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Enjoy a new episode in the Dekmantel Podcast Series every Monday!


    Dekmantel Podcast 292 - Kate Miller

    Dekmantel Podcast 292 - Kate Miller

    It was local word of mouth that elevated Australian Kate Miller from local to international notoriety. Her ability to fluidly jump genres and eras always leaves dance floors in a spin, and after emerging in Melbourne she followed the music to Berlin when she eventually became resident at the Oscillate party at ://about blank. Those sets allowed her the freedom to explore and pick up a fan base, and now she is someone who tells long and winding stories, with selections and feelings that define her sets more than tempo or technicality.

    The 90 minute session Kate lays down for us is perfectly warm and rhythmic. It's united by rubbery kicks and deep, warm sub bass, but ever changing kick patterns and synths that range from absorbing and ambient to dark and paranoid always keep things moving. It is the sound of a DJ who is always in control, a masterclass in tension and release that means you're always on the edge, excited for what is to come.

    FFT - Forward
    Ulla - Leaves and Wish
    D. Tiffany - 4leaf
    DJ Sacom - Wisdom
    DJ Python - ooophi
    Toma Kami - Unreleased
    ITOA - Top Deck
    Spooky - J - Pfer
    YOUTH - Diamonds
    Facta - 4C Loop
    Cop Envy - Diving Board
    Mr. Mitch - Need More Fashion Friends
    SP:MC - Vintage
    Low End Activist - 19STR8BK
    Sepehr - Unfold Your Myth
    Kush Jones - Pre-Club Workout (feat. DJ Swisha & James Bangura)
    James Bangura - Broken Mind
    Jana Rush - Midline Shift
    DJ Fulltono - Melt into the Floor
    Raime - Ripli
    SNKLS - Isandula
    Flore - Uncoded Language
    FFT - Fask
    Toma Kami - Unreleased
    El Trick - Ko ko dak dak
    J. Majik - Hold You
    exael - Composure
    Kate Miller - Parker Street

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Dekmantel Podcast 291 - GAIKA

    Dekmantel Podcast 291 - GAIKA

    GAIKA has been hailed as one of Britain’s most vital rappers. His confrontational music — and writing — is proudly Black, addressing as it does issues of the immigrant experience, gentrification and violence. It’s been called everything from gothic dance hall to industrial electronics for the way it distills Caribbean traditions and the contemporary sound of London, while he sees himself more of an afropunk with eyes very much on the future. Next to a full length and a number of EPs on Warp, this month he has collaborated with NAAFI affiliates on his new EP 'Seguridad' — which is out now —, while his collective The Spectacular Empire continues with its series of streams aimed at celebrating Black culture and raising money for Black causes.

    Over the course of an hour on this week’s mix, GAIKA serves up a positive musical selection. There are times when things get impossibly smooth, but pained passages often follow. It means one minute glossy r&b and purple funk fest you up, then gorgeous original instrumentals and sombre strings bring you back down. Complex and wide-ranging, it’s a mix that goes way beyond club functionality, instead managing to tell the sort of personal stories that real mixtapes should.

    • 58 min
    Dekmantel Podcast 290 - Talismann

    Dekmantel Podcast 290 - Talismann

    Talismann is the techno alias of the Dutch house artist Makam. Under this name he makes dark, dubby, wormhole techno that is designed for dance floor meditation, and he exclusively serves it up on his own self titled label. The man behind the music stays in the shadows, and while his output is often heavy and doom laden, it is also alluring mysterious and atmospheric in a way that is never too oppressive.

    Today we're treated to a special mix filled with up-to-now unreleased tracks from Talismann's forthcoming, multi-part album 'Percussion'. Part 1 lands today on Bandcamp, however, with more to follow later in summer. Hearing all this material together in a mix, as the artist indeed, is a special treat which makes for a perfectly sequenced trip through empty industrial spaces, thronging warehouses and alien planets. It is hugely rhythmic, compelling techno, but is finished with a subtle sense of sound design that makes it as cerebral as it is physical.


    • 1 hr 17 min
    Dekmantel Podcast 289 - Jamie 3:26

    Dekmantel Podcast 289 - Jamie 3:26

    Jamie 3:26 has been a pivotal part of the Chicago scene for decades. Hailing from the South Side, he has been immersed in the city’s musical culture since day one, and not long after started to help shape it with his own expressive DJ sets and edits. Many of them made it into A Taste of Chicago on BBE, a compilation he put together of his own early takes on Windy City mainstays like Chip E, Jungle Wonz and Braxton Holmes back in March. Over the years, he has held various residencies in the city and soon went on to break out onto the international circuit, where he continually represents his hometown sound with real authority.

    Opening up with what sounds like a snippet from a pastor’s sermon, there is plenty of real life spirituality in this mix from the off. The ensuing two hours are a real lesson in groove and emotion, a panoply of house, funk, soul and disco that is loose limbed and expressive but also masterfully sequenced so as to tell a real story. It is a wonderfully widescreen representation of a city from someone who knows it as well as anyone, and one that will have you cutting loose and shifting shapes in no time.

    • 2 hrs
    Dekmantel Podcast 288 - Juliana Huxtable

    Dekmantel Podcast 288 - Juliana Huxtable

    Juliana Huxtable continually crosses boundaries and breaks down borders. Her multidisciplinary art takes in writing, performing, poetry, DJing and running the Shock Value nightlife project in New York, where the Texan currently lives. She explores themes of history, the body, the internet and much more, often with a strong sense of personal identity. Next to solo exhibitions she has authored two books, worked as a Visiting Artists Program lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is involved with a number of collectives that challenge gender norms, interrogate notions of race and engage with socio-political issues and sexuality, often in visceral ways.

    This week's mix is just as direct and physical. It is a sound college filled with rage and confrontation, where brutalist industrial textures and squealing synths crash into banging techno. Human voices are mangled into walls of white noise and uncontrollable machines run riot in what could be a soundtrack to the end of the world, or the start of a new one.

    • 59 min
    Dekmantel Podcast 287 - Kelly Lee Owens

    Dekmantel Podcast 287 - Kelly Lee Owens

    Welsh singer, musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens has come a long way since her former life as a nurse. That was during her teens, before she went on to work in London's Pure Groove Records, play bass in shoegaze band History of Apple Pie and then link with Daniel Avery to provide vocals on his Drone Logic album. Those sessions had a big impact and served as the catalyst that fully converted Owens to techno. In 2017, her self titled debut album confirmed she was a vital new voice and picked up critical acclaim. Showcasing a bouncy, pop laced take on the genre, it was truly unique and will be followed up by new album Inner Song in August this year.

    Ahead of that comes a mix that plays with bendy bass and rubber kick drum patterns that can go from club ready one moment to more uncanny the next. Drones, resonant frequencies and a real grasp of empty space and absorbing atmosphere all define the journey, which means there is plenty of time to think, get drawn in and lost in sound.

    • 1 hr 1 min

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