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Unfiltered Jags talk from the perspective of die-hard fans and pals. You may know us as Dilla, Solly & Cap.

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Unfiltered Jags talk from the perspective of die-hard fans and pals. You may know us as Dilla, Solly & Cap.



    The boys are finally back to talk all things 2022 Jags draft. Dilla brings you the whispers, Cap runs down his draft crushes and Solly comes with his ANNUAL JAGS LOCK I mean MOCK and his top overall prospect’s Chipotle order.

    Episode details: 

    2:46: intro

    10:22: The boys get into who they think the No. 1 pick will be on Thursday

    37:27: Cap and Dilla marvel at Solley's magnificent new beard 

    40:12: The guys get into what they would like to see happen at pick No. 33

    55:20: Cap and Dilla discuss whether they believe the Jaguars will draft a wide receiver, and who they would like the Jaguars to target 

    1:16:30: The third annual annual Solly Mock Draft as Solly is back to defend his crown as the best Mock Drafter on Twitter and takes you through what he believes the Jaguars will do with some of their picks 

    • 1 hr 38 min
    Happy Accident

    Happy Accident

    Our beloved Jags spend 44 days trying to cancel the Scoops master Dilla and their exhaustive search led them to a guy who loves ice cream just as much. Only a matter of time before they’re sharing a Super Bowl together!

    Episode information

    00:00 – 2:53: Ice cream talk

    2:53 – 9:15: The guys discuss the hiring of Doug Pederson and review his resume

    9:15 – 19:10: DILLLA discusses what went wrong with the alleged Leftwich deal and how he caught an extra L in his name

    19:10 – 28:12: The guys talk about how Dilla's Leftwich tweet sent the NFL Twittersphere into a frenzy

    31:00 – 47:27: The guys discuss the Doug Pederson intro press conference and give the local media credit for how they cooked Shad Khan and Trent Baalke

    47:27 – 1:10:10: Dilla discusses his notes on how the overall head coaching search played out for the Jaguars

    1:10:10 – 1:20:57: The guys discuss potential coaches linked to Doug Pederson as he looks to fill out his staff

    1:20:58 – 1:35:20: The guys talk about the proposed new FO restructure and names linked to the eventual EVP position

    • 1 hr 35 min
    Matt Hamilton of GMFB

    Matt Hamilton of GMFB

    Matt Hamilton (@MattHamilton25) joins us to talk about his role producing everyone’s football wakeup show Good Morning Football on NFL Network, how he fell in love with the Jags fanbase and his thoughts on our head coaching search.

    Episode details
    4:28-19:10 – Matt Hamilton introduction
    19:10-34:00 - Working at GMFB and his favorite memories
    36:03-54:11 – Matt’s Jaguars fandom and how it came to be
    54:11-1:23:58 – State of the Jaguars and potential HC candidates
    1:25:11–1:48:56 - Dilla, Solly and Cap talk about their preferred HC candidates

    • 1 hr 48 min
    Mark Long Says Blow It UP

    Mark Long Says Blow It UP

    Mark Long (@APMarkLong) joins us to discuss the clownshow that is the Jacksonville Jaguars under Team Steward Shad Khan.

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Urban Fired

    Urban Fired

    Any questions?

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Nate Tice - Trevor Pod

    Nate Tice - Trevor Pod

    Nate Tice (@Nate_Tice on the twitter machine) joins us to check in on the development of our franchise’s last hope.

    • 1 hr 32 min

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