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Nigel Howitt; philosopher, writer, musician and lifestyle design pioneer, discusses a wide range of issues that are either ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. This podcast follows the evidence, not public opinion, and aims at discovering truthful information to guide your lifestyle choices. Nigel deconstructs the modern myths of our time by questioning the many bundled up assumptions in each issue he explores.

Living Outside the Matrix Nigel Howitt

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Nigel Howitt; philosopher, writer, musician and lifestyle design pioneer, discusses a wide range of issues that are either ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. This podcast follows the evidence, not public opinion, and aims at discovering truthful information to guide your lifestyle choices. Nigel deconstructs the modern myths of our time by questioning the many bundled up assumptions in each issue he explores.

    Propaganda and how to see through it

    Propaganda and how to see through it

    A key feature of the context we live in today is that propaganda is part of the territory. It is ubiquitous in the “news”, the mainstream narrative, and right across western culture. Hardly anyone knows what is true and what is false. We live in the information age but also the disinformation age. There is a war of ideas going on and a battle for your mind.

    If it is the truth that you seek and a clear grasp of the reality of what is happening in your world, it is vital to recognise another key component of the current context. Namely the agenda to impose total political control through global governance and absolute supremacy of the state.

    Your attention is continuously courted by social media, computer games and entertainments, emails films and advertising. Your mind is constantly exposed to various persuasion techniques. You must be clued up and vigilant to discern truth just to stay sane – let alone achieve your happiness.

    Populations cannot be controlled exclusively by physical means – it would be impossible. So they must be persuaded to welcome their own enslavement, even to demand it and willingly pay for it.

    Propaganda is a broad concept way beyond governments announcements. Every story has a context and therefore films are an easy medium in which to sow ideas. They affect the values and therefore the choices of people. Propaganda is the means by which unwary minds are subjected to prepackaged downloads of assumptions and values, a ready-made hymn sheet of what to believe. This is the essence of the Matrix and this is why we need to think outside the box.

    Rulers, kings and governments have been manipulating populations for at least several hundred years. This knowledge is not hidden. It’s not a secret, nor a conspiracy theory. It is a matter of historical record and empirical observation.

    The most important thing to know about the propaganda that you are exposed to all the time every day is this. it is subtle and discreet. If it is done correctly you will not even perceive it unless you know about it and are ready for it. Your consciousness must be tuned to detect and evaluate all new incoming ideas before they are adopted or assimilated into your mental operating system and filed as “truth”.

    A Definition of propaganda

    This definition is from Edward Bernays who literally wrote the book – “Propaganda” in 1928.

    Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.

    I would add that propaganda is always UN-true. There is no need to control and manipulate people towards the truth, that is the purpose of real education. “Influencing the relation of the public to an enterprise, idea or group” means shaping their beliefs and opinions. It means altering peoples values and therefore their choices. It is manipulating people by controlling what they believe.

    Propaganda techniques

    Propaganda is the stealth enemy we need to know about because it dominates the mainstream narrative as well as the proclamations of many institutions and organisations and NGOs. It is the tool of those who would mislead, those who do not have our best interests as their agenda. And because the mainstream by definition is where most people look for information, that is where the propaganda is focused.

    There is no rational and open debate, un-addressed presumptions and false dichotomies lead people towards the desired conclusions and opinions. But just like avoiding a coffee table in the middle of a room, awareness is key.

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    Ep 122 Dr Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell discuss the Contagion Myth

    Ep 122 Dr Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell discuss the Contagion Myth

    Germ theory is the foundation stone of the current pandemic. It is the fundamental assumption at the beginning of the chain of reasoning that hs resulted in worldwide lockdowns stripping people of their rights across the globe.  All around the world livelihoods and careers are being destroyed by the actions of governments forcefully restricting trade. Lives are being hampered and disrupted. Loved ones separated and dying parents prevented from seeing their relatives. Basic human rights and freedom of movement are being sacrificed on this unproven assumption.

    It is truly staggering that such widespread action can be taken with such massive implications for the whole of western civilisation on a premise that is contradicted by the facts. Not only is there no evidence of the existence of the coronavirus (as we shall see), but the facts often contradict the assertion that what has been called  SARS-COV-2 is responsible for a particular set of respiratory symptoms. You now live in a world where the policies of governments across the world act in unison regardless of the facts of reality. Repeated assertions and proclamations have taken the place of rational enquiry and legitimate scientific method.

    The myth holds that microbes in the form of bacteria and/or viruses are the microscopic agents of disease and that they are responsible for the transmission of disease from one person to another. It is an understandable conclusion to draw only if you rush to judgment and blind yourself to all of the available facts. Many examples contradict the idea.  When the crew of early sailing ships were all observed to suffer from scurvy it was assumed they were passing it from one person to another, when in fact it was a deficiency in Vitamin C that was to blame. Many people getting sick at one time and place in Hiroshima was also clearly not a case of contagion.

    Most people cannot accept that so many “official” agencies along with so many medical organisations and doctors could all be wrong. It takes an unusual level of intellectual independence to trust one’s own judgment of the facts or reality above those of perceived ‘authorities’. The majority do not know how to think for themselves and have either lost the ability or never acquired it. They are terrified at the thought of relying on their own cognitive skills. But facts remain facts irrespective of how many people acknowledge them. And ultimately reality will assert itself over those who ignore it, or reinvent it or reshape it according to their convenience or political expediency.

    In this week’s Podcast, it is a great pleasure to welcome back Dr Tomas Cowan and also Sally Fallon Morell, both of whom have guested on the show previously. This summer hey co-authored a book that presents a timely challenge to the almost universal myth of contagion. I was impressed with the use of evidence, reason and logic to illustrate clearly the irrational presentation of so-called evidence to support the declared pandemic.

    They do not deny the existence of an illness called COVID-19, but they point to overwhelming evidence that suggests causes other than a wily virus. The book explores the concept of resonance and also the effects of electricity on health over the centuries in the form of radiation from comets, through the advent of radio to the present bombardment of wifi Bluetooth and SMART phones. EMFs are cited as well documented causes of chronic illness alongside diet and other lifestyle factors. It is suggested that 5G should at the very least be properly investigated for its role in the cause of illness with Hypoxia as a key symptom.

    “The Contagion Myth” is a great book. It is easily readable and packed with thought-provoking information and factual references. I thoroughly recommend it.

    To keep up with the ongoing conversation both Dr Cowan and Sally write regular bl

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    Ep121 Kate Shemirani and Dr Kevin Corbett – The Medical Revolutionaries

    Ep121 Kate Shemirani and Dr Kevin Corbett – The Medical Revolutionaries

    The current mainstream understanding of the achievement of health and prevention of disease needs a radical update to bring it in line with the facts of reality. The alleged coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity for this, but there is no guarantee that it will happen. Kate Shemirani and Dr Kevin Corbett are both ex-nurses with considerable experience in the UK National Health Service (NHS). Their evidence-based approach has led them to question the official narrative and arrive at conclusions that contradict it.

    The Medical Revolutionaries

    Kate Shemirani and Dr Kevin Corbett are both outspoken critics of the official “advice” in dealing with the alleged pandemic and they openly criticise the fundamental lack of evidence in support of the draconian measures being enforced on the British people. They have joined forces to work together under the tag line “The Medical revolutionaries” and it is clear to all thinking people who question the official narrative on health issues that modern medicine desperately needs a revolution. The surge in interest in gut health in recent years reflects the breakthroughs in crucial insights and knowledge that have made little impact in the mainstream.

    The current allopathic model is not working as epidemics of chronic inflammation and chronic disease continue to cause widespread suffering to humanity irrespective of and prior to any claims of the impact of COVID-19. The real health threats go un-acknowledged while the bogus health threat of a viral pandemic is used to usher in a political agenda.

    In this week’s Podcast, Kate Shemirani and Dr Kevin Corbett share their knowledge and perspectives on a wide range of related issues around the alleged pandemic and what needs to be done. Having considerable experience from the AIDS pandemic that was supposed to kill us all in the 1980s, Kevin saw a familiar pattern with the current flawed testing regime using the PCR tests. Kate Shemirani has considerable knowledge of alternative therapies as well as the harm done by vaccines. Together they offer wide-ranging insights into “operation Coronavirus”.

    Further information

    Kate Shemirani has been deleted from most social media platforms. But she and Kevin can be followed on a variety of platforms under the new banner of “The Medical Revolutionaries”. These include Bitchute, Youtube, Brighteon, LRBY, Parler, etc.

    Dr Kevin Corbett has a website kevinpcorbett.com where you can find his “anti coronavirus tool kit”. You can also follow him on Twitter at KPCresearch.

    Here are links to two articles written by Dr Corbett.

    The PDF for this article “Where is the proof of the existence of the “Novel Coronavirus” ‘SARS COV-2’ and the accuracy of the tests” can be downloaded here.

    And you can read another article by Dr Corbett called ” The Nazification of the National Health Service” here.


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    Ep 120 Amandha Dawn Vollmer uncovers Health from a Holistic Perspective

    Ep 120 Amandha Dawn Vollmer uncovers Health from a Holistic Perspective

    There are many issues to unpack as you investigate the health fraud of the current false pandemic. The many failings of the RT-PCR Test and the unknown fragments of RNA it identifies are one component, along with the suspicious match of one of the primer sequences with the human Chromosome 8. Amandha Dawn Vollmer is familiar with all of these. But perhaps most importantly she has a firm grasp of the unproven myth of contagion. Otherwise known as ‘germ theory’ or the ‘theory of infectious disease’.

    The belief that small microbes that move around in the environment are dangerous agents of disease has been with us since the days of Louis Pasteur about 140 years. But his claims have been shown to be fraudulent and un-proven from his own diaries. His ‘Germ Theory’ model of disease causation fits with superficial glances at how disease occurs and that numbers of people in one place often become sick together, but it doesn’t take a proper scientifically literate view of all the facts. It is a typical rush to judgment that confuses correlation with causation.

    In this week’s Podcast Interview Amandha exposes many of the facets of this fraud from the perspective of a holistic health practitioner with a markedly different set of values from your mainstream doctor. Amandha is very knowledgeable and brings considerable experience to bear in her analysis of the current situation.

    She begins by laying out her fundamental values and the holistic approach to health and disease. This is an essential foundation from which to understand the fraudulent nature of the current mainstream narrative. I am sure you will find this conversation enlightening and entertaining if you are a committed truth seeker like me.

    Further information

    You can learn more from Amandha and all the amazing products she makes and sells by visiting her websites:

    You can follow her blog and check out the resources mentioned in the video here https://yummy.doctor/blog/

    And check out her amazing products here at her online shop https://yumnaturals.com/

    Amandha’s Youtube Channel is Yum Naturals and can be found here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwOl8BHaN9Y3lZbzvkviGLQ

    I will be talking with Amandha again soon and we shall discuss many of the forgotten and censored health-supporting products such as DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide.

    Nigel Howitt, Treehouse Farm

    October 28th 2020

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    Ep119: Michael O’ Bernicia’s common-law solution to tyranny

    Ep119: Michael O’ Bernicia’s common-law solution to tyranny

    Michael O’ Bernicia is a popular freedom-fighter, writer and mystic who I first heard about during the ‘freeman’ movement of just over a decade ago. He claims to have a solution to the tyranny being imposed on the people of the British Isles. He says that the answer to COVID-1984 is Magna Carta 2020. But what does that mean? What is his common-law solution?

    Michael is a Geordie from the northeast of England who began his career as a stand-up comic. He went on to teach stand-up comedy, wrote two plays and made a couple of short films including “The Great Mortgage Swindle” which is linked to below.

    In this week’s podcast, I asked him about his common-law solution. He explained the common-law and his strategy and I think you will find it very interesting. He is very confident that it will work. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

    To find out more about the ‘Bernician’ and what he is up to check out these links below, all mentioned in the podcast.

    * https://www.thebernician.net

    * https://twitter.com/thebernician

    * https://www.facebook.com/michael.obernicia

    * https://www.thegreatbritishmortgageswindle.net

    * https://roguemale.org/

    There are other solutions proposed to the tyranny that is being imposed on us. You can learn more in this interview with Darren Deogee who discusses other legal solutions and challenges.

    I do not consider Simon Dolan’s “Keep Britain Free” bandwagon a credible one. He repeatedly avoids being interviewed and exposing his strategy to the scrutiny of his peers and other thinking people. I do not recommend joining in on crowdfunding a mission that does not reveal its fundamental principles or philosophical direction.

    Generally speaking, here in the UK there is remarkably little resistance to the encroaching tyranny. There is certainly nothing remotely as widespread, organised and well-coordinated as the mainstream false narrative.

    Things you can do

    The most constructive thing you can do to resist the increasing loss of your freedom is to NOT comply. Refuse to wear a mask. You don’t have to say this verbally. It is ok to just tell people that you are “exempt” and leave it at that. or you can say that you suffer from severe asthma or anxiety. If I were to put on a mask I would suffer from severe anxiety, because by my actions I would have given in to tyranny!

    Protest. Get out there and join the marches. Soon you won’t be able to. Soon the time will come when it becomes a sensible matter of self-preservation to wear a mask and to make yourself anonymous, to hide and not get arrested, forcibly vaccinated and/or detained/quarantined. Soon the rational survival strategy will be to keep your head down, to hide away and cease to participate in mainstream society in any meaningful way. That time is not yet here, but it will be upon us soon. Maybe in months, or weeks or a few years?

    Avoid listening to the mainstream propaganda, or at the very least counterbalance it by listening to people like James Corbett of the Corbett Report. He is one of the best rational genuine news sources left ...

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    Ep 118: Nora Gedgaudas discusses the alleged COVID-19 pandemic

    Ep 118: Nora Gedgaudas discusses the alleged COVID-19 pandemic

    In this week’s Podcast, it is a great pleasure to welcome back Nora Gedgaudas. Nora is a board-certified nutritional consultant with a practice in Portland Oregon, USA. She is widely regarded as an expert on the paleo diet having penned the best selling book “Primal Body – Primal Mind”. She is a leading expert and educator on the benefits of metabolic flexibility and a high-fat diet.

    She has spent a considerable number of hours authoring a ‘COVID-19 Special Report’ which she is offering for free on her website, and she shares some of the key points in this discussion. She recommends a full dietary intervention plan to really take control of your health and the details of this are contained in her ‘primalgenic’ dietary plan which you can access via the link below.

    Nora Has written extensively of the benefits of being metabolically flexible and well adapted to burning fat as your primary fuel. She holds that being in a well-adapted state of nutritional ketosis offers numerous health benefits as well as creating a hostile environment for any alleged ‘viral’ threat. You can eliminate any of those ‘co-factors’ that undermine your immune system with this approach.

    However, top of the list of her advice for better health – at zero cost – is to simply avoid the mainstream media with all its relentless fear-mongering. She cites an article in the Guardian newspaper that can be read here that references a study showing the scientifically proven effects of relentless mainstream news.

    Further information

    previous Episodes of Living outside the Matrix featuring Nora Gedgaudas include:

    * Ep 27 “The benefits of a high-fat diet“

    * EP 84 “Do’s and Don’ts on a high-fat diet“

    More information

    Visit Nora’s websites

    * primalbody-primalmind.com

    * primalcourses.com

    * www.primalgenic.com

    If you use coupon code: MATRIX2020 (case sensitive) throughout the rest of September you can get a 30% discount.

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