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Empowering you to live creatively and to THRIVE while doing so! A Podcast by professional artist & educator, Emily Jeffords,

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Empowering you to live creatively and to THRIVE while doing so! A Podcast by professional artist & educator, Emily Jeffords,

    A Decade of Learning: Living in Poverty, Making Beauty, Growing Stronger Every Day (part 1)

    A Decade of Learning: Living in Poverty, Making Beauty, Growing Stronger Every Day (part 1)

    TEN YEARS as a professional fine artist!  Woohoo!  What a surreal moment this is for me.  What a journey it has been! 
    But it hasn't been easy.  Would you believe me if I told you I sold my first painting for $1?  The $2?  
    In this episode, I bring you through the early years of my creative career, from spare bedroom studios and $1 paintings, to West Texas and the start of my (old) blog BeautifulHelloBlog.com, to Charleston and my new creative adventures as a REAL artist making $400 a month, a failed art show, the beginning of my Instagram account, waves of bounty and poverty... it was a hard start with a lot of growing pains, but a beautiful, expansive journey.  
    In the summer of 2013, after what felt like a true crucible and test of my resolve, I began supporting our family with my art.  
    I am so thankful that art kept me grounded.  Otherwise, where would we be today?  Maybe the risks are the reason we are here today and the reason art feels so deeply beautiful. 
    Please know that if you are feeling adversity, art very well might be your source of hope! 
    Making Art Work (opens for enrollment Feb 18th!)
    Beautiful Hello Blog
    Artwork mentioned: To The Stillness (2013) and Coming storm (2013) 

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    The Artist's Year of Growth (part 2)

    The Artist's Year of Growth (part 2)

    here’s the deal,
    In this episode:
    we plan out the year season by season
    discuss dates you should avoid 
    tips for planning out your year
    advice to increase your creativity + profitability
    I also share a look into my year-calendar and insight into how a thriving creative business.
    Download the 28-page workbook and plan some brilliance!  Download the booklet here.
    2020, The Artist's Year of Growth!

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    The Artist's Year of Growth (part 1)

    The Artist's Year of Growth (part 1)

    Welcome to 2020!  The Year of growth and expansion.  
    In this podcast, we explore the importance of dreams (how can you grow without vision?) and then dive into practical ways to grow your business, nourish your creativity, and fall in LOVE with the process.
    There is a BEAUTIFUL free 28-page workbook that goes along with this two-part episode series.  Download it here.  It is designed for your success and I can't wait to hear how it impacts your bottom line + creativity this year!  

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    How to Feel ALIVE In Your Creative Process (and create better work!)

    How to Feel ALIVE In Your Creative Process (and create better work!)

    Whew!  We're nearly there.  It's almost time to stuff some stockings and eat fruit cake -- the holiday sales season is wrapping up soon!  
    I first shared this exercise with The Collective (a mentorship I offer for creatives and artists) but I wanted to share it with you too!   
    Regardless of how you are taking on this season (aiming for record sales goals or sitting this one out) the energy in the air can be a bit much sometimes.  Am I right?
    And here's a little secret for you: the energy you feel affects your work. 
    And the energy you bring to your creative process affects the quality of the work. 
    And the energy you feel towards your work affects its success in the world.
    Did you follow all of that?  
    It's a whole cycle of input and output and if you are not keeping yourself well balanced the cycle fails.  
    So we're going to take a moment in the middle of all the hubbub and come back to the heart of it all.  Now.  In the craziness.  Because this is when we need it most.  
    This creative prompt is a simple one -- but I know that it will also be transformative!  
    Give yourself 1-2 hours of creative time for this project (more if needed) and get ready to feel free!
    There are four parts.  Ready?
    Daydream.  Don't let yourself to go the studio for at least an hour (you can wait up to a week or so if needed).  During this time, envision what you will create.  Get a clear piece of inspiration (this is not another artist's work -- this is your own pure inspo gathered through thought and magic).  ;)  What colors will you use?  What medium?  How detailed will it be?  What size?  What will you listen to while creating?  What will you think about?   Get detailed with your daydream!  
    Set the tone for your creative space.  Clear an area of your studio or table so you can focus, turn on the right music, light a candle, set the mood.  
    Set an intention.  Give yourself 30 seconds.  Quiet your mind.  Say "I will create something good today."  "I will allow something beautiful to happen."  Repeat as often as needed until you feel it deep down.
    CREATE.  Not for a buyer.  Not for sales.  Not to prove anything.  Not to add to your collection... just because, for the next hour or two, your hand and your brain deserve to be celebrated.  Let them play.  Get your ambitions and ego out of the way (they are useful at a different time) and see what beauty your body will make in this space.  
    Create with positivity and love for yourself and your art and just see what beauty will come of it!  
    I often think of this practice as a creative cleanse.  If you create something pretty, that's awesome, but THAT IS NOT THE GOAL.  The goal is to reconnect your hands, heart, and mind and to let your body know that it is allowed to be free.  
    This is not woo-woo.  This is psychology.  The more you can learn to trust your body and mind to work in harmony the more you will be pleased with the results you get when you create.   
    Afterward:  Hop over to Instagram and check out the hashtag #EJCollectiveCreative.  
    This is where The Collective Students are sharing their creative work and it is a DELIGHT to behold.  
    But, remember, do it for the process (not the likes) ;) 
    Emily Jeffords

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    5 Tips for AMAZING Holiday Sales

    5 Tips for AMAZING Holiday Sales

    The holidays are (nearly) here and it's time for your creativity to SHINE!  In this episode, I share 5 tips that will majorly increase your holiday sales:
    1. Think of your website like a storefront.  Make it beautiful, tidy, enchanting, and easy to navigate.
    2. Be consistent and constant.  Remember that, during normal times of the year, if you say something five times, your audience is just beginning to hear you. During the holidays I recommend saying something at least 7 to 10 times in order to be heard!  It might feel like too much to you, but it doesn't feel that way to your customers.
    3. Photography, photography, photography!  You can do it yourself or hire a pro, but having good photos is really the only way to stay in business these days.
    4. Offer a variety of price points to meet a variety of your customer's needs
    5. Make your gifting easy. Curated collections, suggestions for different people, bundles…
    BONUS: find joy in the season.  You really have to store up energy and bring it during this time of year, but remember, your audience can sniff out disingenuous emotion!   Store up your energy, nourish yourself, and when you show up, be radiant. 
    The Collective,
    The Artist's Success Path
    @Emily_Jeffords on Instagram
    Creative Retreats, Willow Gathering

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    What To Do When Someone Copies Your Work (part 2)

    What To Do When Someone Copies Your Work (part 2)

    Welcome to part two of our creating authentic art conversation: What do you do when someone COPIES your work? 
    I'm coming to you from Europe today but before we begin this episode, go download the FREE GUIDE TO SELL YOUR OWN WORK.
    “How to Sell Art Online”
    This guide is going to make the whole process of bringing your work to the world clear and inspiring.
    Two weeks ago we talked about ways to create authentic art that is pure and from YOUR inspiration
    Before we dive into this too far, we need to lay a foundation:  EVERYTHING IS A REMIX
    Everything builds on something that came before.
    Acknowledge the massive amount of inspiration that went into the formation, creation, and execution of your own work.
    You and I are part of a long, long lineage of artists building on ideas and working within mediums.
    What an honor!
    Thoughts travel at the speed of light in our connected world
    If your ideas are good, and if you share them (which you should) they WILL travel around at lightning speed and they WILL inspire others.
    If your ideas are resonating with you, chances are they will also resonate with something else
    This often leads to purchases and buyers and collectors
    But it can (and probably will) mean that you also inspire other creatives.
    In order to make any measurable impact on the creative landscape your work WILL impact others
    We’re all inspiring each other all the time, and if that includes you and your work, it means your doing something really meaningful.
    The collective unconscious has become the collective CONSCIOUS as we become more and more interconnected
    Ok, but don’t miss hear me:
    I’m not saying “if people copy your work you should be thrilled!”  No…. not exactly. 
    As the creator of your work you are also in charge of protecting your work.
    This is not an act of selfishness or fear.
    This is an act of valuing and honoring your work and asking others to do the same. 
    Don’t hide your work feel the need to keep it behind a tall wall.  The energy in your work wants to be shared.  It wants to be seen and loved and a source of light to others. 
    Keeping it behind closed doors or hiding it behind a giant watermarked image doesn’t allow it to sing.
    If you don’t stand up for the integrity of your work who will?
    If you don’t preserve the value and preciousness of your work then who will?
    Especially if you are a fine artist or an independent designer… the value of your work is your lifeline - and by proxy, your creative work’s lifeline (if you feel stolen from and abused your work suffers most of all).
    Innovate.  Always.
    In the episode, we talk about practical ways to talk with people who are "copying" your work -- give it a listen if this is a subject that impacts your work. 
    Emily Jeffords

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