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Podcast by Martial Arts Insider LLC

    1: Welcome to MAinsider

    1: Welcome to MAinsider

    The MAinsider Business Podcast helps martial arts school owners learn how to grow their martial arts school through the latest marketing, operations, sales and retention tips.

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    • What social media networks do you use to promote your martial arts school?

    In This Episode:

    Hersh and Rob talk share MAinsider's mission to help school owners attract and keep more students while building a free professional business community of martial arts school owners.

    • What is MAinsider?
    • Who are Rob and Hersh?
    • How NAPMA was created in a spare bedroom
    • Working with Marketing Legend Jay Abraham
    • How we will help your school

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    *** Get More Students ***

    Need help getting high quality student leads and keeping students longer? Let us do the heavy lifting with our cutting edge website and online marketing solutions that get immediate results, positions you as a leader in your local community and showcases your school's true culture, staff and programs without any cheesy stock photos.


    About Hersh and Rob:

    Rob Colasanti and Hersh Sandhoo have over 40 years of combined martial arts industry experience. Rob is known as the Ambassador of the Martial Arts and helped create and run the largest National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) for over 15 years working his way up to President, overseeing 168+ issues of Martial Arts Professional Magazine and the NAPMA World Conferences. Hersh Sandhoo is the CEO of Webmation one of the nation's top digital marketing agencies, has run a martial arts school successfully and has achieved the rank of Master in Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do.

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