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Empowering you to live creatively and to THRIVE while doing so! A Podcast by professional artist & educator, Emily Jeffords,

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Empowering you to live creatively and to THRIVE while doing so! A Podcast by professional artist & educator, Emily Jeffords,

    State of the Studio Address // an honest look behind the scenes

    State of the Studio Address // an honest look behind the scenes

    This episode of going to be a bit raw and real. A lot has evolved in the studio since we last talked.

    I‘ve hired a whole new team (including my husband!).
    We are continuing the things that work while doing our best to weave sustainability into the productivity.
    My creative practice has ebbed and flowed and I‘ll bring you behind the scenes on that process. 
    I‘m opening the doors to The Creative Maven Mastermind tomorrow (October 21st)! I am SO EXCITED about offering this year-long mastermind again. If you are craving a space to nourish your dreams, grow your business, and step into greater success, then apply to join us! Applications are open for just under a month. 
    Traveling, resting, working on health...

    Last summer we talked about burnout (episode 41, August 30th 2020) and the process of healing from Burnout has been slow and constant. A metaphor came to me while expressing how this process feels that I think is helpful. 

    Our journey happens within a beautiful mountainous landscape. There are meadows, cliffs, valleys...
    When you ”burn out” you are, essentially falling over the edge of a cliff -- you might fall incredibly far or just a few feet. The recovery time may look different depending on how far you fall and how much energy you have to tap into. Climbing back up the mountainside is just part of the healing process.

    The other part is a bit sneaker. We know that falling over the cliff is less than ideal - right? that makes sense. However, we tend to flirt with danger just a bit. Maybe it‘s the hustle culture. Maybe it‘s the stack of shoulds and ”musts” consistently in our orbit. Maybe it‘s poor habits formed early... regardless, learning that hovering near the edge of that cliff is not a sustainable way to live. I like to be close to that edge. I like the pace of it, the energy required, the ”effort” of it all -- however, health (mental, physical, emotional, relational health) is not possible when near the cliff. People can‘t come near you. You can‘t make one wrong move. There is too much at risk. 

    My focus for 2021 and 2022 is learning to take consistent steps away from the cliff edge and into the safe and gentle spaces of the meadow where I can dance and sing and create without risk or fear. Where there is space to move and take bolder actions because the risks are less extreme if they fail. There are a lot of layers to HOW we can do that as profitable entrepreneurs (we can‘t just play all day -- though that would be lovely).

    Practically, this means hiring a team, establishing boundaries around my energy, setting expectations, being a bit more flexible/generous with deadlines and timelines, and (most importantly) respecting myself enough to care for myself. 

    If you can resonate with this, you are in good company. We can grow and progress together -- away from the cliff. Just back away from the cliff a little more each day. We can do this. ;)

    2020-21 has been exhausting. We‘re doing so, so well. Now it‘s time to allow a little ease and healing into our lives. 

    This is important because when we are nourished we are able to create good and nourishing work. Let your work be big and bold in the world, dear Creative!

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    MHN on Share Vulnerably & GROWING Because of It -- with Morgan Harper Nichols

    MHN on Share Vulnerably & GROWING Because of It -- with Morgan Harper Nichols

    I have a VERY special episode for you today: a conversation with Morgan Harper Nichols.  Morgan is a writer, artist, poet, singer, and SO much more. She is deeply generous with both her art and in this podcast conversation.  

    If you want to see Morgan's work, head here to go to her website, shop, and Instagram. 

    Morgan recommended a song called "Constellations" by Brenden James which you can find here.

    Go follow and say "HI" to Morgan -- she really generously showed up for this sweet community during a season that was especially tiring and I'm so grateful for that. 

    And join The Collective!  This space is designed to enable Artists to thrive.  Your business is ready for growth. YOU are ready for growth.  Let's grow faster and more beautifully together!


    The Artist's Path to Success workshop is available until tomorrow night (May 4th) as well!  It's totally free so go tune in today!

    xo, Emily

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    The Artist's Path to Success! Welcome to Season 5

    The Artist's Path to Success! Welcome to Season 5

    Let’s cut right to the chase.  We’re here because running a creative business can be confusing.


    We fill our studios with stacks of work, our hearts with big dreams, but are offered NO direction when it comes to turning those big dreams into a career.  

    But NOT anymore.  We have big dreams for our creative work and -- GOOD NEWS -- they are valid and totally attainable.  


    Inside of this episode (which is WAY MORE like a workshop -- get your notebook out), we're going to walk through the exact steps needed to grow your BUSINESS.



    The Collective is OPEN!  Just for a few days though.  Join us.  This space is designed to intentionally empower Creatives to grow.  

    The Artist Path to Success Book-- a gorgeous, FREE, 38-page book that will clearly walk you through each step in your progress.  You are not walking this path alone. 

    Want to WATCH this workshop (we're visual people, right?) Well, you can!  This workshop will be live through Tuesday, May 4th, so tune in ASAP! 


    Let's take a look at The Artist’s Path to Success



    Ground yourself in creativity. Dedicate your energy to pursuing art. Develop your signature style and vision. Profit:

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    Level Up! Level Up! 🥰 Evaluate, Share, and Elevate!

    Level Up! Level Up! 🥰 Evaluate, Share, and Elevate!

    Making Art Work is open through tomorrow!  Join us if you're ready for some massive growth in 2021


    But first, let's take it back.  In 2010 when I officially began my fine art career I did NOT have an aspirational brand. I didn’t even know I had a brand (though, yes, I did — we all do). I was deeply undervaluing my work, my voice, my efforts, and, in doing so, I was also undervaluing my collectors.

    Think about it this way — if someone buys something for their home or themselves, they want to enjoy that thing. It matters to them.  They find pleasure in it. 

    In order to enjoy something, we have to VALUE it.

    When you know what you create and WHY it matters, you can easily and naturally share that love with your audience.

    So HOW do you elevate your work?
    Head consistently in the right direction.

    Know WHY you create and why that matters

    Understand your works value and aesthetic merits

    Recognize the overall impact your work is creating as a whole (this is your brand)

    Consistently raise your expectations for what your work can be in the world.


    I began my business by selling a $1 painting. I grew from that deeply undervalued place to a creative practice with collectors on every continent, consistently sold-out collections, and a practice that offers me financial and emotional freedom.


    Sharing, writing, and talking about your work is never truly easy. It is a vulnerable act of bravery! But, without that bravery, your work is mute. Your work is hidden. And that’s not what it was designed for!

    With your why and your vision in mind, think of how to translate that to the world. If this feels overwhelming right now, DON’T WORRY. This is the focus of Making Art Work and I will coach you through this process.

    View your brand from the outside.  How does your work objectively feel to your ideal customer or collector?

    When you share your work with your audience online is your work being elevated and valued?
    How about in-person?

    There are ALWAYS ways to continually elevate and build-up, and REFINE your work, marketing, and presentation. This is a good thing! It means you get to keep creating and refining!

    As you go through this process, don't be too hard on yourself.  Remember, you are just finding paces to play inside your business!
    When needed, give yourself a COMPLIMENT SANDWICH. (it works on others and it works on yourself)

    Give yourself a two compliments + with an improvement in the middle


    Remember, sustainability = satisfaction + progress. If you don’t find joy in your work you are going to be burnt out.


    Making Art Work is open through tomorrow!  Join us if you're ready for some massive growth in 2021

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    "Eeew... I Have a What?" Yep! You have a BRAND

    "Eeew... I Have a What?" Yep! You have a BRAND

    Let me see if I've got this right:
    You create good work (check!)
    You know your buyers are out there (somewhere…?)
    You know you can sell your work more effectively, but there's something missing. Something isn't working quite right yet, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

    I'm going to say a dirty word. You ready?

    It's your BRAND.

    Yep. You. You have a brand.
    I know… It's weird. And feels gross at first.
    And also kind of fancy!

    BUT, hear me out!

    Let's talk about what a brand is before we get all bristly and closed off. A brand is far more than a logo. It is far more than your website. It's not your icons, graphics, images, the tiny alligator on your shirt, the label in your coat…

    Your brand is the feeling people experience when they come in contact with your work. How cool is that! Now, allllll the things mentioned above absolutely matter and help to convey your brand, but they are not the brand.

    In fact, your brand is anything but stuffy or snobby or slimy. Your brand is beautiful

    And now that you know you have a brand, we can work to make it so much more impactful and meaningful!


    And now, GO CREATE A BRAND MOOD BOARD!  You can share it in our private Facebook Group too! 


    MAKING ART WORK is opening tomorrow!  Check out all the course details and goodness here.  Is it right for you?  Feel free to reach out with any questions!   learn@emilyjeffords.com 

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    THIS IS A GOOD ONE -- Sharing Your Vision With Your Audience

    THIS IS A GOOD ONE -- Sharing Your Vision With Your Audience

    What does it mean to share your vision with your audience?  

    How can you trust that your art can speak clearly and effectively in the world?

    How can you build up your work so that it is VALUED by the right people?

    Get clear on why your work matters to you

    Look at your work from the outside — is it speaking in the way you intend?

    Learn to convey that value to others

    Define who your ideal audience is and where they feel most comfortable

    Use empathy to share your work effectively

    This episode is long, but I recommend grabbing a notebook and settling in!  We uncover SO MUCH mindset work and practical advice for you as you GROW.


    Making Art Work -- a 12-week course design to help your creative career THRIVE

    Share the Work Video Series -- a free mini-course

    Download the free work page for this episode 


    Want to WATCH this episode?  You can!  Click here to see me live in my studio!  CLICK HERE



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4.7 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

Evelyn Barry Artist ,

Review from Ireland ☘️

Full of so much practical info for marketing your artwork and full of inspiration to keep going and find your own way ❤️ thank you so much Emily - I’ve listened to some episodes a few times over! ❤️

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