise Leaders

    In “Home is the Best Place to Raise Leaders,” Episode, #130, Meredith Curtis reveals the reasons your home is the perfect place to raise up the next generation of leaders. In fact, a loving family atmosphere instills virtue, confidence, and communication skills that government-schooled children lack. Once you’re convinced home is best, how do you instill the character traits and life skills necessary for your children to stand tall in their generation? Meredith gives you practical wisdom to raise leaders at home!




    Powerline Productions, Inc.

    Bringing Homeschool Joy to Families Everywhere!


    Show Notes

    The world needs confident men and women of integrity who will lead in their homes, churches, communities, and nations.

    Natural-Born Leaders

    Natural gifting but may not truly care for those who follow him/her.

    If you are raising a natural-born leader, make sure to train them to be a godly leader.

    Godly Leaders

    Godly leadership is a combination of character, love, and skill.

    Godly leaders who make wise decisions and lead people in a way that is good and right. These men and women are rare.

    Home Sweet Home

    In the home where Jesus is Lord and His ways are put into practice, children flourish. Family members learn to love one another, treat one another with respect, work through conflict honorably, and serve those around us.

    Lovers of God

    In a home where Jesus is loved, the Bible is obeyed, and problems are attacked with prayer, children grow up to trust the Lord.

    A relationship with Jesus is the foundation for good leadership. As we humbly walk with God, He gives us all that we need to leader the people He loves.


    A home filled with lovingkindness produces children that are confident. They are willing to try new things and even fail because they know that failures don't define them.

    You see, leaders take risks and sometimes they make mistakes.

    Leaders have to deal with criticism and rejection. This requires confidence!


    Parents that value education and use all of life to teach their children produce kids who love to learn.

    A lifestyle of learning creates a sense of wonder in a child and often a strong desire to pass on what they learn to others.



    Children who are raised to do the right thing no matter who is watching and keep their word even if it's inconvenient grow up to be men and women of integrity. They tell the truth, keep their promises, and expect others to do the same.

    I cannot emphasize how important this is. Integrity is a virtue that is being lost in our day.

    Effective Communicators

    Communication is at the heart of leadership. In the age of technology, leaders often have to be able to speak, text, email, blog, and give sound bites, along with being an example of what they are teaching.

    Children who are treated with respect and engage in meaningful conversations with adults grow up to be good communicators with good manners. Yes, manners matter. Simple courtesies that demonstrate respect to others make a huge difference.

    Leaders must also handle conflict and be able to disagree with others in a respectful way.

    Servant Hearts

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    How to Use Who-Dun-It Curriculum in a Homeschool Co-op

    How to Use Who-Dun-It Curriculum in a Homeschool Co-op

    How to Use Who-Dun-It Curriculum in a Homeschool Co-op

    In “How to Use Who-Dun-It Curriculum in a Homeschool Co-op,” Episode, #129, Meredith Curtis explains how to use her most popular English course, Who Dun It Murder Mystery Literature & Writing, in a homeschool co-op setting. It’s easier than you think to teach, homeschool Mom or Dad! Teens love sharing their stories together and discussing classic cozy mysteries in book club. Plus what other course requires you to watch a detective show once a month? The student benefits—logic, creativity, literature understanding deepens, and FUN—enrich high schoolers educational experience and create happy lifetime memories!




    Powerline Productions, Inc.

    Bringing Homeschool Joy to Families Everywhere!




    Show Notes

    Welcome to our cozy mystery peer review time. We are mesmorized by the story, trying to figure out the clues.

    This is much too fun for a high school English class! Or is it?

    When It’s Your Turn to Teach at Co-op

    It’s your turn to teach the high school English course and you are stumped.

    I have a fun solution!

    Mystery lovers unite!

    Spend a year reading and writing a cozy mystery

    Benefits of Writing a Who-Dun-It

    Opportunity (or challenge) of creating a story that others will enjoy

    Writing your own literature teaches you so much about literature

    The role of logic


    Reading aloud to edit/craft

    An Overview of The Year

    First half:

    * Reading/watching/analyzing

    * Creating characters/settings/scenes

    * Write short story

    Second half:

    * Novels/short stories

    * Work on novel

    * Peer review & crafting as you go

    The Planning Is Already Done

    How the course is laid out

    Work at home

    Work in co-op

    Creating Characters & Using Dialogue & Description

    How do golden age authors do it?

    Well-rounded characters

    Quotation marks

    Close your eyes and listen—can you see it?

    Classic Literature & Substitutes

    Christie, Sayers, Chesterton, Doyle

    Children’s classics: Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Mandie, Sugar Creek Gang

    Golden Age Classic Mysteries—excellent literature!

    Why Book Clubs Help So Much

    Talking helps brain connect information

    Differing opinions lead to lively discussions

    Start with “Did you like this book—why or why not?”

    Each book club focus: characterization, setting, dialogue, tone/mood, plot

    Why TV Shows Help So Much



    Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote, Monk, Garage Sale Murders, Matlock

    Writing for Peers vs. Writing for No One

    When you are reading stories aloud, you have a purpose, an incentive

    How writers have grown with this

    Responding with affirmation and helpful advice, not critical

    Unleashing Creativity

    Creating characters, settings, plots, scenes, dialogue, surprise endings—hard work but fun!

    Who Dun It Murder Mystery Literature & Writing changes students

    The Logic of a Who-Dun-It

    Have to make sure everything lines up, is logical,

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    Raise Teens Who Love America

    Raise Teens Who Love America

    Raise Teens Who Love America

    In “Raise Teens Who Love America,” Episode, #128, Meredith Curtis urges you to be proactive in raising freedom-loving young people. It’s so easy to take freedom for granted until you lose it. America has been a beacon of freedom and hope to the entire world for centuries, but do our children and teenagers appreciate their heritage? You can raise children and teens who are enthusiastic, yet realistic about the United States of America




    Powerline Productions, Inc.

    Bringing Homeschool Joy to Families Everywhere!




    Show Notes

    Diego “I Love America”


    Cubans risking their lives to get here

    Time in Germany (“We are all watching”)

    Our Christian Heritage

    Puritans, Pilgrims, and the Great Awakening

    The influence of Jesus and the Word of God

    Learn to look at history in light of national and world culture (e.g. cursing, sexual immorality, slavery, taxes, role of women)


    Based on Bible

    God as Law-Giver, Judge, and King

    Federalists & Anti-Federalists

    Read/Discuss Constitution

    Read/Discuss Bill of Rights

    Meet the Founding Fathers

    Freedom from Slavery

    Christians Against Slavery

    Both sides of the ocean—Wilberforce, Beechers

    Underground Railroad


    Melting Pot

    Ellis Island to Interwoven in the fabric of life

    Horatio Algiers and the Rags to Riches Tales

    Freedom in Education

    Freedom vs. Government Nannies

    Giving opportunities to experience freedom, taxation, entrepreneurships

    Read biographies of brave freedom-lovers

    Raising Patriots

    Biographies (Cotton Mather, William Bradford, John Winthrop, Jonathan Edwards, George Washington, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Quincy Adams, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Daniel Webster, Charles Finney, Jedidiah Smith, Davy Crockett, Marcus & Narcissa Whitman, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Lew Wallace, Booker T. Washington, Washington Carver, Calvin Coolidge, John D. Rockefeller, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, John Wannamker, Ben Carson, Ronald Reagan)

    Listen to people who love America (Prager U, Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingrahm, Bill O’Reilly,

    Patriotic Resources (A’Beka, Bob Jones, FACE, Powerline Productions, Notgrass, Liberty Press,

    Patriotic Songs (God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner, My Country “tis of Thee, God Bless the USA)

    Movies (Patriot, Harriet, Midway, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, Dave’s Barton’s American Heritage series, Dave’s Stott’s Drive Thru American History)

    Cartoons (Learn Our History, This is America, Charlie Brown, Adventures in Odyssey)

    Conservative Authors (Cal Thomas, Rush Limbaugh, Thomas Sowell, William F. Buckley, Rand Paul, Pat Buchanan, Robert Bork, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, George Will)

    Historical Fiction/Living Books/Biographies (The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Gifted Hands by Ben Carson)

    Conservative News Sources (Newsmax, One America News Network, CBN News, Town Hall, The American Conservative, Epic Times, Daily Caller)

    Pointing out Inconsistencies

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