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Music and chat, Monday to Thursday from 7-9pm and action packed magazine programme from 2-4 on Saturdays.

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Music and chat, Monday to Thursday from 7-9pm and action packed magazine programme from 2-4 on Saturdays.

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4.4 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

Alexrider19 ,


Dave is an Irish broadcasting legend. The variety of guests, along with Dave's fun interviewing style makes this podcast a fine weekend treat.

4579bprob ,

Brutal Editing

I really like the chat/discussion side of Dave Fanning's broadcast career. It has really broadened in the last few years. The only reason I subscribe to the Tubridy podcast is to catch the shows where Dave substitutes for Ryan.

You would think that I should give this podcast a 5 star rating, based on that opening paragraph, but I can't, for the simple reason that the editing of this podcast is atrocious.

Take the recent "Moustaches" podcast for example: It is 33 minutes long, but it takes 20 minutes before the actual segment where moustaches are discussed begins!!
The first 20 minutes is taken up with news bulletins, ad breaks, the intro to the radio show, and various other segments.

It is frankly ridiculous, and reflects very poorly on the podcast team in RTE, to allow such poorly supervised product to be released.

20 minutes is at the top end of the scale of errors, but it happens very regularly that 2-3 minutes is included in error.

This slovenliness is even more striking considering the care that RTE takes to edit out the bulk of each song mentioned by a guest when they do a feature on the guest's favourite songs, ( I think the rights to play it on national radio don't extend to internationally available podcasts).

In summary, like I said at the beginning: Dave 5/5, editing 0/5.

Edit: 1/12/2012.
Since I wrote that last review, the original copy of the "Moustaches" podcast has been removed and a shorter version was published. I assume this has been re-edited with the extraneous segments removed. Not sure if this was a coincidence after the original review was submitted, but credit to RTE if they did react so promptly.

Having said that, just listened to the podcast about Led Zeppelin, which had about 2 minutes of ads from the broadcast left on the end of the podcast (I doubt intentionally as one cut off midstream). I haven't heard any ads or segments at the start of the stated subject matter of a podcast yet this weekend
Improving but still a way to go, so Dave 5/5, Editing 3/5

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