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    26-On Turning Ten

    26-On Turning Ten

    26-On Turning Ten

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    25-so we will go no more a roving

    25-so we will go no more a roving

    So We'll Go No More a Roving


    So, we'll go no more a-roving

    So late into the night,

    Though the heart be still as loving,

    And the moon be still as bright.

    For the sword outwears its sheath,

    And the soul wears out the breast,

    And the heart must pause to breathe,

    And love itself have rest.

    Though the night was made for loving,

    And the day returns too soon,

    Yet we'll go no more a roving

    By the light of the moon.

    By the light of the moon.

    So, we'll go no more a roving

    So late into the night,

    The speaker opens with some anaphora, repeating the same structure to begin each line: "so we'll go no more a roving / So late into the night." The word...

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    24-普鲁弗洛克的情歌 T.S.Eliot

    24-普鲁弗洛克的情歌 T.S.Eliot

    The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock

    普鲁弗洛克的情歌 T.S.Eliot

    Let us go then, you and I,

    When the evening is spread out against the sky

    Like a patient etherized upon a table;

    Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,

    The muttering retreats

    Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels

    And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:

    Streets that follow like a tedious argument

    Of insidious intent

    To lead you to an overwhelming question ...

    Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”

    Let us go and make our visit.

    In the room the women come and go

    Talking of Michelangelo.

    The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes,

    The yellow smoke that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes,


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    【放飞自我合作版3】The lion and The Mouse

    【放飞自我合作版3】The lion and The Mouse

    又一次邀请到了我最可爱的学生Miss. D, 撒花撒花;

    这一次我们很真诚,并没有像往常一样,假装没有在白板上写好script,真心放飞自我,go wilth the flow~~

    Once, when a Lion was asleep, a little Mouse began run- ning up and down upon him.

    This soon wakened the Lion, who placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

    “Pardon, O King,” cried the little Mouse,

    “forgive me this time, I shall never forget it! I may be able to return the favor one of these day?”

    The Lion was so tickled at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

    Some time after, the Lion was caught in a trap, and the hunters, who desired to carry him alive to the King, tied him to a tree while they went in search of a wagon to carry him on.

    Just then the little Mouse happened to pass by, and seeing the sad p...

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    【特别合作版-2】伊索寓言 the bat the birds and the beats

    【特别合作版-2】伊索寓言 the bat the birds and the beats


    特别来宾:Miss D.

    cast: B&D

    A great battle was about to happen between the Birds andthe Beasts. When the two armies were collected togetherthe Bat hesitated about which to join.

    The Birds thatpassed his perch said: “Come with us”; but he said: “I ama Beast.” Later on, some Beasts who were passing under-neath him looked up and said: “Come with us”; but hesaid: “I am a Bird.”

    Luckily at the last moment peace wasmade, and no battle took place, so the Bat came to theBirds and wished to join in the rejoicings, but they allturned against him, and he had to fly away. He then wentto the Beasts, but soon had to retreat, or else they would have torn him to pieces. “Ah,” said the Bat, “I see now.“‘He that is neither one thing nor the other has no friends.’”

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    伊索寓言--Town Mouse and Country Mouse

    伊索寓言--Town Mouse and Country Mouse


    Now you must know that a Town Mouse once upon a time went on a visit to his cousin in the country. He was rough and ready, this cousin, but he loved his town friend and made him heartily welcome. Beans and bacon, cheese and bread, were all he had to offer, but he offered them freely.

    The Town Mouse rather turned up his long nose at this country fare, and said: “I cannot understand, Cousin, how you can put up with such poor food as this, but of course you cannot expect anything better in the country; come you with me and I will show you how to live.

    When you have been in town a week you will wonder how you could ever have stood a country life.” No sooner said than done: the two mice set off for the town and arrived at the Town Mouse’s residence late at night. “You will want some refreshment after our long journey,” said the polite Town Mouse, and took his friend into the ...

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