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Conversations & Coffee Conversations is a podcast brought to you to enlighten other peoples stories and expierences.

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Conversations & Coffee Conversations is a podcast brought to you to enlighten other peoples stories and expierences.

    # 58 Conor O'Keefe

    # 58 Conor O'Keefe

    Conor O'Keefe has been forced to press pause over the last couple of days.

    A torn chest muscle is the price for the punishment the ultra-runner’s body took last month.

    The initial plan for April was to run 32 marathons in 32 counties. That, of course, was before Covid-19 stepped in, the pandemic lockdown rendering Project 32 a non-starter.

    But rather than bow to the virus and its attendant restrictions, O’Keeffe plotted an alternative undertaking.

    Working within his 2km radius, the 28-year old Glanmire native set himself a series of daily tasks, all of which would be tackled to raise money for Pieta House, which provides counselling for people who are suicidal.

    O’Keeffe’s recent diary entries make for an exhausting read.

    On April 9, he knocked out 320 push-ups as part of his 10,000 end-of-month

    target, 13 consecutive minutes of burpees as part of a 14-day burpee challenge, and, just as a gentle warm-down, he pulled a car for 1km.

    On April 19, he ran 66km.

    By this point, though, his body was in torment. A stabbing pain burned inside him. He was dizzy and light-headed. Walking up the stairs left him breathless, a most unfamiliar experience for an ultra-runner.

    The white flag was eventually hoisted. Temporarily, mind you. His final undertaking — running around the back-garden patio for a minimum of 24 hours straight — has been pushed back by one week to this Friday and Saturday, May 8 and 9.

    For a young man who thrives off such a hectic and limit-pushing existence, the forced inactivity of the past week, coupled with the world around him also being on hold, is rare.

    There was a time when this unhurried pace of life would have greatly unsettled O’Keeffe. He’d have sought to outrun it, as he did for most of his 20s. He’d have turned to booze; anything to avoid being left alone with his thoughts.

    He no longer drinks; he hasn’t since January 26 of last year.

    Depression no longer stalks him.

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    # 57 Glenn Murray & Darragh Carroll

    # 57 Glenn Murray & Darragh Carroll

    In this episode of Conversations & Coffee podcast we chat to Glenn & Darragh about their travelling experience on a pirate ship, exploring the world, how they met, boxing, cooking, mental health, Irish agriculture and much much more.

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    # 56 John Fagan | RTE's Special Forces: Hell Week Winner

    # 56 John Fagan | RTE's Special Forces: Hell Week Winner

    John is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a registered member of CORU, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP), and the Health Professional Council (HPC).

    He is a previous Irish international athlete in the 400m Hurdles with a wealth of experience in high performance and rehabilitation. While on a sporting scholarship at Dublin City University, John spent time studying and working with world champion track and field athletes and coaches in Georgia, USA gaining valuable training methodologies and injury prevention for the sporting population. John graduated with a BSc. Honours degree in Sports Science and Health in 2013 and then completed a Masters in Physiotherapy at the Robert Gordon University in Scotland.

    John returned to Dublin in 2016 and went on to qualify as a Polestar Pilates Instructor. He then moved to Aut Even Hospital in Kilkenny, where he worked on the orthopaedic ward.

    In 2019 he was selected as physiotherapist for Athletics Ireland. He travels internationally, providing physiotherapy for our national track and field athletes.

    John is the winner of RTEs "Ultimate Hell week" in which he competed alongside his twin brother Michael. John brings the same grit, determination and ambition to succeed that we all see in Ultimate Hell Week to his physiotherapy and pilates work!

    John believes that movement and research based evidence are the first steps to recovery. John works closely with Leah, orthopaedic consultants and other physiotherapists to ensure the best care for his patients.

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    # 55 Darren Conway

    # 55 Darren Conway

    Yes, you are correct Darren Conway is back on the podcast again for a chat!

    Since Darren appeared last time there has been many changes in his journey, for the better. With more viral videos, more funny content and some could say a different style with some new roles and impersonations.

    This has clearly shown all audiences whether it be through Darren's Instagram, Facebook etc. that he is constantly trying to improve in all aspects for the viewers. Darren chats about future plans, upcoming projects and a sneak peak into the process of how he creates such comedic content.

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    # 54 Jonathan Ernesto's Coffeeshop

    # 54 Jonathan Ernesto's Coffeeshop

    Ernesto's is situated on the Rathgar Road, just a stone's throw from the centre of the suburb but far enough away from the hustle and bustle. That's not to say it's particularly quiet in there.

    If you don't get down early enough on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you might need to wait a few minutes for a table or make do with the outdoor seating just out the front - a great shout for summertime, not so much for winter.

    Given its location in the home The Dubs, a local sporting theme is retained by framed, match-worn Dublin jerseys which hang overhead. A quick scan of Ernesto's on Instagram shows that Sam Maguire is also a frequent visitor with Dublin players often dropping by to show off Ireland's most famous cup.

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    # 53 Nadia Power | Irish Middle Distance Runner

    # 53 Nadia Power | Irish Middle Distance Runner

    22 year old Nadia Power grew up and lives in Templeogue, Dublin and went to school in St,Mac Dara’s Community School

    Nadia began athletics at eight years of age in her local club moving from sprint up to middle distances. Represented Ireland at Youth and U20 levels with her first medal success at the U23 European Championships in 2019. Won her first senior national title at the Indoor Track & Field Champions 2020 winning the 800m.

    Enjoyed playing Camogie and was on the Dublin development teams and won the Division 1 Dublin U14 Feile and U16 championship with her team, St.Judes.

    Currently studying Marketing, Innovation and Technology in Dublin City University

    Some of Nadias key achievements:

    2020: Set a new personal indoor best of 2.05.62 and won her first senior title at the national indoor championships

    2019: European U23 800m Bronze Medal, 2019. Ran personal best in the 800m of 2:02:39 & in the 1500m of 4:13:93

    2017: Running a personal nest to qualify for the u20 European 1500m final

    2015: Qualified for World Youth Championships by running a personal nest by 5 seconds over the 1500m

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