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BE INSPIRED TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS USING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Each week Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane discuss elements surrounding the process of deliberate creation and what it takes to manifest your desires. Create the life of your dreams with the guidance of LOA coaches, Cassie and Ginny.

Manifest It Now a Law of Attraction Show Cassie Parks & Ginny Gane

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BE INSPIRED TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS USING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Each week Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane discuss elements surrounding the process of deliberate creation and what it takes to manifest your desires. Create the life of your dreams with the guidance of LOA coaches, Cassie and Ginny.

    The Manifesting Balance Between Taking Action & Sitting Back | Episode 216

    The Manifesting Balance Between Taking Action & Sitting Back | Episode 216

    In this episode, Ginny and Cassie are confronting a problem that a listener asked them for advice about: the balance between letting the universe provide and taking your own action to make things happen.
    To get the discussion rolling, Cassie asks Ginny what she thinks it means for the universe to provide. Ginny goes into the balance between trusting and doing, which inspires Cassie to point out that the universe is a reflection of us. Doing is an action, and while trusting isn’t an action, this doesn’t mean that it’s a non-action either.
    One way to help yourself trust is to think about all the things that have previously worked out for you. Ginny says that when you feel calm, you know that you are in a trusting state. She provides further insight on letting yourself be okay on your path and stresses the importance of identifying what your beliefs are towards a given situation.
    In addition to clarifying what you are pursuing, choice is another way to create balance. Cassie believes that when a situation presents itself, you have to choose based on what you want and what’s in alignment. She then shares an example of choosing to be in alignment before Ginny talks about the awareness that is involved when honoring your beliefs.
    When you’re showing up and taking actions that are in alignment, then the universe can help you receive what you’re looking for. Remember that the universe is providing knowledge and support; not the thing. Before signing off, Cassie tells us an exercise which will show us that what we want is on its way.

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    How to Build an LOA Routine | Episode 215

    How to Build an LOA Routine | Episode 215

    Today’s discussion revolves around how to create your Law of Attraction routine. We start by hearing about what an LOA routine refers to, with Cassie describing it as sacred. Ginny refers to it as an alignment practice; any intentions or thoughts that are directed towards aligning with your inner being is your LOA routine.
    Your definition may vary, and it could be a routine or a ritual. Both are powerful and one is not better. Routines make us feel safe, while rituals are more fluid. Whatever it is, name it and define it for yourself. Doing this will make it stick because when it’s clearly defined, your brain understands more about what you’re doing.
    Your role in keeping your practice inspired and connected is to bring awareness into it. As soon as you catch yourself doing something just because you feel like you have to, you can focus on it a different way as to bring the intention back into it. Cassie talks about how she uses this awareness technique when coaching.
    When you feel like you need to do more, Cassie believes that it’s a sign you need to step back and be still more. You can work on manifesting all the time, but it’s a combination of the things that you do. A manifesting ritual should help you naturally go through your day with ease.
    Ginny and Cassie end the episode by sharing some of their shortcomings they have experienced in their LOA rituals. Ginny says it’s important for her to remember why she’s doing this in the first place. It’s not to get somewhere, but to continue growth.

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    How To Set The Best New Years Goals | Episode 214

    How To Set The Best New Years Goals | Episode 214

    Welcome to a brand-new decade of Manifest it Now! Ginny and Cassie’s topic today is how you can set the best goals for the new year. The two begin by discussing how there’s a lot of energy in the new year brought on by other people, and there are effective ways to leverage this energy.
    Cassie doesn’t do New Year’s intentions or vision boards anymore. She is always setting goals for herself regardless of the time of year. Ginny likes to use a new year to look back on the previous one and to envision what she wants her life to look like and the end of this one. There’s no wrong or right way to approach the new year; the most important part is that it feels good to you.
    Similar to your approach of the new year, there’s also not one best way to set a goal. If you’re doing the work already, trust that you are and have been since you decided to start. Cassie provides an example of the ever-popular fitness goals that are common to pursue.
    If we put a time frame on what we want to happen, we run the risk of forcing results. Though this can create positive results, it can also make your goals flop. Cassie explains that the universe will support you before giving a real-world example that shows why time frames can be detrimental. Ginny then compares this to relationships.
    The final point touched on is in bringing an awareness to if you’re trying to fix something within yourself or your life. The girls propose a better question to ask yourself would be “what do I want to experience more of?” Be conscious of what you really want and use the energy that’s already there.

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    How to BE MORE YOU in 2020 | Episode 213

    How to BE MORE YOU in 2020 | Episode 213

    Before diving into the new year, Cassie and Ginny are talking about how you can be more “you” this year. Manifesting is about being authentically you and aligning with that. 2020 is a great year to see yourself clearly and put yourself in focus and this is an integral part of the law of attraction.
    When criticism comes to us from the outside, it can make us feel like we need to change. Cassie says that people can take something that a stranger says to heart, but there’s no need to. She provides examples from the online dating world and reviews that have been posted for this podcast. It’s okay to not be liked by everyone.
    It takes courage to stay true to yourself. Ginny tells us that it’s very normal to experience times when you need to be reminded that everything you want comes from within. The energy you put out will align with similar energies, so if you’re putting out energy that isn’t you, you’re not expressing as your most powerful, loving self.
    Ginny shares an example of something we can do to stay true to ourselves. This example actually comes from what her mom would tell her when she’d come home after being bullied at school. Cassie then adds in a story of her own about a Facebook message she received.
    This world needs you to be you. It’s your purpose. See yourself for who you want to be and who you are in 2020. The law of attraction will automatically and effortlessly bring you the people that are meant to be in your life.
    Happy New Years!

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    Our Holiday Gift To You | Episode 212

    Our Holiday Gift To You | Episode 212

    It's holiday time and Cassie and Ginny want to celebrate with you! Cassie talks about her annual holiday cookie party; that this is a lesson in doing what you want now and how you don’t have to wait for anyone else.
    Ginny shares a manifesting story that happened recently - when something seems like it might not be working out, but ultimately it IS. 
    And to honor the very busy time of year, the gift being given by our hosts will help you get some silence and space for your mind. They also encourage you to get on Facebook and tell them about how you used this gift!
    Give your soul what it is craving. Have an amazingly happy holiday season!

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    Manifesting Through The Holidays | Episode 211

    Manifesting Through The Holidays | Episode 211

    Ginny and Cassie are proud to present a guide on manifesting through the holidays in this episode. Before diving into the topic at hand, Ginny and Cassie share some reflections on the past year. This leads them to speak to the importance of not comparing ourselves to any other person – even if they are your co-host.
    Ginny and Cassie begin by talking about creating space because it is so crucial during the holidays. Crafting this space a few weeks beforehand can set you up for a more enjoyable holiday season, but Cassie tells us that the first step is to decide if we feel space is important. 
    The second point brought up is deciding what’s important to you. Cassie’s definition of this includes having experiences that she wants to have and connecting with the right people. She makes the distinction between “important to me” and “important that I do,” and Ginny circles back to a recent time when she and Lisa created space.
    Before the holidays, Ginny and Cassie express that you must make a decision about your manifesting activities. Ginny explains why this practice is significant and Cassie adds in how not preparing your manifesting activities can bring upon guilt.
    The girls wrap up with touching on an awareness around how you are being the example for your kids throughout the holidays - paying attention to what you are teaching them through how you feel instead of only what you do. Happy Holiday Manifesting!

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