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A podcast that looks at the people that are using digital technologies to do good things in the world, as well as the news, updates and tips that are of interest to them.

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A podcast that looks at the people that are using digital technologies to do good things in the world, as well as the news, updates and tips that are of interest to them.

    US Election Special with Jason Wojciechowski

    US Election Special with Jason Wojciechowski

    Over the last 12 years, each US election cycle has attracted digital’s best and brightest to push the digital envelope of political communications and campaigning. With many going on to form start-ups and influencing wider digital practice, once the cycle finishes.

    A few days before the US Presidential election, I spoke to Jason Wojciechowski, the Creative Director, CoreLab, about some of the emerging trends that have come out of the 2016 US Presidential election cycle, and what charities, social enterprises and not for profits can take away to learn, test and build upon in their work.

    Jason also shares some tips for charities to improve their digital program.

    • 41 min
    Andy Meikle from JustGiving.com

    Andy Meikle from JustGiving.com

    In the final part of my series with the team at JustGiving, I talk to Andy Meikle, Head of People, on JustGiving’s approach to recruitment, culture and organisational structure, and how that helps them achieve their organisational goals.

    Andy and discuss how they find the right people for JustGiving, the essential skills that they look for and how they attract great talent in a very competitive digital skills market.

    We also explore the decisions on how to layout the offices, reflected the culture and behaviour they JustGiving think they need to reach their goals and have a happy and fulfilled team, as well as some of the ideas that didn’t work out so well and what they learned from them.

    Andy offers some tips to charities and mission-driven organisations on how to start to develop the new organisational culture and attract the right skilled people into their evolving teams.

    Andy and I also discuss what the most important skills for individuals and organisations to take onboard to “nudge” the world to be a better, and the some of the resources out there like Culturevist and, that you help you do that and that

    Andy shares his thoughts on the trends in people and business culture management do Andy thinks are useful, to help transform and help organisations to reach their goals, and what the future of how we work is shaping up and the change we all need to start thinking about, as we develop our ongoing plans.

    I also look at a brilliant blog on that looks at the future impact of messaging apps on online campaigning , new digital research tool from Tactical Tech called Explore the Invisible, and a great piece of storytelling content from Marvel Comics and ABCNews.

    More descriptions and all the links are available in the show notes on http://gooddigital.co

    • 24 min
    Jonathan Waddingham from JustGiving

    Jonathan Waddingham from JustGiving

    During our chat Jonathan and I talk discuss why JustGiving has created new donation and crowdfunding tools, how organisations and individuals are using them to raise money for special causes, communities and individuals that are experiencing a crisis. We also discuss how crowdfunding can be used to test and incubate new ideas , the rise of messaging apps and some great tips on how to improve your online fundraising.

    • 21 min
    Jamie Parkins from JustGiving

    Jamie Parkins from JustGiving

    After a long summer break, we're back. This is the first part of a three-part special with the folks at the fundraising platform, JustGiving.com. This episode I talk to Jamie Parkins Today’s I am chatting to Jamie Parkins, about JustGiving's origin story, why storytelling is so important to good fundraising and the importance of knowing your who your Very Important Fundraisers, (VIFs) are.

    And of course, we uncover some great tips and trends for charities – big and small – to take on board, when thinking about how they best use digital to raising money.

    Part two, of our JustGiving special will be released next week.

    • 35 min
    Tom Dawkins from Start Something Good

    Tom Dawkins from Start Something Good

    This episode we talk to Tom Dawkins from Start some Good about CrowdFunding, Social Enterprises and what he has learnt during his career of using digital for social good projects. Our "Digital Gold" for this episode goes to Amnesty and we share a great resource for progressive content creators, from Hanna Thomas from Sum of Us, the Progressive Style guide.

    • 46 min

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