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    Media Lynching

    Media Lynching


    Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

    The media claims that the attack on the Capitol last week was an insurrection are patently stupid. No one was trying to overthrow the government and the media, of course, knows that. There was no coup, or even attempted coup. But spinning language like that is the stock and trade of Marxists, just read a little Saul Alinsky.

    But if you notice the strategy of, first, the media elites finding the right vocabulary and then, once that's settled, pumping it out like sewage, you'll see how these phony dramas like the impeachment unfold. The word "insurrection" became the media go-to word and quickly circulated among the Marxist Democrats, proving once again that whatever the communist bastard Democrats accuse someone else of doing is exactly what they are actually doing.

    Think Hillary, think Ukraine, think Russian collusion, and, now, add to it "insurrection." Man, they are good at what they do, at twisting the narrative. And it always results in a media lynching, which was the point to begin with. Take, for example, the case of Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia of St. Louis, who unwillingly were blasted by the white-hot media spotlight for defending their home as BLM and Antifa rioters crashed through the gates of their neighborhood last summer.

    Their standing on their front stoop, ready to defend their home from those violent rioters was a scene the media had to attack because, to any normal person, it makes perfect sense to defend yourself as a mob is drawing close to your house yelling things like, "We're going to burn it down and rape your wife and kill your dog."

    The country is run by a small handful of people who hold the microphone, and no one is allowed to challenge them.

    Of course, the Marxist district attorney charged the McCloskeys with a crime. The mob? Meh, they were marching and rioting for a really good reason so that's okay. Earlier this week, we spoke with McCloskey and asked for his view of what's happening right now in America.

    The country is run by a small handful of people who hold the microphone, and no one is allowed to challenge them. The Democrat and Republican parties are now subservient to the media. It's media-owned government.

    In an extremely glaring example of, call it what you will, hypocrisy or the double-standard, McCloskey draws on his and his wife's own bad experience to highlight the perversity. And drawing the even larger point about the hypocrisy, McCloskey drew a comparison between the Washington, D.C. violence and the violence of the mob at his house this last summer.

    As the dark winter of socialism begins to descend on America, even before Biden has illegitimately taken the oath of office, the Marxist language machine is already cranking up. Anyone who supports or supported Trump is "irredeemable," "treasonous" and "unpatriotic." The table is, indeed, being set.

    It's one thing to have been labeled "deplorable" or accused of "clinging to your guns and Bibles," because those are just insults and slurs. But to be called treasonous is a whole new level because treason is a crime. One of those labels will eventually be settled on — the media is just exploring for the moment, running focus groups on which one sticks, like "insurrection" and "coup."

    The Marxist language machine is already cranking up.

    It's all part of the lynching process. To be damned by the media, you must first be accused by them of something. So they cast about, looking to see which accusation best resonates with low-information people and other Marxists. Once they land on it, they're off to the races.

    One example of this was how refusing to wear a mask or even challenging it became "unpatriotic," according to Joe Biden, the man who wants to implement a nationwi

    Getting Censored

    Getting Censored


    Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

    This Vortex episode is deliberately not being released on YouTube because it's about getting away from the Marxist-minded giant tech outfits who have complete control over what truth to squash and which lies to promote.

    Here's a little background on all this from our perspective here at Church Militant. Long ago, even before 2016, we were internally discussing that the day would arrive when this would all start to happen. We aren't prophets or weren't having visions or anything of the sort.

    If you follow us, you know we have pretty keen insights into the state of affairs in the Church and the world because we keep our finger on the pulse and speak with lots of people behind the scenes, frequently. Plus, we have some pretty insightful people here on staff as well who "get it."

    America was deteriorating long before the 2020 election was stolen, and affairs in the Church — the corruption of the hierarchy — was speeding that process along. So where we have arrived was going to be inevitable. And here we are. So before we get censored and dialed back and deplatformed, we are going to begin reducing our own footprint in the world of giant tech.  

    But — and here is the good news — in our expansion campaign last year that thousands and thousands of you contributed to (thank you again), preparation for all of this was baked into our plan. It wasn't just brick and mortar and increasing the space (which was sorely needed), but it also included a hefty chunk of change to plan for what we now see happening. 

    This steamrolling of conservatives on the internet is not going to stop. It's going to increase.

    We weren't keen on making that part widely known, in case it triggered a response from giant tech before we were ready and the time was right. Well, we are ready and the time is right. Big Tech has already censored the president. Then they started limiting and deplatforming other conservative groups.  

    Then, as you know, the hosts for Parler just dropped them because of the mass migration of faithful Catholics and political conservatives to the site. This steamrolling of conservatives on the internet is not going to stop. It's going to increase. The underlying problem is pretty simple.

    A handful of Marxist zillionaires developed all the technology, profited from government protection from being sued, constructed a monopoly, created all their own systems, collaborated on how to get all this hooked and connected and positioned themselves to exert near-total control over the masses after getting the masses to sign up.

    Now, almost everyone Googles, Facebooks, tweets and so forth; in short, they have most of the country right where they want them. In even more direct summary, it's their sandbox, and they control it utterly. People who want the truth simply cannot play in that sandbox. It's built to lie, distort the truth and push a Marxist narrative.

    As Fr. John Hardon used to say, and we have often repeated, "It's the Luciferian media." And that is not restricted to just the likes of CNN and The New York Times. It's the entire array of the massive media apparatus. The only thing they cannot ultimately control with ease is individual websites where all the content is controlled and published by the website owner.

    That's what we are here at Church Militant. We have the most robust site in the entire Catholic world, bar none. Our partner companies, who we've worked with for years, are absolute cracks at their jobs and are faithful Catholics.

    While many other Catholic outfits were, perhaps naively, relying on YouTube and so forth, we've been quietly establishing professional relationships with the best folks (professionally and in terms of Catholicism) in the business who are not

    Catholicism Is Right

    Catholicism Is Right



    Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

    We've said it a few times here at Church Militant, and it keeps bearing out: Life happens where religion and politics intersect. Kind of funny, right? Remember the two things you are never supposed to talk about? Those are the two major driving forces of life — Church and State.

    For many on the politically conservative side of the spectrum, they come to understand this truth: Separating God from the law is a recipe for disaster and the end of a civilization.

    One of those people is Ali Alexander, the force behind the "Stop the Steal" effort, which spread like wildfire all over the country in the wake of the 2020 election. So much was Alexander influenced by the link between politics and religion that he's decided to convert to the Catholic faith. 

    Separating God from the law is a recipe for disaster and the end of a civilization.

    Alexander was in the Church Militant studios recently and shared his thoughts on faith and politics as we talked in our chapel. Many faithful Catholics who also consider themselves to be patriots at the same time have been discouraged with the outcome of the vote, considering the election to be stolen. 

    Ali's been in the political war for 14 years, cutting his teeth early in his young life. But now, in his mid-30s, he says he's fully prepared for battle. The real impetus behind the Stop the Steal effort was not from 2020, but the 2018 midterms in Florida, where the cheating going on in Broward County became a major flashpoint.  

    His conversion to Catholicism could be a harbinger of many more coming to the Church (fresh from battle, blood on their swords and willing to die for the truth). Ali recognizes the need for total commitment to the cause, with no exceptions, and a willingness to pay whatever the price for Holy Mother Church and Our Blessed Lord — regardless of the particular battle.

    At one point during the interview, Ali mentioned that it was the apparition and message of Our Lady of Fatima that kind of sealed the deal for him to come to the Church. I shared with him that was the exact same story regarding my own father, Russ Voris, who, as a member of the Nazarene Church, had first become acquainted with the Fatima apparitions a couple years after marrying my mother.

    He too was brought to the Church, to Christ embodied, by Our Lord's Blessed Mother. Spiritual war is nothing if not a bloody, messy affair. The intensity level can sometimes be off the charts. For some, the constant barrage is terrifying. But for any who turn to the Catholic Church for solace as well as strength, it is given.

    The entire reason the Church exists is to quicken souls, to enliven their intellects, to fortify their wills, flood them with grace and make them warriors against the demon so as to save their souls and the souls of as many others as they are able to bring along.

    The raging political war, which is really a spiritual war, has one aim — the destruction of the Catholic Church, the only means of salvation that exists. Our true opponent is not Biden or Pelosi; it is not the entire communist front. It is Satan operating through them. 

    No political party or organization can lay a finger on the demon.

    True, they must be fought tooth and nail in the arena of politics and culture, but never without an understanding that the real enemy is the demonic force behind them, and because that is the case, only the Catholic Church — instituted by God Himself — with the power of the sacraments can defeat the Dragon.

    No political party or organization can lay a finger on the demon. Only the foot of the Woman of Genesis and Revelation can crush his head, because that is how the Divine Will ordained it, a truth that both Ali and my father came to know and

    The Catholic ‘Traitor’

    The Catholic ‘Traitor’


    Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

    If you take the "official" total numbers of votes cast on election night, which we can't really rely on (at least their distribution), we have roughly 155 million votes cast. How many of those were Catholics who voted for Trump? Well, the math is pretty simple. 

    Twenty-three percent of the vote was cast by Catholics. That's 35.5 million. Fifty percent of Catholics voted for Trump, so that's almost 18 million —18 million Catholics who could be counted, at least in general terms, as patriotic and at least somewhat-believing Catholics.

    Venerable Abp. Fulton Sheen, one of our heroes here at Church Militant, was precisely this sort of man: A solidly faithful Catholic and a patriotic American. No grass grew under his feet. He understood the dangers to humanity posed by communism. He railed against the communists frequently.

    That was in the 1950s into the 1960s. Given the constant threat of nuclear war and the Red Scare, he had an audience willing to give him an ear. And listen they did. Of course, that was before the communists had taken over all the institutions of the culture. True, they were busy actually doing it then, but they still hadn't accomplished the goal as they have now. 

    Old America is gone. New America can finally drop the disguises and make itself known.

    Back then, Sheen was viewed as a patriot. Today he would be a traitor. He'd be a "racist" or "homophobe" or simply be assigned the overall generic condemnation of a "hater." But in political terms, he'd be viewed as a traitor — not to America, but to the new America. And the new America is being ushered in. 

    Just look at the cover of the latest edition of Vogue Magazine, with Harris on the front. Look at that sub-headline: "And the New America." We are all being conditioned to simply accept the new reality. Old America is gone. New America can finally drop the disguises and make itself known. And, if you oppose it, if you cling to the old, patriotic, racist, hating America; you are a traitor.

    There is a very important point to recall with all of this — this designation of being "treasonous" or being a "traitor." Treason is what Our Blessed Lord was executed for by the State. It was not blasphemy, the original charge brought to Pilate by the Jewish religious leaders. Pilate couldn't have cared less about Jewish religious laws. That's why he dished Our Lord off to Herod for a trial.

    When Herod, also unwilling to involve himself in anything of a religious squabble, returned him to Pilate, the Pharisees suddenly changed their entire strategy. No longer was it the case that this man had broken their law. It was that He set Himself up as a king, and the only kingship they recognized was that of Caesar: "We have no king but Caesar."

    That is ultimately why Pilate ordered that Jesus be executed, not blasphemy. And since that made Him a criminal in the eyes of the empire, He was given the empire's punishment for treason. This has been the record of nearly all persecutions in the Church: Followers of Christ sooner or later run into loggerheads with the State, as the State degrades and adopts immorality as the official, legal, status quo.

    It's happening right now in China as it happened in England during the reign of Henry and Elizabeth, as it happened all over Europe during the Protestant revolt once they had attained control of the State. As a hopeful note in all this, this is the precise reason Our Lord returns as Judge on the Last Day. A judge metes out justice. And that means giving to each man according to his due.

    The last day Our Lord was physically seen on earth, he was regarded as a traitor, a threat to the established order. He was unjustly accused, tried and executed. The first case of justice being adm

    The Great Divide

    The Great Divide


    Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

    Before we begin, today is the third anniversary of my father's death. Russ Voris was a driving force behind maintaining this apostolate in its early days and years, not to mention, of course, a loving dad who was a beacon of the Faith and mentor to quite a few.  

    Please offer a prayer for his eternal rest, and thank you in advance. 

    Speaking of my father, in one way, as much as I sorely miss him, I am glad he is not seeing what's happening to this country. He was an Air Force veteran as well as a patriotic man, and the current state of affairs would be ripping his heart out. As we hear constant jabber about the so-called Great Reset, make no mistake about what's really at play here — what's really going on. 

    It's a cover for destroying all opposition to the Marxist agenda, pushed by elite globalists, under the guise of unifying humanity as we march forward arm in arm to broad sunlit uplands. That's always the front, but it's never the reality. 

    America is a divided nation, and, if we are totally honest here, it hasn't been one nation in many years.

    America is a divided nation, and, if we are totally honest here, it hasn't been one nation in many years. It's not just political differences; it's far deeper than that. Politics is always downstream from culture. People are elected and laws passed after a majority of a culture has already decided on a certain philosophy.  

    Even in the event of a stolen election, people were in place to engineer a steal because too many people accepted or were too bored to notice all the other evil they supported. America is not one country. Period. And this constant appeal by Marxists to "the people's will" and "the American people" is a complete charade.  

    There is no longer such a thing as the American people, not the way they mean it anyway. There are American patriots, and there are American Marxists — and the Great Reset is meant to be a way for the American Marxists to wipe out the American patriots.

    As much as the Marxists have tried to paint this divide, this polarization, as fringe groups or extremists or racists or white supremacists versus "the American People," the reality is this: The great divide that the Great Reset is claiming to address is really a divide over God.

    Life is lived where politics and religion collide.

    You'll get used to hearing us saying, moving forward, that life is lived where politics and religion collide. As that's true once again, or better said, here is yet another example. It's not about race, income levels, sex, zip code, geography or any other issue. It's about God and whether you live your life with or without Him. That, in sum, is the great divide in America.

    And the Marxists can't really come right out and say that — at least not yet, anyway. For the moment, they need to paint true believers (orthodox believers) as, not looney, but haters who seek to divide "America" with their crazy theology. But, of course, this only applies to faithful followers of Christ. It will never be applied to Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religion (or non-religion for that fact).

    Any belief is acceptable (just like in the Roman Empire) as long as it admits that the State has final say and is not challenged in its prevailing dogma. The Great Reset is, indeed, a reset — re-setting back to a pagan culture wherein the real God is denied and His true religion outlawed.

    Converting America

    Converting America


    Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

    So political events have now come to an end and finished in the way none of us wanted to see. Okay, we have to deal with that reality. As faithful Catholics and patriotic Americans, the last two years have been quite the eye-openers, and it is on that point that we'd like to offer some words of encouragement. 

    Everything that has gone wrong in the culture the last 60-plus years can be laid at the feet of the U.S. hierarchy. That sad fact has to be stared directly in the face. Church Militant has been trumpeting this clarion call for years. But, here in the U.S., the collapse of the hierarchy took on a special dynamic unique to the United States. 

    America was born in the context of a strange mix of so-called Enlightenment principles of fraternity, liberty and equality, paired with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 

    That all sounds good and everything, but just like a Vatican II document or virtually any utterance from the Francis Vatican, it all depends on how you interpret it. The deadly ingredient in all that was established at the beginning of the nation was the ambiguity of it. 

    Fraternity, liberty and equality each had a very solid Catholic interpretation prior to the age of so-called philosophers (which led to the Enlightenment and eventual French Revolution). Each of those values must find its basis in God.

    Realize the tremendous opportunity we now have to erect a civilization of truth and justice built on a Catholic understanding of fraternity, liberty and equality.

    Humans have fraternal bonds only because we are each creatures of God, made in His image and likeness. Without that grounding, we are no more "fraternal" than a pack of wolves or a herd of sheep — being related in no other way than mere biology. 

    Likewise, liberty is a quality humanity enjoys because of a free will God has given us, which translates into the freedom to choose Him and His will, not whatever we want. While we do have the ability to choose evil, we are not "free" to choose it, and, when we do, we lose our freedom to act toward the good. Just ask an addict of any sort.

    And with regard to equality, again, Catholic teaching asserts the truth that all men are equal with respect to our God-given dignity, which cannot be trampled upon because of our race, ethnicity, sex and so forth. Pairing those properly understood interpretations with freedom of speech and freedom of religion is a good thing and would produce a healthy nation and culture.

    People should be free to speak truth, and they should be free to discover the truthful religion (this freedom should be promoted by a government committed to the proper understanding of fraternity, liberty and equality). But without the Catholic lens, the interpretations of fraternity, liberty and equality can easily go astray, as we see playing out in front of us.

    All you would need is the removal of the Catholic lens and its replacement with a humanist lens and, voila, you get communism. Sooner or later, that's where you arrive. Divorced from God, which ultimately results in a divorce from objective morality, these Catholic principles become distorted beyond all recognition.

    The first one to become deformed is liberty, which gets mangled to produce virtually unfettered freedom to do whatever someone wants. And paired with freedom of speech, it becomes a vehicle to promote lies. Every single institution on the Left, which has been taken over by the Marxists, has seen wild success in this area. 

    From universities to the media, this has resulted in a culture of lies dominating people's daily lives. The concept of equality has been so distorted without its mooring to Catholic truth that, now, actions (not people) are all treated as equal and

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