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Join Dave, Dunnie, Frank, Kenny, Luxy and Sean for a weekly podcast about a range of topics.
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Join Dave, Dunnie, Frank, Kenny, Luxy and Sean for a weekly podcast about a range of topics.
Producer: Sean Dempsey
Music: www.bensound.com

    Royal Gammon

    Royal Gammon

    Harry and Meghan
    In this episode we start off with Harry and Meghan and what the future holds for them.  Having recently given up their royal duties what can we expect from them?
    One things for sure is it’s taken some of the attention away from this fella.
    Everyone knows that the left can’t meme.  They tend to lack self awareness and have a tendency to call anyone right of Greta Thunberg a nazi.  US columnist Charles Krauthammer put it best:
    “Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil” – Charles Krauthammer
    With Brexit looming and the term Brexiter not having the desired effect.  There needed to be a term to describe those pesky leavers.  Brextits?  No that’s probably sexist.  We need to attack their appearance.  We need something that encapsulates their ashen jowls as they excitedly pontificate their views and so gammon was settled upon.
    Piers Morgan got people talking when he tweeted “If you use someone’s skin colour to abuse them, you’re a racist.”
    Is gammon racist?
    What is your definition of racism?   For most people it is simply “discrimination based on race”.  So, as gammon is used to describe someone’s skin tone then it is by definition racist.  The argument in its favour is that it is just a reaction to terms like snowflake or social justice warrior.  But the difference is that those terms are based on ideology rather than appearance.
    What do you think?  Let us know

    How much money does the Royal Family bring in to the UK?
    How much do the British Royal Family costs UK taxpayers?
    Irish slavery and indentured servitude

    Transgender Kids #SaveJames

    Transgender Kids #SaveJames

    We discuss the rising trend of transgender kids. Is it wise to consider gender reassignment surgery for children? Should they wait until they’re adults to make such a life changing decision?
    7 year old Transgender case
    A recent case involved parents of a 7 year old boy.  The father claimed that his son prefers to be a boy. He claims that the mother chose to dress him as a girl and called him by the name “Luna”.
    The mother enrolled the boy in his school as a girl.  The teachers and administrators knew he was a boy but his fellow pupils did not know he was undergoing “social transitioning” in preparation for chemical castration at the age of 8.
    The father tried to prevent all this from happening but it eventually went to court which garnered a lot of attention.
    He lost the case and was ordered to pay for transgender therapy for his son.  He has been accused of abusing his son by calling him a boy and is now prevented from teaching his son that he is a boy.
    Transgender Kids
    Transgender kids is a fairly new phenomenon.  the topic showed a mark increase in interest after the Louis Theroux documentary in 2015.

    This has spurred this topic into the public consciousness.  With some completely against the idea and others thinking it is wonderful.

    Transgender in Ireland
    Dr Lydia Foy challenged Irish law in 2015

    Until 2015, it wasn’t possible to alter your birth certificate in Ireland.   Lydia Foy,  an Irish trans woman, challenged Irish law to recognise the change in her birth cert.
    On July 15, 2015 Ireland passed the Gender Recognition Act of 2015,  The act allows legal gender changes without the requirement of medical intervention or assessment by the state.  Ireland is one of four countries in Europe where a person can change their legal gender without undergoing medial or state intervention.
    Those aged between 16 and 18 must secure a court order to exempt them from the normal requirement to be at least 18 years old.  Hundreds of Irish people have changed their gender since 2015.
    Transgender Kids in Ireland

    In Ireland, it is not possible to have your gender legally changed if you’re under the age of 16.  In 2018, minister for social protection Regina Doherty proposed a system of gender recognition changes to be made.  She suggested that gender recognition be introduced for children if their parents consent was acquired, third-party support for the child and family, and a straightforward revocation process. She also suggested a system for those who identify as non-binary.
    As we discussed in this episode, we think that those who are not yet adults should not take such drastic decision at such a young age. In regards to gender reassignment surgery, it should not even be considered at this age.  The child has not fully developed and this irreversible surgery can have a negative effect when they grow up.
    What do you think?  Let use know in the comments or get in touch with us, we’d love to hear your perspective on this,
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    Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg, the young climate change activist from Sweden first came to prominence in August 2018 when she began her first ‘skolstrejk för klimatet’‘or school strike for climate change outside the Swedish government building. 

    Greta Thunberg claimed she took her inspiration from the school walkouts in protest against gun laws after the Parkland school shootings.  

    The strikes started out with just Greta on her own but soon garnered more supporters and a lot more attention

    Who is Greta Thunberg?
    Greta Thunberg first heard about climate change in 2011, when she was aged just eight.  She claimed that she could not understand how adults seem to be doing so little about this threat to humanity.  When Greta was 11 she began to develop feelings so strongly about climate change inaction that she slipped into a period of depression, which after a discussion with her parents, they decided to become vegan and give up flying altogether.
    Greta’s father is Svante Thunberg, a nobel prize-winning scientist and author as well as an actor.  Her mother is Malena Ernman, one of Sweden’s most famous opera singers.
    Greta was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome in her teens, she does not see this as a disability but more like a “super power”.
    “I overthink. Some people can just let things go, but I can’t, especially if there’s something that worries me or makes me sad”
    Greta has also been also been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and selective mutism.
    Rise to fame
    Greta Thunberg began giving speeches in her unique somber tone. In her speeches she scolded us adults for passing on the mess that is climate change onto the next generation.

    Speaking of super powers
    In her book Scenes from the Heart, Greta’s mother makes a very strange claim about Greta:

    “She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how it flows out of chimneys and turns the atmosphere into a rubbish tip.”

    This would be very impressive, making Greta the only person in the world with this ability.  Or the result of an overactive imagination, i’ll leave that one for you to decide.
    Extinction rebellion
    Extinction rebellion is a socio-political movement who use non-violent resistance to compel action from governments on climate change.
    Their protests are designed to disrupt traffic in an attempt to bring awareness to the climate crisis.

    Greta Thunberg in the news

    Greta Thunberg was recently in the news for her “zero emissions” cross transatlantic yacht which was not exactly zero emissions when you consider that to return the yacht back to Europe, four crew members will have to fly to New York to bring the bloody thing back.
    What’s next?
    Ireland is one of the worst offenders in the EU when it comes to waste, in particular our plastic waste.  We will all have to take recycling a lot more serious.
    This video may surprise some (myself included) when it comes to what is and isn’t recyclable.
    Either way the future looks like it will be a lot more conservative when it comes to waste.  We will have get used recycling more, producing less emissions and not getting a decent slug from your paper straw.

    Producer: Sean Dempsey
    Music: bensound.com
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    Do You Support Your Local Team?

    Do You Support Your Local Team?

    Do You Support Your Local Team?
    We all know a fan of Manchester United or Liverpool.  But do enough of us support our local team like St Pats or Bohemians?
    The Premier League pumps huge amounts of money into advertising their league.  A considerable amount then goes on marketing to Irish fans.  Sure the League of Ireland don’t have anywhere near the the of advertising budget as the premier league but are they doing enough to cater to local support?
    If you walk around Dublin in particular, you will see hundreds of lads in Liverpool or United jerseys, even some  in Barcelona tops with Messi on the back but one thing you see less of is local team jerseys.  Is this because there just isn’t the same interest in local team games as there is for premier league games or is there something more to this?
    Winning Team
    Being on the winning team in my opinion accounts for a lot of this.  There’s a reason there are thousands of Liverpool supporters in Ireland but not many Everton, plenty of Chelsea / Arsenal but not many Fulham / QPR, same goes for Manchester United and up until recently Manchester City.  City were heavily invested in by Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi Royal Family and have since become a premier league winning side.  A team that regularly challenges for titles is a lot easier to support than a bottom of the league side.  It also gives you better bragging rights over your mates.
    Manchester United fans (in Ireland) are a good example.  I challenge you to find an Irish Manchester United fan born before 1980.  Why?  Because Manchester United only began to challenge for titles in the early 1990s.  Therefore kids in school would start “following” them as they were the best team.  Before that it would most likely be Liverpool.
    Best League In The World
    Ireland are not unique to this however, there are many countries who support the English premier league with live coverage reaching 978 million homes worldwide last season in 188 countries.   The exposure of the teams are generally well marketed on social media with up to date news.
    Our own leagues however are suffering.  As mentioned in this episode, it is difficult to view the league of Ireland games outside of the grounds.  Even then it’s not as clearly defined as the premier league.
    We had the All-Ireland final recently, which has consistent supporters and seems to be getting bigger every year which is great to see.  After the whole John Delaney saga, there is renewed optimism for Irish football.  Should the league of Ireland be doing more to generate interest?
    Producer: Sean Dempsey
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    Megan Rapinoe

    Megan Rapinoe

    This week we discuss the Women’s World Cup and in particular, Megan Rapinoe.
    Megan Rapinoe led the US women’s national team to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019 but has divided fans.
    Some love Megan Rapinoe for her outspoken personality and skills on the pitch but others think she is petulant and unsporting in her behaviour off the pitch.
    Taking A Knee
    Megan Rapinoe rose to prominence recently when she said she would not visit “the f*****g White House” if her team won the world cup.
    After the US team won the world cup, Rapinoe gave this speech.

    Not to mention this little video below.

    Megan Rapinoe standing on a parade float in Manhattan with a bottle of Veuve in one hand and the World Cup trophy in the other shouting “I DESERVE THIS.”
    There will never be a bigger mood. pic.twitter.com/GjHMjGkgsS
    — Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) July 10, 2019

    Rapinoe was also involved in the U.S. women’s national soccer team pay discrimination claim along with Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd and Becky Sauerbrunn where they claimed that the men’s team receive a $5,000 bonus for a loss in a friendly match, whereas the women’s team receive nothing at all for a loss or a draw.  When the male team wins a game, they can receive as much as $17,625 but women only receive $1,350.
    $5,000 bonus for a loss…John Delaney would be proud.
    The team have quite a lot of support and women’s football is more popular than ever.  Will the newer supporters go to the league games and support the team between world cups though?
    They also played a practice game or ‘scrimmage’ against FC Dallas under 15s boys team where they lost 5-2…but that was only a practice game.  Had they won, they wouldn’t gloat about it like.
    There was also this video which shows Rapinoe, disinterestedly sign a ball for a fan..

    …But she signed the ball and the kid seemed happy so not much of a story.
    Megan Rapinoe is still a polarising figure.  But perhaps she is exactly what women’s football needs as she has us talking about it.  This can only be good for women’s football.
    Producer: Sean Dempsey
    Music: bensound.com

    What do you think?  Let us know below in the comments or get in touch.

    The Disappearance of Trevor Deely

    The Disappearance of Trevor Deely

    In this episode we talk about the disappearance of Trevor Deely who vanished in 2000 after a Christmas night out with his work colleagues from Bank of Ireland.

    The night that Trevor Deely disappeared was a very wet and windy night which was exasperated by the fact that there was a taxi driver strike on that night, which meant there was a lot of people walking or perhaps looking for a lift home.

    Trevor Deely was last seen dropping into his place of work at 03:30 collecting an umbrella for his walk home to his apartment on Serpentine Avenue.  He briefly interacts with an as yet unidentified hooded man, dressed in black who was waiting outside the building.
    Trevor Deely then logs into his computer and then has a chat with his work colleague, Karl Pender who was working the night shift.
    Trevor then leaves his office at 04:03 and leaves a voicemail for his friend Glen Cullen at 04:05 which according to Glen was something along the lines of “‘Hi, Glen, I’ve missed you there. Just on my way home, all going good, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.’ Or words to that very close effect.”  Gardai made no attempt to recover the voicemail.
    Trevor Deely’s place of work (Click image for a link on Google Maps)
    The final sighting was on CCTV as he just passed over Baggot Street Bridge. Never to be seen again.
    Final CCTV location just over Baggot St Bridge (Click image for link)
    Trevor’s presumed journey home (Click for link)
    There has been a lot of speculation about what happened to Trevor Deely, the most common theory at the time was that Trevor might have fallen into the canal and was unable to save himself. The area in the canal was searched, with no body turning up.
    The Man in Black

    There was also a person of interest, dressed in black standing outside of Trevor’s workplace who Trevor seemed to have a brief interaction with him but this person has never come forward. There is also a person in black, widely considered the same person walking 30 seconds behind Trevor who has yet to be identified.

    Minutes after Trevor enters the building, two more people are seen on the CCTV but Gardai claim these are co workers and both have been cleared.

    Which strikes us as odd as surely they could have given a description of the man in black?
    It is also important to note that others were walking home that night at the same time.  All have come forward except the man in black and the others didn’t claim to see or hear anything suspicious.

    Recent Developments

    There was very few developments in the case until 2017.  Gardai received a tip off from a criminal with a “guilty conscience”.  The contact said Trevor Deely was attacked and murdered by a Crumlin gangster.  He said he was then buried in a three acre wooded site in Chapelizod, West Dublin.  It is worth noting that the criminal claimed he was not interested in the €100,000 reward.  He claimed that he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.
    Location of “tip off” (click for link)
    The area was searched and although a gun and drugs were found during the search, investigators claim that they were not related Trevor’s disappearance, calling the site a ‘stash area’ for criminals.
    Aged progressed image of Trevor
    The Trevor Deely disappearance was a case that has resonated with us all.  We would like to wish his friends and family our best.  We admire his family’s tireless efforts to find him and we hope they find closure soon.

    Full CCTV footage of Trevor
    Donal Macintyre’s documentary
    Top5’s documentary 
    Trevor’s brother says there’s “no logic” to Trevor’s disappearance 
    Potential link to the death of Sinead Kelly?
    Icelandic Jon Jonsson still missing

    Producer: Sean Dempsey
    Music:  Modra Luna
    Do you know or think you know anything that might lead to Trevor’s whereabouts?
     Please contact Pearse Street Garda station tel: (01) 666 9000.

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