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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

    Bonus Episode: 9/11 & 25th Hour

    Bonus Episode: 9/11 & 25th Hour

    I wasn't sure what to say or write about today or even what happened 20 years ago. So I just got out a microphone and put out my thoughts through this quick bonus episode in addition to including a previously recorded review of 25TH HOUR that Patrick and I once shared for the Spike Lee podcast. Hopefully you are reflecting, remembering and holding on as best you can. Share your thoughts on this film or any feelings you have over at directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

    00:00 - 19:29 - Monologue + Thoughts
    19:30 - 33:30 - 25TH HOUR
    Spike Lee Director's Club Episode:

    • 33 min
    Episode 191: John Sturges (feat. Sergio Mims)

    Episode 191: John Sturges (feat. Sergio Mims)

    Jim here! I'm back as your monthly host! And since this era of filmmaking isn't necessarily my area of expertise, of course I had to recruit a "magnificent" returning guest by the name of Sergio Mims who of course adores the Western genre and even came up with the roster of underseen titles by the great John Sturges. You may know him as the director of such beloved classics like THE GREAT ESCAPE, but we mainly focus on lesser-known works that you should try to seek out. We avoid spoilers through most of the films and mention how you can track down a lot of these hidden gems. Gone are the parody songs but returning is the "what we watched" segment in which I review a couple of new releases (EMA, VAL) and Sergio talks about the documentary SEARCHING FOR MR. RUGOFF. Thank you again to Patrick for filling in these past three months for some excellent episodes you should check out if you haven't yet. Much gratitude as always to the walking Wikipedia of film knowledge as well for joining me in this fun discussion!

    00:00 - 13:19 - Introduction
    13:20 - 42:23 - What We Watched Recently (new releases)
    42:24 - 01:16:00 - Sturges In The 50s
    01:16:01 - 01:53:14 - Sturges In The 60s & 70s
    01:53:15 - 02:09:54 - Wrap-Up / Outro
    Download Sturges' BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK commentary:
    Sergio Mims' Essay On Sergeant Rutledge:
    Sergio Mims' Tribute To Robert Downey Sr:
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    Episode 190: Wong Kar-Wai Redux

    Episode 190: Wong Kar-Wai Redux

    Nearly ten years ago, Jim and Patrick tried doing an episode on this beloved Hong Kong filmmaker but technology wasn't entirely cooperative back then. It was still released, but incomplete. Now many episodes later, Patrick returns sans Jim to try again with some great help as always from reliable, returning guest and podcaster extraordinare Bill Ackerman (Supporting Characters). This time, they each go through the entire filmography of Wong Kar-wai starting from the very beginning. Five hours later, they reach the end! So grateful to both Bill and Patrick for their incredible hard work and stamina for what's yet another enjoyable conversation about a masterful director whose In The Mood For Love is considered one of the all-time greatest films. Thank you to Patrick for filling in these past three months as well.

    • 5 hrs 16 min
    Movies You Should See #1: What Happened Was (1994)

    Movies You Should See #1: What Happened Was (1994)

    No, the old format didn't go away. This is just something special. If you want more bonus content like this, please join the Director's Club Patreon for only $5/month. You'll help support this show, Voices + Visions and the Now Playing Network. In the introduction, I establish a new monthly offering for those wanting more shorter content in the future in addition to the regular show. Hopefully there will be even more to come depending on guest availability / contributions. This is just a sample, posted in the regular feed for all of you to enjoy.

    The gist of "Movies You Should See" is simply just that, in which a guest comes on to talk with me for under an hour about a title they're passionate about and that I've been meaning to catch up with. Today's guest is none other than Bill Ackerman (also coming on later this month w/Patrick for Wong Kar-Wai). We analyze the many strengths of Tom Noonan's fascinating play adaptation, WHAT HAPPENED WAS, which is becoming a new favorite of mine the more I see it. It was fun not only to talk about the movie, but the characters' unexpected interactions and how awkward & funny a first "date" can actually be. We hope enjoy this new form of bonus content and see you over on Patreon for more!
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    Episode 189: Tony Scott

    Episode 189: Tony Scott

    Great Scott! Patrick returns to host a different approach to an episode in which he and returning guest Andrew James run down an entire filmography. So no more what we watched segment or parody songs just three and a half hours focused on action director Tony Scott starting at the beginning of his career all the way to the end. Follow along with the filmography below as well as follow both Patrick and Andrew on Letterboxd. Stay tuned next month for Patrick's final stint as guest host alongside Bill Ackerman when they run down the filmography of Wong Kar-wai. Thanks as always for listening and stay tuned for some bonus content in the months to come!

    Tony Scott:
    Andrew James:
    Patrick Ripoll:

    • 3 hrs 36 min
    Episode 188: Louis Malle

    Episode 188: Louis Malle

    Jim is taking the summer off but Patrick is back as your host for the next three official episodes of the show! First up is the renowned French director Louis Malle who has had a lot of varied work throughout his career, several of which are brought up during the episode but the main focus is on Elevator To The Gallows along with Vanya On 42nd Street. Returning guests Robert Reineke (Still Watching The Skies) along with Regina Linn (Consistent Panda Bear Shape) join in on the conversation and have lots to say about the majority of this filmmaker's work in addition to the What We Watched segment as always. Stay tuned for late June when Patrick takes on the work of blockbuster filmmaker Tony Scott.

    00:00 - 01:58 - Introduction
    01:59 - 03:10 - What We Watched Song
    03:11 - 41:18 - What We Watched
    41:19 - 42:21 - Director Song
    42:22 - 02:56:39 - Louis Malle Discussion
    02:56:40 - 03:04:53 - Top 3 Favorites / Outro
    Jim’s New Interview Feat. Actress/Artist Sabrina Lloyd:

    • 3 hrs 4 min

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