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The #SpeakEasy Podcast, with host Altovise Pelzer, shines a spotlight on the shadows of Public Speaking and Book Publishing. Learn tips and resources used by some of today's leading Authors & Speakers. Special guests give insight into their journey as an Author or Speaker on special segments. These are the things you wish you knew before you started.

The #SpeakEasy Podcast Altovise Pelzer

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The #SpeakEasy Podcast, with host Altovise Pelzer, shines a spotlight on the shadows of Public Speaking and Book Publishing. Learn tips and resources used by some of today's leading Authors & Speakers. Special guests give insight into their journey as an Author or Speaker on special segments. These are the things you wish you knew before you started.

    Prove that you are a commodity with Kearn Crockett-Cherry

    Prove that you are a commodity with Kearn Crockett-Cherry

    Your personal brand plays a huge part in your success. It is attached to your name and often times your name will show up before you do. (That is if you are putting it out there for people to know more about you) This is the best time to connect and build collaborations both online and offline. Working on your success and making an impact can be done on your own but it costs more and takes longer. We are definitely stronger together.

    Understand that in any business word of mouth marketing is still one of the key ways to build your reputation and revenue. Listening to what your ideal customer needs and wants will always put you in a position to succeed. It will also take authenticity! People can always spot a taker and a giver. In the end, givers will always receive more and come out ahead of the pack. In this episode, Kearn shares her experience as the butts in seats Queen!

    Kearn dropped nuggets about what it means to show up with a brand that wants to succeed!
    ~ Show up looking like you are ready to succeed
    ~ Don't just sit and wait for things to happen
    ~ Take your experience and flip it on its head (What can you use from each experience?)
    ~ Build a brand network

    Through key conversations, you are able to be seen and heard. Yes, that even includes turning on your camera during a zoom call. Make the most of every encounter and treat social media as a networking meetup.

    Here are the five tips Kearn shared to help you get a yes for that next speaking opportunity.
    1. Always have a bio (short, mini and regular)
    2. Have a high-resolution headshot
    3. Speaker One Sheet is valuable
    4. Have a website
    5. Videos are great for your brand

    Oh, and Kearn discussed other key things that she personally looks for when going through the hundreds of speaker applications that she receives for the Power Up Summit and the Success Women's Conference. Always remember that what you bring to the event shout be valuable even before you step on the stage. Promoting, sharing in your community and other small gestures will prove that you are a commodity to the event and event host. Being invited is just part of the equation...you become an ambassador for the event.

    Meet Kearn Crockett Cherry

    One thing I discovered while building my health care business for 22 years: Success must be taken! I've found my purpose in empowering women and coaching others on how to build relationships, connections, and sponsorships. My most recent successes included co-authoring "Women Inspiring Nations" and "Unboxed: 25 Women Share How To Break Free & Soar." Two of the achievements I'm most proud of is launching my own TV show, "Unwrinkled Heart" and co-founding the Success Women's Conference (www.successconference.info), one of the Top 10 conferences for professional women in the U.S. Follow me on the Success podcast and learn more about my story — I hope it will inspire you to take your own success!


    Kearn Cherry is a speaker and coach who help individuals by empowering them to walk in their God-given gifts. As a master collaborator, she is able to show individuals how to monetize that relationships build from networking and connecting with others.

    Kearn Cherry has been creating events for over 20 years. She is known as the "Butts in the Seats" Queen. She can help you increase your profits from events and conferences.


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    Mastery of Her Business and Her Voice with Margo Lovett

    Mastery of Her Business and Her Voice with Margo Lovett

    When we talk about Her Journey in the speaking and author industries visibility always rises to the top. It is an important part of your strategy that allows you to consider yourself a master in your industry. Let's be honest, for many just coming into the industry the struggle is always visible.

    Should we pay for it?
    Can we overdose on visibility?
    Is there a such thing as bad visibility?

    The questions can be a mile long which is why I love that Margo Lovett was here to shed some light on the discussion. Going from 26 years in the corporate world to the entrepreneur journey takes strategy. She had to build Her Business and Her Voice in order to make it happen.

    Some aha moments that Margo shared included:
    - Conversations matter in order to build that know, like and trust factor
    - Learning to tailor-make your journey is important
    - Don't sell yourself short

    We all have that most important aha moment when we realize that our story and our lives are for someone else. Margo was 61 years young when she made the choice to pivot from the corporate world. That is a time when we are thinking about retirement and security. Visibility through her podcast and aligning herself with a coach allowed her transition to being a successful one.

    Margo's mic drop moment that will shift many of you is when she said that podcasting is for every industry. It will enhance you as an industry expert and people will see your passion.

    Margo Lovett is the creator /host of a podcast. Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation. Her Business features conversations with guests that support #Reinvention (becoming an author, entrepreneur, podcaster) with how-to, and inspirational information.

    At age 61, following 26 years of corporate employment, Margo #reinvented becoming a podcaster. In 2017 Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation’s first show launched, and the show has led to appearing in Marketing Insiders, Influential Leaders in Marketing, The Huffington Post, WomELLE Magazine, Bodacious Women over 50. & Vercay Magazine. Margo teaches Blueprint for Building Your Podcast at her academy Podcast Academy Online Website & listen to the podcast - https://margolovett.com/

    Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
    FB profile - https://bit.ly/2zCE1Ld
    FB business - https://bit.ly/2WZ6frh
    Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/margolovett/

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    Thangs to Consider Before You Rip Up Your 2020 Marketing Strategy with Evan Knox

    Thangs to Consider Before You Rip Up Your 2020 Marketing Strategy with Evan Knox

    Okay so let's put all the cards on the table right now. 2020 sho doesn't look like it did on our vision board and in our smart goals. In a few short months what it means to be present and visible has changed so the question now remains...what's next?

    In asking this question we have to make a decision to either start fresh, make adjustments, or keep trudging along when it comes to our marketing strategy. The results right now are all over the map. We even see that there are many who are having success right now but they are holding back on sharing their results out of respect for other entrepreneurs. There are also many who have developed a fear of investing in marketing due to COVID-19. Today's guest gave us some great breakdowns for what marketing looks like both during and after this pandemic.

    Free Marketing vs. Paid Marketing
    People always question which options are better for those on a shoestring budget and those with a bigger budget. Evan gave some options for both along with a warning. It is important that we run the numbers so we know what is working and what is not working. Without measurable success you will find yourself wasting time, energy, and money on gadgets and gimmicks.

    Your ads are an extended conversation with your target audience. Evan broke down how to make that conversation happen and where to take the conversation after the initial hello. Hey, you wouldn't walk up to someone and ask them to marry you so you can't expect your relationships with new clients to work that way either.

    Evena's big no:
    Do not boost Facebook Ads!

    I currently serve as the CEO of Caffeine Marketing, Founder of CaffeineLabs, and Partner & CMO of Bowman Fly Fishing.

    Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

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    The Virtual Launch Pad with LaChelle Barnett

    The Virtual Launch Pad with LaChelle Barnett

    5...4...3...2...1 What comes next is supposed to be launch but the launch strategy has changed. We have been shifted to a full-on virtual business lifestyle in a short period of time. LaChelle gave us a great starting point for anyone who needs to or wants to make that shift.

    1. Understand your gift
    2. Decide what you want to build

    Looking at your assets and resources will keep you from getting distracted as this shift is occurring. Asking the right questions and being able to delegate are some of those secret sauce strategies that make you stand out. Even when it comes to choosing a coach or team you have to be clear about what you need and what you want your results to look like.

    Understand that your responses to these questions will vary over time as you learn more about your business and yourself.

    Lachelle shared in our love of learning how to pivot in our business. That pivot becomes easier when you are able to go back and understand your why. Are you in this business to make an impact, to make income, or both?

    Learn more about Lachelle:

    Over the last 6 years I have been walking this entrepreneurial journey. When I started I saw an opportunity to create wealth, leave a legacy, impact the world, and even redefine myself in the process. Given my professional experience and educational background I was sure I could grow my own business. And I have, but the process hasn't looked ANYTHING like I thought it would. Honestly, I thought it would be a lot easier than it has been.

    I've been in a place where I was working hard, making a great impact but not getting paid much of anything. I've been in a place where I was traveling and speaking on stages, and STILL making little to no money. I have been overwhelmed, I've had information overload. I've hustled and stayed up all night working in my business.

    But none of these is my story today. Okay well I occasionally stay up all night but nowadays it's out of pure love of what I do and not because I'm desperately trying to make money. And that didn't work anyway.

    And it has been one thing that has allowed me to move from struggle-prenuer to operating as a true CEO, with both time and money freedom. That one thing has been operating has been understanding THE FORMULA for online business. The thing that has helped me most is understanding that brand clarity must come first. and systems must come IMMEDIATELY after. These 2 things allowed me to gain momentum by generating consistent leads and increasing my revenue. There have been the two things that have moved me from what seemed like constant frustration to days filled with excitement.

    Professional Experience and Educational Background.

    Professional: CEO of Fathers First Inc.
    Professional: Professor at Indiana University of South Bend
    Professional: Therapist at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center
    Professional: Traveling Seminar Presenter for PESI
    Education: Bachelors in Sociology (University of Dayton)
    Education: Masters in Social Work (Indiana University)
    Education: Doctore in Business Administration (one year left) (Walden University)
    Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Licenses: Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor

    Connect with LaChelle on Facebook:


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    The Global Consulting Summit Launch

    The Global Consulting Summit Launch

    Hey hey hey,

    I am super excited to announce that I was a speaker for the Global Consulting Summit where I joined over 100 women in coaching and consulting sharing secrets on how we grew our businesses.

    The host of the summit is Purvi Tantia - International TEDx Speaker and Story Coach for Women In Coaching and Consulting. Recently, her TEDx talks got promoted to TED.Com and she is also excited to share with us what led to the promotion of her TEDx talk to the TED platform on this summit.

    I had the opportunity to chat with Purvi and a few other speakers from the summit about why this was the perfect time to launch the Global Consulting Summit. We spoke about the importance of supporting and empowering women in order to impact the world in a positive way.

    Join the Facebook Community by going to the Women of Wisdom group.

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    AJ Vassar asks the question...are you overlooking you?

    AJ Vassar asks the question...are you overlooking you?

    Things have changed!

    A statement that we may not have been ready to hear but we all must embrace. The speaking and authors industries have been uprooted by the coronavirus leaving many to question what live events will look like in the weeks, months, and years to come. With this shift, we have to take a hard look at what coaching looked like compared to what it has now become.

    The playing field has been leveled for speakers everywhere. Your name is enough to get you on a stage to speak when married to the right strategy, great content, and support. It starts with knowing what your end game is.

    How will you gain visibility?
    How will you make money?
    How will you serve?

    AJ shared a hard truth during today's episode that made me pause. "There is a huge difference between education and training. Would you want your teenager to have sex education or sex training?" Right now we have access to not just training in our expertise but access has been given for education. People appreciate your authenticity but when there is room for improvement why not make the change? That education can come from studying the greats or taking a class.

    AJ shared some truths about being a speaker on stage.

    Anything can happen at times but your strength is in your ability to own who you are.
    If you are not willing to study your craft then you don't really want this.
    You can't have a new antique. (That is a quote right there!)
    Loving the process will take you further.

    AJ's final thought was that he was to be in a position to have people stand on his shoulder in order for them to be better than him.

    A.J. Vassar is a former Division One football player now living his dream in Colombia. The Author of "Day Grades" and creator of "Underground Wealth Road". After his football days, A.J. found himself homeless and a mere five years later he donated five cars to five people less fortunate. A.J now works and speaks with UnleashU Now and runs the Speakers Courses that will teach you to craft a universal message that you can take to almost any stage. From rags to riches, A.J Vassar is the international speaker, educator, and coach you need in your life!

    Connect with AJ Vassar

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