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Join Woody, for a no holds bared journey into the world of kink. This is the real deal, not 50 Shades of Grey! The host has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years and have experience from around the world. Listeners can email questions to: questions@kinkycast.com

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Join Woody, for a no holds bared journey into the world of kink. This is the real deal, not 50 Shades of Grey! The host has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years and have experience from around the world. Listeners can email questions to: questions@kinkycast.com

    #317 - Torch the Witch

    #317 - Torch the Witch

    What is a modern-day witch? We found this lovely witch on the west coast of Canada and talked about her bewitching ways…”My witching, my comedy, and speaking, my dancing, my very presence here are basically all about using my voice, which has been suppressed (or attempted anyway) for much of my life. They all eventually tie into each other.” Torch has been a stripper, married an evangelist, performed on the comedy stage and runs a successful business where she gives others a voice. The alluring magic she casts is sexual, in a very teasing way. One can’t look away from this striking 51-year-old spell caster. Again rediscovering herself a couple of years ago, she has embraced kink and what it has to offer her and the people around her. In this show, we play a fun clip from her Fetlife page that is a public service announcement for sluts. She says “I’m into my rediscovering my spiritual life and sex life as well as my dancing.”

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    #316 - Frolicon April 30 to May 30, 2020 - PreShow with Chrissie

    #316 - Frolicon April 30 to May 30, 2020 - PreShow with Chrissie

    Frolicon is the unique juxtaposition of the geek and kink worlds celebrated in glorious fashion in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Each Spring we celebrate our unique sense of fun and frivolity with 2000 of our closest friends. What’s your poison? We’ve got it all. Kink. Gaming. Burlesque. Music. Costuming. Parties. Lots and lots of parties.
    This year Danarama will take the main stage
    Dan has more than two decades of experience a Dominant in the Bondage and S&M lifestyle and 18 years as a professional speaker and teacher on bondage and alternative sexuality skills. In addition to presenting his own diverse range of live workshops at conferences around the world, he is co-founder of the Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo (see our 12-year video), a co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books and creator/co-creator of numerous free bondage tutorials on video. (For much more, go to the KinkyCast.com show page...)

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    #315 - WyMoBuckaroo - Kinky Cowboy

    #315 - WyMoBuckaroo - Kinky Cowboy

    Our good friend of the cast, Unicorn Husbandry put me in touch with this week’s guest, for that, I’m eternally grateful. I spoke with WyMoBuckaroo on the phone for, well a couple of hours, because I found him so interesting. I felt he was a cross between Will Rogers and Mark Twain. As our guest aged he was like a magnet for life’s philosophy. He is a prolific writer and just perusing his Fetlife archive will entertain for hours. In his own words, here is what Buckaroo thinks… Woody
    If brains were leather, some folks couldn’t saddle a June bug! Dumber ‘n fried popsicles!
    Just yer average, curmudgeonly, cowboy. Lover of ropes, spurs, quirts, piggin' strings, hogties, mind fuckery, and general kinky shit. I'm as kinky as a Dollar Store garden hose!
    I value character above all things. Walking the talk. Keeping my word. Being real. Being true. Being honest in word and deed. Being authentic. Always looking to overcome. Never giving up. Learning humility, transparency, vulnerability.
    What good is a 10-gallon hat on a 5-gallon head?
    I don't value folks for what I see, but for who they are, and for who I am together with them. What and who I find beautiful or sexy is a fluid thing, and most certainly not based on gender, identity, or any other thing.
    Top hands get there by doin' the hard work...from the ground up. Do you want to run the ranch? Learn to shovel the shit first! Lay aside that ego! To quote an old-timey preacher; "it takes more grace than I can tell to play the second fiddle well..."
    Want to be served? Learn service? Want to Dominate? Practice submitting. Want to lead? Be a good follower.
    I'm a Cowboy because, well, I am. Some things you just are, and once you are something, well....you are. I am old. I love f*****g. I am a Dominant. I am a Buckaroo. I am a cowboy through and through. I’m an old f*****g Cowboy Dominant.


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    #314 - The Voice on Ownership

    #314 - The Voice on Ownership

    This week we take our listeners to San Francisco to chat with “The Voice”. A prolific writer on Fetlife and other sites, we found a few subjects of interest. Today’s cast starts with ‘Ownership’, a controversial topic that our guest explains. The Voice is a kinky writer and veteran BDSM educator. He teaches on a wide range of subjects including orgasm response training, D/s protocol, kinky role play, rough body play. He is an active writer on Fetlife and has taught at venues like Dark Odyssey, The Citadel, and Portland’s Close In Munch and is a regular at Kink.com.
    He is a 17 year 24/7 TPE Dominant who is committed to building intimate protocol based relationship and helping new kinky people learn how to develop their Dominance and submission. The Voice brings both fun and strictness to a well honed D/s practice. He is an enthusiastic trainer of world class sluts and evil sadists!


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    #313 - 6 Year Anniversary Show with NookieNotes

    #313 - 6 Year Anniversary Show with NookieNotes

    As we celebrate entering our 7th year, we invited two people to join Woody in the celebration. First, you will hear the voice of a cast member that has been with the cast from the first episode. Touchy is our editor. Why edit, you might ask? The cast is made up of non-broadcast-professionals that still care enough to bring you a broadcast quality product. Touchy’s seldom-heard voice talks about some of the challenges of producing a product you can enjoy. Our main guest is an old friend that always has something to say. Nookie of NookieNots joins us for a fun talk about Dating Kinky. DatingKinky.com is built by kinksters for kinksters, poly, queer, trans folk, and anyone not-quite-vanilla—and it’s FREE. We're putting the finishing touches on our first official non-prototype release now, and we're testing with 45,000 kinksters already signed up. Join us for our Grand "Launch Again," and check out our amazing kinky educational library!


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    #312 - Lew Rubens - Lew Tube

    #312 - Lew Rubens - Lew Tube

    Lew says…
    I’m a bondage loving hetero guy who loves - besides bondage - high heels, ballgags, beautiful women, beautiful people, like-minded people, affection, honesty, having fun, creating/inventing, food, traveling, consensually kidnapping girls, occasional 420, reading, anything outdoors, shooting (both pictures and guns), passionate people, Game of Thrones, cooking (I’m pretty good at it too!), playing pool and ping pong and living life to the fullest….when I feel like it..lol. And not necessarily in that order.
    Lew’s web pages are listed below and link to the LewBari Store for all your rope needs. Check out the beautiful art of rope on his fet page and Lew Tube channel. Follow this link to the KinkyCast show page


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