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To build my body and mind is what I'm inspired to do. My mission it to unlock my true life's potential and inspire you to do the same.

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To build my body and mind is what I'm inspired to do. My mission it to unlock my true life's potential and inspire you to do the same.

    #66 The Reality of failure

    #66 The Reality of failure

    When you quit trying. That’s when you fail. Until then, you are just practicing and experiencing opportunities to get better. We put so much pressure on ourselves, to accomplish our goals, and when we don’t accomplish them when we feel we should we get discouraged, frustrated and often consider ourselves a failure. That can’t be further from the truth, the only time we truly fail is when we quit trying.
    want to avoid failure?
    It’s simple. Don’t give up, keep going.
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    #65 The #1 thing you can do to improve culture in the workplace

    #65 The #1 thing you can do to improve culture in the workplace

    Craig walked into to bodhi last October, after realizing he needed to get healthy. As an entrepreneur, his life for the past 12 years has been work, work, work leaving little (to no) time for himself and his health. 
    In this podcast, we talk about his recent transformation progress during a weekly check-in at bodhi and how he sacrificed his health to build his businesses. Also, how he is now fully committed to a healthier way of living and how he has inspired his whole team to follow his lead.
    If you are an entrepreneur and have given up on your health to become successful, I want to help you make fitness a priority again, text me at 908.526.2288!
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    #64 The (not so) Glamorous Life of Entrepreneurship

    #64 The (not so) Glamorous Life of Entrepreneurship

    Becoming an entrepreneur gets all the hype lately with guys like Gary Vee making it look easy. It helps that he is a charismatic showman with a bunch of energy.
    The reality is, entrepreneurship is difficult. Like really, really difficult. And as much as people like the idea of beaming their own boss, many people can’t handle all that it entails. The crazy part is some people who may not be able to handle it which is not a bad thing by the way because everyone has their “thing” they are good at, and being an entrepreneur may not be one of them. But the wild part is that people will continue to “grind” it out while their business tanks just because of #1. they are fearful of letting go of something they worked so hard for. And #2 they are fearful of what people will think of them.
    In this podcast, Karen and I speak openly about closing our yoga studio and how it frees up our time to upgrade our other project and main businesses. We took a risk when we opened it, we assumed all liabilities and went for it, just as most natural-born entrepreneurs do. Not everything is going to be a home run, that’s why you take as many at-bats as possible, And of course, swing for the fence every time.
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    #63 Two characteristics to win for life

    #63 Two characteristics to win for life

    When our lives are full of chaos we lose sight of our goals. It's up to us to establish some structure to our days, and work on disciplining ourselves to stay on track.
    On this podcast, I talk with a member of bodhi (client) and first-time physique competitor in the Jersey Cup Classic Bodybuilding and Physique championships in Atlantic City, NJ.
    This podcast isn't just for competitors though, we can all take something from being more disciplined with our lives.
    We talk about fitness, nutrition, and the mindset needed to accomplish anything in life.
    Believe in yourself.
    Trust The process.
    Practice Patience.
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    #62 Joe DeFranco Industrial Strength

    #62 Joe DeFranco Industrial Strength

    In this podcast, I met up with Joe DeFranco - World-renowned strength and conditioning coach in his private (and secret) NJ based facility.

    We talked about his rise to become one of the best coaches in the world, and how he's overcome trauma that would have made most people quit.
    From entrepreneurship to training just about every NFL team as well as WWE Superstar Triple H we talked about it all.
    A great podcast for coaches, entrepreneurs, and anyone whos inspired by overcoming odds to become great!
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    #61 What happens to your body when you skip a meal

    #61 What happens to your body when you skip a meal

    We understand the importance of eating balanced meals throughout the day when trying to lose weight.
    But, as life can get very busy we sometimes skip meals. In this episode, Karen and Anthony explain what happens to your body when you skip meals and share valuable insight on what to do when it happens to avoid weight gain.
    Please share this with your friend who is trying to lose weight and is unsure about what to do when they skip meals, thank you!

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